Xev Bellringer – Cuddle Fucking Mommy

You couldn’t leave your mother alone on Halloween, no matter how much she tried to rush you out of the house to party with your friends. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself… not without you there with her. You were always there, you made sure of it. How could she resist snuggling up with her son, watching a scary movie tonight? Your mother was such a wimp, it’d be fun to watch her squirm. More than fun… more than you could have ever hoped. She could barely make it through the intro credits without squealing, pressing her soft breasts together in that sheer, lacy gown. You couldn’t stop staring at her nipples eager to pop out over her top. Before long, your mother was clinging to you, her warm body against yours. She heaved in fear, giggling as she apologized for grabbing you close. But that was the only way she could watch the movie… and you wouldn’t argue with that. Her breath was hot on your skin, her plump nipples finally exposed, your mother none the wiser. She pleaded for her son’s arms around her, your hands pulling her closer. You touched her legs… rubbed them reassuringly… lovingly… sensually. She couldn’t stop herself. Her hips moved rhythmically against your palms. She wanted you, even though she tried not to. Your mother moaned. It made you hard. She pinched her nipple. You wanted her to grab your cock. She inched her lacy hem up around her waist to reveal a bare pussy. Her hand inched down… and squeezed your stiff shaft. She wanted it between her legs… rubbing, pumping against her wet, naked pussy. But you would give her more than that. So much more.

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Xev Bellringer – Earning Your Grade

So, you thought you could come during office hours and demand a passing grade when you’ve done nothing to earn it. I’d like to bet a handsome boy like you is used to getting exactly what he wants, when he wants it, aren’t you? Oh, I won’t let you off the hook that easy, but maybe we can squeeze in one last lesson. Just what would you do to graduate? How far would you go? Maybe you should have attended my lectures on Human Sexuality, instead of jerking off to porn all semester. Today I’m going to teach you exactly what you missed in my class… and that is how to please a woman, sexually. Come closer… put your hand between my legs and make me cum. Now.
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Xev Bellringer – Mommy Is Pregnant

You must be tired of watching Mommy struggle to do these simple tasks. Even folding the towels is difficult… I can barely keep my big pregnant belly and heavy breasts inside of this robe! Is there a reason you’re staring, honey? You should really be helping me… Oh, but your mother’s big pregnant body… it’s distracting isn’t it? Oh dear, we never had this talk, did we? So much has changed since Mommy decided to get pregnant, hasn’t it. My belly has grown so ROUND! My breasts are big and heavy with milk… it all happened so fast. But I was like this with you, honey. Oh yes, it’s the best feeling in the world… and I want you to understand why. Come here, let’s explore Mommy’s body together. Every part you are curious to see… nothing is off limits, honey.
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Xev Bellringer – My Son’s Big Boner

It’s been such a hectic morning, so much to do and we’re already late! Why aren’t you all dressed? Oh dear, you’ve just been standing there looking at Mommy getting ready this whole time. Fine, I’ll just have to dress you myself, come here. Oh! Oh… honey, you have an erection. It’s perfectly natural, it’s just… honey it was right in Mommy’s face. Just try to push it down into your pants the rest of the way. No no, let me do it.
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Xev Bellringer – Mommy’s Special Game

Do you have anything to tell me, young man? About what you did at school today… in the girls bathroom. You can’t just whip it out in front of girls. Your penis! Oh dear, is… is it because of the game we used to play? Honey, that was OUR game, you can only play that with Mommy. It’s well… very inappropriate with other girls. Oh honey, I know we haven’t done it in a long time… remember what happened the last time we played? Mommy got so carried away… it’s just, you were so excited to show me your penis, Mommy took off all of her clothes too. I didn’t know it’d happen… it got so big and hard when you saw me naked…
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Xev Bellringer – Mommy’s Special Christmas Gift

I wanted to make Christmas something my son would never forget, and never want any other way. Special. Romantic. Now that his father is gone, it’d be just the two of us. We could give eachother the love and attention we both craved. My sweet boy watched as I bashfully modeled the Christmas Eve gift he got for me. I struggled to contain my massive bosom in the silk nightwear. Even though it was a few sizes too small, I felt sexy for the first time in ages. And it would all be for him… only him. I kissed my boy goodnight. Again… and again, planting my grateful, loving lips all over him until he kissed back. His tongue slipped inside of my mouth. I had no idea he knew how to kiss like that… but I liked it. No, I loved it. Then I felt it, as my body straddled his, the only reciprocation I needed – my son’s hardening cock. Such a horny boy…
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Xev Bellringer – Mommy Just Can’t Help Herself

Such a naughty boy… Mommy told you not to drink at that party, and now look at you. Barely able to stand, hanging on me while your hands keep finding their way all over my body, touching me the way a son shouldn’t touch his mother. And liking it. It’s not right… to rub against me like that… to notice when my nipple slips out of my top… to want to squeeze Mommy’s breasts. It’s making you… oh honey, you have an erection.
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Xev Bellringer – Controlling Mommy’s Body

This is it. Today is the day to finally test out your new device. The one that you’ve been fiddling with forever, tinkering to perfection. You’d only have one chance to get it right, so why not now… with your test subject sitting right in front of you in her low cut, cleavage boosting sundress, oblivious of your indecent intentions. Your own sexy mother.
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Xev Bellringer – Mommy’s Warm Vagina

Honey you have to take off all of your clothes, even your underwear. And quickly! Get under the covers, we can’t risk you getting hypothermia. This is the only way to get warm again, we need to hold each other naked for as long as it takes! I lost my sleeping bag when I fell into the river, but it’s good thing we’ll be sharing for body heat. Oh dear, you’re still shaking so much! This isn’t enough, I need to get on top of you. Do my legs wrapped around you feel warm? I’ll rub my body up and down yours to create heat… There we go, much better. No sweetheart, I can’t get off of you until you stop shivering. Is something wrong?
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Xev Bellringer – Neighborly Love

This woman was relentless. Driven. A mature, horny housewife desperate for your young cock. You could barely register her words as she flashed her pantyless pussy under that unbelievably short skirt on the couch or arched her back to accentuate her full bosom on the kitchen counter. With each passing, heavily flirtatious moment, you got the distinct feeling that she didn’t invite you in just for a tour of the house. As the two of you moved from room to room, the conversation steadily grew more and more sexually charged. She was testing you, pushing your limits, watching your reactions… Gauging how eager you were. You’d find yourself pressed against her big ass after she ‘accidentally’ backed up into you while unloading the laundry. Her buns rubbing your crotch from side to side, stimulating an already growing hard-on.
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