Tigger Rosey – Son Caught By Taboo Mommy

Scene starts with you coming up to my room to tell me to get started on my homework. You catch me watching porn and decide that it might be time to have “the talk”. You discover I’ve been looking at special porn and you get very nervous/excited. You go to check that the door is locked and that dad can’t hear us. You admit you’re into that too, and have even done it for real from time to time. You also admit that you’re into fucking ur son porn, and that you’ve never told dad any of this because he’s so vanilla. We both confess that we’re into each other, even though its wrong, especially cause I’m still a virgin. You mischievously ask if I want to fool around behind dads back, which of course I do. I’ll let you handle the details here, but we end up fucking all over the house. We have to be sneaky because dad is home, and he almost catches us a few times! At the end you ask me to cum inside you, as you like the naughty risk of getting knocked up by your boy.

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