Xev Bellringer – Mommy Controls You With Breasts

I have been very disappointed with your behavior lately, young man. The principal called me today and told me about your attitude problem at school. You are not obeying your teachers, doing terribly with your school work, swearing in class, and being aggressive at break. I didn’t raise you to be a delinquent do you want to be held back??

Oh sweetie, I’m not mad, I’m worried. Mommy has one… idea that might work to fix your bad behavior. Sit down in the living room, sweetheart, and relax while Mommy changes clothes.

That’s better, right? I want my little boy to be comfortable; doesn’t Mommy look nice in her silky robe? Now, sweetie, I’m going to need you to relax for this therapeutic experiment. Mommy’s going to count you down into a trance that’ll help you listen and behave a little bit better. But in order for this to work, Mommy is going to require that you look at her more off limits body parts… my breasts sweetheart, you need to stare at my big, full bosom the entire time I’m talking. Ok? Good.

Fantasy includes: taboo, mesmerize, big tits, bra, silk, slow motion, tit play, breast bouncing, tit worship, obsession, mommas boy, mother/son, female domination