Vera Price – Slutty moms joi fuck bargain

You’ve been sent home from school with a teacher’s note AGAIN and Mom is disappointed. “How old are you again? I just don’t understand why you can’t behave in class, at your age! You used to be such a good boy.” You can’t help but stare at her enormous, 32H breasts, straining out her slutty blue dress, her red lips, her long, blonde hair. Fuck, you’re getting hard… Mom sighs, glancing at your crotch. “Listen, I think I know what’s wrong with you… You’re sexually frustrated, aren’t you?” She looks away. “What can I do to help? Do you need a therapist? Do you need to sign up for some clubs so you can meet girls? I mean really.” Her breasts are spilling out the front of her dress but she hardly notices. “All those things take time, though, and if you get one more note you might get expelled.” She bites her lip and suddenly she’s sliding her dress down. “Unzip your pants. I think I know what I have to do. I’m going to tell you how to masturbate, how to take care of yourself. I’m going to tease you with my ass, my pussy, my legs, my breasts and make you cum for me. If you are really, really good this semester and bring home A’s maybe I’ll even let you take things a little farther. Deal? Now, I want that load of yours right across these tits. Let’s go.”

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