Tammie Madison – Son Creampies Babysitter

Tammie Madison is your babysitter. Your parents are due home in a couple of hours and you are refusing to cooperate. You are lying limp and unresponsive in your bed, resisting Tammie and her calls to do anything. Never mind, Tammie is a very experienced babysitter, she knows that are certain ways to make a young boy respond. Tammie starts to undress you and decides that if she gives you some special attention, the type she usually only gives to the older boys, maybe, just maybe, you will become responsive. Before you know it Tammie is swallowing you dick whole. Once you are nice and hard she climbs on top of you and begins riding you until she cums. She is just about to get off of you and leave you be when you spring in to life. You hold Tammie on your cock as she begs and please with you not to cum in her. You explode deep inside your fertile little babysitter. How is Tammie going to explain this pregnancy?

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