Vikki Lynn – Conniving Son

Scene 1: My son comes down to the sofa where I’m laying openly. I was not expecting him home already. Browsing the ipad I was engaged and did not see him. Oh hello there, sorry about that! How was school today?
Scene 2: The doorbell rings and the neighbor is at the door. My husband is not home but my son is…the neighbor and I decide to have a quickie, I leave the door cracked but certain since my son is studying for his chemistry exam he won’t leave his room…
Scene 3: I’m getting ready for bed and lay down to watch some netflix. I’m getting sleepy and my son comes in wanting to lay down with me. I let him, his father is not home. My son catches a look at a girl twerking and is staring on the netflix. I asked if he liked that, I can do it too see! I decide after a bit it’s time to turn the lights out, my eyes are getting tired. I keep feeling something drawing my nightie up… I turn the light on to see my son very close to me…then he gets on me with his cock against me and shouts he saw the neighbor and I…if I don’t have sex with him, he’ll tell. This is ridiculous! I would never do such a thing. Do I want my husband to find out?

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