Xev Bellringer – Babysitter Tucks You In

I just wanted to come and tuck you in, even though you might be too old for that. See, it’s comforting to have someone come over and push the blankets around you nice and–what’s that? Are you…hard? Were you masturbating before I burst in? Oh…I’m so sorry, I should have left when you asked me to.

Don’t be embarrassed, all boys do this. But I did notice that you didn’t have any dirty magazines…were you masturbating to me? Don’t worry, it’s ok – I have that affect on men. You *are* a man, here let me pull back these sheets and take a look. Wow…you are big, which is a good thing!

You know, I think it’s best that we do this right now, together. Yeah, c’mon it’ll be fun! You do what I say, and I’ll take off a piece of clothing every time, sound good? Then grab your cock for me.

Fantasy includes: Masturbation instruction, JOI games, masturbation games, jerk off instruction, female domination, strip tease, babysitter, role play, simulated handjob, pov