Victoria Madison – Mommie comes to visit

Victoria needs her son. It’s that simple. She has a plan to get herself knocked up so he’ll never leave her. The only problem is that he’s away at college and this leaves her without the cock that she’s been used to having all the time. She had been sending him video diaries for the last few months but this hasn’t convinced her son to come back from college as often as she’d like. She knows he’s been giving that dick to all the girls on campus. This is all more than our favorite MILF can handle so she flies to where her son is in school.

Her son meets her at the airport and then she wants to make sure she gets it all on tape. Her son is in the shower and she sets up the camera and has him fuck her raw while the water runs off of her big, beautiful tits. Then she takes him into his empty dorm room and has him pump a big load into her so she knows she’ll get knocked up.


Download file – 465.5 MB
Download file – 465.5 MB

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