Tara Tainton – Auntie Knows What You Did

Nephew… we need to have a little chat. Is there… anything you want to tell Auntie?? We’ve always been… close… haven’t we? I see that look in your eye… isn’t there something you want to confess? Something you were doing in my closet yesterday? Something to do with… my sexy, silky soft FURS?? Like THIS ONE. Well, you weren’t all alone… I was watching… while you were jerking off to my furs. And… well… you weren’t doing it right. Nephew, do you want Auntie to teach you how to do it the right way? How to tease and work your HARD COCK like something to be worshiped? Auntie knows how to worship it… And now, Auntie knows all about what you really really like…

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