Tara Tainton – You Found Your Mothers Sexy Videos Meant for Your Father

I’ll just say it. I FOUND MY SON WATCHING DIRTY VIDEOS I MADE FOR MY HUSBAND, HIS FATHER! I was dumbounded, shocked, disgusted… in that moment, I had no idea what to do. There was no going back. He’d seen my NUDE, he’d seen me saying sexual things, talking dirty to the man I love. And he was turned on by them! I thought I would just keel over. THEN, it came to me: the ultimate punishment. I’d show him who’s really in control, who really has the power. I’d make sure his visions of me would never ever leave him; they’d haunt his spank bank for the rest of his days. And you better believe I didn’t let him enjoy his orgasm by the end of it!!

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