Xev Bellringer – MILF Nextdoor Needs Your Cream

It’s good to see you again! Wow, you are looking so fit. Um, oh yes I was wondering if I could borrow some cream. So I hear your birthday is coming up, are you going to do anything with your girlfriend? She broke up with you?? How can that be…you’re so handsome.How long has it been since you had sex? Well, it’s just…you’re incredibly hard. It’s because of me, isn’t it? Look, I didn’t come over here dressed like this just for cream, well…not that kind of cream. There’s a reason I’ve been washing my car in my tiny bikini lately…I saw you watching me, Kevin. Don’t deny it, you want me.I want you too, let me…OH MY GOD, you’re huge! So much bigger than my husband. I need you in my mouth mmm, oh God I don’t even know how to handle you. I’m getting wetter, please fuck me right over this counter top, and…no condom.

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Xev Bellringer – Stuck Inside With Mommy

My hands slid down, under my dress, between my legs. He was watching me… but I couldn’t push out the fantasies… the memories. There was no way I’d tell my husband what happened. He wouldn’t understand. He couldn’t. It’s been months since I’ve seen him, or anyone for that matter. Except for my darling boy. Just the two of us, locked under one roof together. And we’ve grown so close… so very close. But my husband can never know… just how close. It was so gradual… so natural. So inevitable. That my son would see his mother *like that*… want me in such forbidden ways. He couldn’t take his eyes off my barely clothed, oiled body. And when his hands rubbed against my skin… I craved more. I needed his touch… his heat… I needed him to need me. No matter how much I struggled against my own attraction, I only wanted my son that much more. To *feel* him give in to the same urges… and push himself against me… push himself hard, throbbing… INSIDE of me.

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Xev Bellringer – Your First Time With Mother

How could I know it would happen like this. I didn’t even know he wanted me… his own mother… not until I caught him spying on me. And not just once. I thought it was innocent at first, him hiding in the bathroom while I did my stretches. My son wouldn’t look at me like THAT… would he? But then in the shower, I caught a glimpse of him behind the door. Watching me wet, slippery, and completely naked. Was it wrong for me to like it? Was it wrong for me to secretly coax him along in this forbidden fantasy, gently running my fingers over my soapy breasts and ass. It felt good being watched. Being wanted. I went to his room with only a towel wrapped around my naked body. It was only a massage after all… it didn’t have to go any further. But it did. My son’s hands pressed into my sore back and all I wanted was for him to touch me lower, deeper. And he would, if his mother asked it of him, touch my big breasts… squeeze them until my nipples got hard from excitement – until HE got hard… Oh, my boy was so aroused, and it was up to Mommy to show him what came next…

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Xev Bellringer – Your New Mommy Bot

You’ve wanted your mother for a long time. Watching her in the shower, going through her panty drawer… it wasn’t enough. You needed more. You needed her hands on you, wanting you, stroking you, taking you inside of her. The hair from her brush was all they required. The perfect mother, everything you loved and lusted for… embodied in an obedient robotic unit. A copy of your own mother. With additional enhancements of course, as specified. Heightened libido, eager compliance, inherent need to please… and keep her owner drained of cum. At all times. You woke up, her warm hands pushed gently against your chest, her large breasts pressed together in a tight bra, inches from your face. Her voice was sweet, loving, seductive. She wanted to be *with* you… *with* her boy… right now. It was your mother… on her knees… her wet lips wrapped around your throbbing cock. Sucking. Was this a dream? It couldn’t be *her*. And before you knew it, your hot cum was pumping into her tight, pulsating throat. This was… your new mommy bot. You didn’t realize she would be so… real. You could hardly tell the difference between her and your own mother. Until she insisted on showing you all of her programmed capabilities… and all of her physical characteristics. You couldn’t believe it. No more fantasizing about it… you would finally be able to fuck your mother… and she’d never even know it.

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Xev Bellringer – I Dream Of Mommy

I woke up between my son’s legs with his cock in my mouth?? I must have been so tired after- Oh dear, how could I admit what I did to him?? He needed me so badly that night… Moaning in his room all alone, dreaming… Stroking his cock so furiously I just had to stop him! But as soon as I tried, he clamped his hands around mine right against his throbbing cock!! My son… he made me finish him all over my breasts. I couldn’t stop it! And every night since then… well, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t take care of him?? How could I say no… especially when he pushed my head down onto his shaft. But was he dreaming about me?? Did he actually imagine cumming deep inside of his mother’s throat every night? He had to know exactly what he made me do in his dreams… what he needed my body for. I squeezed his cock. My lips parted and took his swollen head into my mouth. My pussy quivered in anticipation… I wanted to taste his cum again, to reach between my legs as his drained cock and balls rest in my mouth… to rub my pussy with him in me still. A mother shouldn’t encourage her son like this… a mother shouldn’t enjoy her son like this. But… I needed to know… was it me he was fantasizing about all of those nights? Was he dreaming still… even now? His cock stiffened again… he groped my breasts… threw me down onto the bed… groped my big ass… tasted me. This is what he wanted… this is what he always dreamt about. Fucking his mother’s wet pussy.

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Cuddle Fucking Mommy 1080p – Xev Bellringer

You couldn’t leave your mother alone on Halloween, no matter how much she tried to rush you out of the house to party with your friends. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself… not without you there with her. You were always there, you made sure of it. How could she resist snuggling up with her son, watching a scary movie tonight? Your mother was such a wimp, it’d be fun to watch her squirm. More than fun… more than you could have ever hoped. She could barely make it through the intro credits without squealing, pressing her soft breasts together in that sheer, lacy gown. You couldn’t stop staring at her nipples eager to pop out over her top. Before long, your mother was clinging to you, her warm body against yours. She heaved in fear, giggling as she apologized for grabbing you close. But that was the only way she could watch the movie… and you wouldn’t argue with that. Her breath was hot on your skin, her plump nipples finally exposed, your mother none the wiser. She pleaded for her son’s arms around her, your hands pulling her closer. You touched her legs… rubbed them reassuringly… lovingly… sensually. She couldn’t stop herself. Her hips moved rhythmically against your palms. She wanted you, even though she tried not to. Your mother moaned. It made you hard. She pinched her nipple. You wanted her to grab your cock. She inched her lacy hem up around her waist to reveal a bare pussy. Her hand inched down… and squeezed your stiff shaft. She wanted it between her legs… rubbing, pumping against her wet, naked pussy. But you would give her more than that. So much more.

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Mommy’s Honeymoon 1080p – Xev Bellringer

Honey! You can’t just barge in on me in the bridal suite when I’m getting dressed. Oh, I suppose the son of the bride can have special privileges. Wasn’t the wedding just perfect?? And you looked so… grown up, walking me down the aisle. What’s wrong? Oh honey… I’m getting ready to go on my honeymoon. I have to leave. I know it’s always been just you and me… But things will have to change. Well, you shouldn’t see me like this anymore… wearing close to nothing. It’s… well, your new father… he doesn’t like it when I walk around the house naked, with you there. No, honey he’s not trying to tear us apart… nothing could. I love you more than anything… it’s just… I think he’s jealous… of you sweetheart. Of what we have. I probably shouldn’t say this, it’s probably just the champagne talking, but… if we weren’t related… I would marry you instead. You’re so handsome. You’ve turned into such a man… Honey, no. You shouldn’t touch me there. Oh… I shouldn’t have let you see your own mother naked all of those years. I didn’t think… ohhh… I didn’t think about what my body would do to you. Aren’t there girls your age for you to… to… Ohhh, honey… I’m your mother! Yes, I love you, I do. But he’s waiting for me. What if he comes in… what if he sees us together. I… we… Ohhhhh… yes, I love it. I want it. Honey, you have to PROMISE never to tell anyone what I did with my own son… on my wedding night.

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Fucking Your Fantasy Girl 4k – Xev Bellringer

Shhh, you wouldn’t want your girlfriend to know we’re together alone… would you? With your best friend’s older sister… the one you have ALWAYS fantasized about. Oh c’mon, I know you did. All of those little sleepovers… pressing your ear against my bedroom door… trying so desperately to hear all of the dirty things I was telling my boyfriend over the phone. Imagining it was your big fat cock in my mouth instead, fantasizing about me swallowing ALL of your cum. So do it. Right now. This is your only chance. I WANT you to WANT me. Show me EXACTLY what you did. Reach down… unzip… pull it ou– wait, are…. are you a VIRGIN?? Oh God… I thought I was going to make your fantasies come true but I think…. oh I think you’re going to make MY fantasies come true. In this room, tonight. Oh fuck, my pantyhose are getting so fucking wet! Forget about your girlfriend, she wouldn’t even put out for you. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. I’ll go slow… put your hand on my pussy… feel how wet I am for you… Ohhhh yes… I just HAVE to touch you. Oh God, mmm…. No, no no, don’t. Don’t you dare cum yet. I have sooooo much to teach you. But it has to be fast. She’s looking for you, after all. I better just get my hands off of your cock, and my mouth down on it. And so much MORE.

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Your Loving Mother 1080p – Xev Bellringer

You watched your mother through the door pulling her white, lace stockings up over her big ass as she talked to herself. You couldn’t believe it. Your own mother… was giving her body over to your bully every week to keep him from picking on you. To use however he wanted. She slipped into a loose blouse, her massive breasts bouncing against the lace. You could even see her big nipples through the fabric. Did he make her wear that?? You demanded she tell you everything – no matter how much she squirmed in reluctance, trying to keep her son from knowing the dirty, desperate things she did with her body… for you. But you deserved to know. You needed to hear your mother describe exactly what he did to her… how she let him use her. And how much she LIKED it. You deserved more… it was only fair. You were her son. She loved you more than anything… and wanted you to know it. To feel it. All of her sweet love wrapped around your cock… deep in her pussy.

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