Tanya Danielle – Aunt Tanya returns

A few years ago a horny woman in Omaha named Tanya developed an overwhelming fixation on her eighteen-year-old nephew. She could not help but notice how muscular he was becoming and could barely keep her eyes off the bulge in his swim trunks during the summer months. Finally she could take it no more and she began inviting him over to her home on the pretext that she needed help with some household repairs. During these visits she would prance around in skimpy, revealing attire and even sunbathe topless. See more at milfantasy.com. She loved watching him try to conceal his huge erections before he excused himself to go to the bathroom. On one of these occasions she burst into the bathroom and caught him masturbating in front of the mirror. She pretended to be mortified and told him that his mother would be extremely upset if she learned about his sexual deviance. Before sending him home she informed him that he would have to do everything she requested so that she would keep her silence. Embarrassed to the point of tears he agreed and fled out the door. The following week Aunt Tanya invited him over to help her with some chores. When her nephew arrived she handed him a camera and told him that he would be photographing her so that she could submit the test shots to Playboy. The resulting photo shoot turned into the first of many steamy encounters between aunt and nephew. After about 3 months of sexual hijinks Aunt Tanya accepted a proposal of marriage from a wealthy Texan and promptly moved to Dallas. See more at milfantasy.com. The marriage only lasted about two years. After the divorce became final Tanya traveled the world before heading back to Nebraska. Now Aunt Tanya is back in Omaha and she is already making plans to once again seduce her nephew! On a bright Tuesday morning she calls his cellphone and he answers from his dorm room. Chris now attends the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Aunt Tanya wastes no time. “Chris, we have a big problem.” she says. “I hate to admit this, but I logged on to your little brother Phil’s computer and read some of his private things. Lately he’d been making some strange comments to me and, well, I just had a feeling that he knew something about our past, um, relationship. Not only did he realize what we were doing all that time, he wrote all about it! Listen to what he wrote just last week… ” With that Aunt Tanya begins reading the sexually explicit story over the phone. She quickly gets so excited by the torrid words that she pulls out a large dildo so she can masturbate with it and encourage Chris to come visit her in Omaha for the weekend.. Will Aunt Tanya succeed in working her magic on Chris yet again?


Download file – 159.1 MB
Download file – 159.1 MB