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You are innocent, cute and you have your first erection in my class! What am I to do? Luckily for you, I am a very hands-on teacher and used to dance to pay the University, so I give you a lapdance to help you cum, which you do, but you are still hard! and I cannot let you walk the hallway like that, so I give you an oral you will like for once and then ride you until you cum again and your – not so little- problem gets resolved.

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Nympho mom is at it again with the 3rd and final installment of the trilogy. This time she has something new to teach you, how to suck her pussy and her ass. As always she cannot controls herself and rides you until you have an accident inside of her pussy, again! cuming inside.

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You are becoming very much a man and your new mommy is throwing you the best B-day party! and for a gift, she is teaching you to jerk off and to satisfy a woman by riding you herself and letting you cum inside of her, and all of that in front of your friends!

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