Xev Bellringer – Babysitter edging your morning wood

Wake up sleepy head… It’s like twelve o’clock already, I’m coming in since you refuse to get up. Your parents hired me to get you out of the house this summer…you don’t get to be lazy while I’m here. Come on, what is with you?? I know you can’t be sleeping through all of this bouncing, open your eyes! What’s that hard thing–oh…oh do you have an erection? You didn’t want me to see it, did you…Well we still need to go out today, it’s my job and I won’t let a morning wood stop me. I…um, know some things I could do with my mouth that’d make it go away. Mmhmm, and here you thought you were too old for a babysitter. Oh wow, you’re twitching against my tongue…when was the last time you jerked off? I’ll bet you have a lot of cum in those balls for me. Boys your age really need to masturbate often…but, then again we do have all summer together, don’t we.