XFuukaX – Mommy Needs Your Help

You’ve caught Mommy as she was putting on those white pumps you love so much, and she doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she tells you that she thinks you’re the perfect person to help Mommy out! She tells you that Daddy’s cock is just not cutting it and she really wants to get pregnant. Mommy needs you to be her stud, and you are more than happy to oblige. She talks about how her tits are going to get even bigger than when she was pregnant with you, and encourages you to fuck her cunt deep and cum inside her pussy, so you can make her big and pregnant! You even make Mommy cum before you because you’re such a good son. It feels so nice when Mommy squirts her sweet juices all over your cock pushing it out! Now it’s time to fill her up! Give Mommy just what she’s wanted for a while now.
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