Whitney Morgan – Bedtime Blowjob From Mommy

You’re having trouble resting so you find yourself creeping, crawling into mommy’s bed. She wakes to see you, smiles and asks why you’re not in bed? Oh, you want mommy to do that thing to you she did the other night that helped you slip off into a slumber, that she told you to keep as a secret. You know daddy is going to be home from work soon, so you’re going to have to make it quick! Mommy pulls out her perky tits to tease you and get that little cock of yours harder, growing, ready for her! “Do you want mommy to give it a little kiss?” She bows her head down and bobs it, kissing licking and sucking on that little cock of yours tasting all of your pre-cum. She licks her lips moans and groans. “Not just yet, slow it down! Let mommy edge that cock of yours so you can carry off into dreamland tonight.” Mommy Morgan strokes you, and goes down to suck your cock once more, gagging slurping moaning as she thrust you deeper and deeper into her mouth. Harder and faster, she’s slurps up more of your pre-cum, tasting you. “Mmmm do you want to cum for mommy, you do don’t you? Mom is going to milk every drop out into my hungry mouth all down my throat!” She leans in, licks her lips, opens up her mouth nice and wide going down for more until you ejaculate all down her throat as she hungrily swallows every drop. “Now you better be going off to bed, he might not work late every night but when he does we can always keep this our little secret!”

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Whitney Morgan – Tipsy Mommy Wants Sons Cock

Mom comes home wasted after a night out with her friends, she slurs as she talks to her son about her night out, she tells him how handsome he is as she caresses his face, she puckers her red lips & tries to kiss him but he shoves her away – he knows she’s wasted, mom tries again but keeps getting rejected, she starts to brush her hand against his cock, son gets a hard-on by accident, she confesses how lonely she is & how much she wants to be touched.

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Whitney Morgan, Carmen Valentina – Mom And Aunt Catch Son Masturbating

Mom & aunt accidentally walk in on son masturbating to his adult magazine & mom’s bra, son is embarrassed but mom reassures him that it’s natural & that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, mom & aunt begin flipping through his dirty magazine to see what was so intriguing to him, they discover he likes older women, mom doesn’t want her son to have blue balls so she helps him.

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Whitney Morgan – Mom Loves When Son Touches Her While Shes Sleeping

Every morning, after Dad left for work, you would sneak into your parent’s bedroom. Mom would still be sleeping, just like you had hoped, and that’s what made your cock throb the most – her not knowing what you were going to do to her mature body. You’d pull back the covers, move her bra to the side, and grope her perky, little titties while she moaned in pleasure. A smile formed on her red lips as you touched her pretty pussy, then ran your tongue against the clit. “Mm…” she sighed twisting her body gently. Her eyes finally opened and she let out a huge yawn. “Oh good morning, sweetie pie,” she smiled. “Looks like someone was getting carried away with Mommy while she was sleeping, weren’t you? I know how much you like to creep in and watch Mommy while she sleeps, so that’s why I wore something a little more naughty underneath the covers.” “You know just the right ways to get me excited,” Mom said touching herself. She could feel that her panties were soaked, “Were you eating Mommy’s pussy this morning? Did you slip it in for Mommy already? You want to, though, don’t you?” Her fingers massaged her clit and she spread her pussy for you. “Just slide that big cock into Mommy…right there…nice and deep, just fill Mommy up this morning,” she told you. Mommy loved the ways you touched her in the morning – the way you did whatever you wanted to her body while she was sleeping and completely unaware. It was your regular morning routine, and Mom would let you do anything you wanted…

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Whitney Morgan – Taboo Virtual Sex with Mommy

Mommy Miss Whitney Morgan confronts you on the type of girls you have been seeing in your highschool.. She explains they are all inexperinced, and who knows if they will run off with the Football player instead, and leave you alone. Mommy is here, and she wants you to experince a real woman, as her little boy only deserves the best! She pulls you close to her, and pulls you right out of your pants. Your mom wraps her lips around your cock, and begins sucking the tip. You’re so excited you’re already dripping with pre-cum. Mommy warns you to not get excited too quick! A lady always cums first. She strips off her dress, and bra.. and asks for you to remove her tiny thong with your teeth. Before you even know it, you have your mom bent over the couch and you’re deep inside of her! You have your cock buried in your mother, and you have never felt so much pleasure. Mommy is riding you from behind, grinding herself into your giant cock. Dad doesn’t bring her this much pleasure.. only her good little boy. You climb on top of your mom, pounding her hard.. She says she’s going to ground you.. Your dad is leaving on a long business trip, so you’ll have your Mommy all to yourself. Mommy jumps on top of you, and begins bouncing up and down on your big cock, grabbing and squeezing her breasts. Mommy is about to cum and is begging you to cum with her. You finish your load inside of your mommy. You’re mommy’s little boy toy now. No more highschool stanks for you.. Just your loving Mom.
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