Tammie Madison – Mom Will Do Anything For Step-Son

Tammie Madison is your step mom. She has been with married to your father for a little over a year, and during that time the two of you simply have not been getting along. Your father has had enough. He has instructed your step mom that she has to find a way to make the tow of you see eye to eye, she has to do anything within her power to make the two of you bond. He has left her his credit card and told her she has his blessing to make you happy, to do whatever it takes to ensure the two of you become fond of one another. Hen your step mom turns to you and says, atever you want, you can have. So what is it? What do you want?” What will you tell her? Ever since she started dating your father, you have been mesmerized by the beauty of your step mom. You have often thought about how it would feel to have her long, luscious, stocking-clad, legs wrapped around your waist. You have been entranced by the way her bra-free breasts sway and bounce in her low-cut tops. You have longed to feel her mature flesh. You ache for the taste of her wet mound. The thought of sliding in to a more mature pussy, as you pound her with your young, swollen flesh has driven you crazy with desire. You have not been bickering with and avoiding your step mom because you do not like her, it is because you lust for her. You tell you step mom what you want, and to your surprise, she wants exactly the same thing. Your father has not been able to satiate all of her desires, she is thirsty and needs the juice of youth to help quench her thirst. Your step mom is an expert when it comes to carnal desires. She has years of experience pleasing men. She strips out of her little black dress to reveal that she is not wearing any panties or a bra. Your step mom takes hold of your throbbing cock and eagerly wraps her plump lips around your shaft. She licks you up and down before flicking her tongue over the head. She stimulates you and makes your body pulse with expectation. Her warm wet mouth slides over your balls. She takes them in her mouth and sucks on your balls whilst jerking your rock hard dick. She is horny and she wants you to satisfy her needs. Your step mom wants to feel you deep inside her soaking pussy. She climbs on top of you and rides you vigorously in reverse cowgirl. Your young, hard, dick hits her g-spot and makes her buck and shudder as she cums all over you. She craves more. She pushes back deep and hard as her mature cunt devours your cock whole. She teases you with the prospect of exploding inside of her. How wrong it would be to creampie your step mom, to get the wife of your father pregnant. The two of you are too caught up in the fantasy of the moment. The way your bodies connect is like nothing either of you have felt before. Your cravings get the better of you and you reach the point of no return. You explode deep inside you step mom. As she pulls off of your cock you warm, thick, sticky juices spill out of her. Her used, hungry little pussy hovers above your throbbing member, as your cum drips out of her cunt all over your cock.

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