Tatiana Petrova – My daughter makes me help her blowing my son

MILF Diaries – My Daughter Makes Me Help Her Blowing My Son
This morning, I hear my daughter screaming at my son.
Just coming out of the shower, I’m wrapped in a towel.
Entering my son’s bedroom, I see my daughter standing in front of him and yelling at him.
And she is – NAKED!! What the hell is this girl thinking?
Is she teasing her own brother, the way I’ve seen her doing the boys wherever she goes?

Of course she gives me the story that her brother came into the bathroom while she was showering and took away her clothes and that when she came out he ripped the towel off her and that he is a perv and look at him he got hard on his own sister and he is disgusting. I think she is lying. My son is a good boy. But one thing is true. His cock is out. And he is hard. Rock hard.
Of course he is. He is a young man and he reacts to any girl that’s standing nude in front of him, showing him her bush, and her tits. Not only do I think she needs to learn her lesson, but I’ve also heard that leaving a boy with blue balls may cause erection problems in his later life. And I won’t have that. I push her head down on his cock. She has no choice. I think it’s female instinct that we automatically open our lips when they touch a cock and there’s a little pressure on our heads. Of course she complains, but I also hear so moans. I don’t think she does it right and tell her. And that’s when it happens. I can’t believe this! Se pulls my hair! Then she pushes my head down on his cock. I want to yell at her, but his cock really feels nice in my mouth, And so hard. And tasty! So I do on my son what I like to do. I suck. I lick. I slobber all over his cock. I feel he is ready to shoot and want to get out of the way, but he pushes me down even deeper, just as his dad does. And cums in my mouth! My daughter is grossed out. Not for long. He now pushes her head back down and squirts the rest of his big load over her face. Serves her right. That may teach her not to tease her brother. My boy is a good boy. It’s my daughter who always behaves slutty! Just watch the movie and see for yourself!


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