Vanessa Cage – Stepmom Teaches Me About Sex

Come here sweetheart. Do not be shy and come sit down. I was in your room the other day and noticed some dirty magazines and your socks getting ruined. I know it has been rough with your dad away, so I might as well have this conversation with you. Do not feel uncomfortable, this will just be between us. Since I know you are starting to play with yourself, I will tell you a little bit about what to do and how to do it. I know you are still a virgin, and when that time does come I just want you to be ready. I know you have seen naked women in your magazines, but how about you look at my tits in real life. You can even squeeze them, but not too hard! Dont they feel yummy? Do I remind you of the girls from your magazines? Hehe thank you. Do not forget your father can never find out about this. You seem mesmerized by my nipples. Pay attention! Look at my pussy now and watch me toy with it. The clitoris is the most sensitive part. Just use your tongue to make small circles around it. It will make any girl moan I promise! Just be gentle. You can stick it inside me now. Just let mommy know if you are going to cum OK? Does that feel good when I bounce up and down on your cock? I thought so. You are doing so well for a virgin. I better slow down. I can feel you getting harder and harder. I think you will make the girls go wild. They will be begging you to put your cock in them. I can feel you almost about to cum. As long as you keep this a secret you can just finish inside me. Keep thrusting. Oh my, I can feel your cum inside me. I can not believe we just did this. I need to go clean up this mess you made inside of me. Maybe we can do this again sometime…

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