Tara Tainton – It’s All Going to Be Perfectly Fine

This… is only the beginning. This… is the “new normal,” as they say. But this isn’t exactly what “they” meant. You’ve been held up, at home, together, all this while. Alone, just the two of you: *mother* and *son*. And it’s not going to end anytime soon. Nothing odd or unnatural about that. Not until… hormones come into play. Or the fact that your *mother* is just… everything a man could dream of and knows he’ll never find again. Your *mother* is perfect in every way: naturally beautiful, full of joy, fun-loving, confident, loving, caring, sexily unaware… until today. You couldn’t help yourself. You had to… act. You had to be yourself, had to just come out and say it – ask it of her. And so, the saga begins…

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