Tanya Danielle – POV Stepmom Seduction

You’ve been struggling a bit with your schoolwork, causing your father to express concern about both your future prospects and your viability as a man. Fortunately your stepmother is much more understanding. Sometimes you and she share a laugh about your father’s uptight, uncompromising nature. During one such lighthearted conversation she promises to make it “worth your while” if you get a good grade on your next science exam. The statement hangs in the air and you decide to start studying really hard. A week later you present proof of the “A” grade that you received from the professor. Your stepmom glances at the exam results and then stares at you in an evaluating manner. The intensity of her gaze makes you uncomfortable. She lets you fidget for a moment or two before finally breaking the silence. “I found one of my best slips in your bedroom.” she announces. “It was covered with your cum.” You wish that the Earth would open up and swallow you inside of it. The pounding of your heartbeat fills your eardrums. Sweat pours. The world has tilted on its axis but somehow, even from your distorted perspective, you notice that your stepmom is slowly, seductively peeling off her clothes. Soon she stands before you wearing nothing but a full-length, cream-colored satin slip. “Now it’s time to reward you for that science test.” she says generously. “If you blow enough loads of cum on this slip I will let you keep it.” Multiple blowjobs, sex in every imaginable position, and many heart-pounding orgasms ensure your ownership of the garment. After brushing the last load of cum off of her eyeballs your stepmom can’t help but comment that you have a much bigger dick than your father.

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