The Impossible Request

The Impossible Request – Part 1

I just got back from the doctor, and I have something to tell you, honey… The doctor says that I have a heart condition and that the medication needed to cure it is experimental and costs in the thousands. I know… it’s absolutely devastating, but… there IS an alternative. Gosh, no… how can I possibly ask this of you, my only son, the absolute joy of my life??! Oh, but I just don’t know what to do, baby! I’m so scared, and the doctor says that it will only get worse to the point that I just can’t even be cured at all. Aw, baby, I love that you want to help me in any way that you can, but I… well, you’re my own family… I’ll just tell you what the doctor said and see what you think. Honey, he says that the only alternative form of “medication” is through a specific dosage of semen that is directly linked to my own DNA. And since you’re my only living relative, that means I need to milk you DAILY to get the medicine I need to cure my fatal illness. I have the doctor’s note right here! You see? I know. I’m your mother, but I just don’t see any other way. Your father passed away, and I have no means of getting the money, no one else to help me. Please try and understand… I would not otherwise ask such a thing of you, my own dear son, under any other circumstances. Please do this for your mother… no one has to know, honey. I love you so much, and this will only bring us even closer together. Now, you look nervous… I know you think you can’t possibly get it up for your mother, but let me help you. We have to try; I need your milk right away! Have you ever come before? Even touched it before? Oh, this might not be nearly as easy as I thought it would be… but OH MY GOD, honey!!!! You’re not even hard yet, but it’s still so huge! And it’s so beautiful! My son’s has a huge and beautiful cock!!!

The Impossible Request – Part 2

Oh, don’t get dressed just yet, honey!! The doctor said I need three back-to-back servings of your milk! It’s the only way to cure my illness. See my doctor’s note?! Bring your beautiful cock back to your mother’s mouth, and I’ll start again. I know it must be difficult to get hard again after you just came, but we absolutely must try. Please do this for your mother, honey! Mmmm…. honey, my mouth is getting tired and sore now… you’re really just too big! We’ve got to try something different. I want you to know that this has meant the world to me, baby, so please try and understand what I’m about to ask of you. I want you to take your rock hard cock and slip it deep inside me. It’s okay… we’ll be here for each other. Oh, gosh… it’s just so huge! I don’t think it’s going to fit. I’m so tight and just not wet enough. Maybe… if you lick it… that would get me even more wet. You’ve never kissed a woman there before? Here, I’ll help you… Take your time… be gentle… and don’t be surprised if I start moaning and writhing around. That just means I will be even more ready to receive your huge, throbbing cock inside of me. Oh, oh, you’re going to make me come! Oh… that’s right… I need another dose of your healing milk! Quick… slip it inside of me!! What’s that? You want to know if you can kiss me? Of course you can! You can do anything you want to me, baby. What’s that? You want me to put my legs over your shoulders so you can go even deeper? Oh, I love how you kiss my legs… you’re making me shiver uncontrollably with pleasure! What’s that? You want me to take my shoes off so you can kiss my feet? Of course, darling! Oh, you just want me to come all over again, don’t you! And you wanted to wait until you were married to do all of this! See how much fun it can all be?? You’re more than any mother could ever ask for! Since this is your first time, we have to come together. Don’t worry about coming inside me; I want to come on your throbbing cock. This will bring us even closer, and I’ll love you even more for this… Once you’re done, I’ll just let it drip out of me and onto my hand so I can swallow your hot cum then!

The Impossible Request – Part 3

I know it will be even harder to get it up a third time, but we absolutely must try, honey. I’m ill, baby, and I need to get better. Please, please try to come again for your mother. But… my mouth is still too sore… my hands are so tired… and my pussy just can’t take another pounding from your massive cock! Oh, but you’re STILL hard! How is that possible?? Aw, you are hard for your mother! Well, since you’ve exhausted most every part of me… that only leaves one place left. I’ve never done this myself, but what other option do we have?? Everything else has been ravaged by that huge cock of yours! My ass is even tighter than my pussy… you’ll have to be extremely gentle, honey, because you’re just way too big. But this will bring us even closer together as we’ll have taken each other’s virginity! Wait… before you enter me, let me warm it up for you. First, one finger… wow, I am REALLY tight. I don’t know how you’re gonna fit it in here! Let me push my finger in and out more… it hurst, but it feels so good. Oh, honey, you’re getting even harder just watching me!! No, not yet! Let me get two fingers in first… then, I’ll let you take it slow… you are, by far, the BEST and most amazing lover I’ve ever had!! …you’re so deep! What’s that, sweetie? You want me to turn around so you can look into my eyes while you’re thrusting in and out of my ass? Of course! Just be sure to pull out right before you come so that I can jerk and suck you off until you give me every last bit of your milk. No, of course, I don’t mind you pulling your cock out of my ass and thrusting it into my mouth! This will just bring us even closer together! …yes, YES, get it all into your mother’s mouth!![/spoiler]


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