Xev Bellringer – Mommy Just Can’t Help Herself

Such a naughty boy… Mommy told you not to drink at that party, and now look at you. Barely able to stand, hanging on me while your hands keep finding their way all over my body, touching me the way a son shouldn’t touch his mother. And liking it. It’s not right… to rub against me like that… to notice when my nipple slips out of my top… to want to squeeze Mommy’s breasts. It’s making you… oh honey, you have an erection.

We’re so close to the bedroom, but my boy won’t budge until he gets his hands full of my big bosom. Just this once… after all you won’t remember anything by tomorrow, will you honey. Nothing at all. I’ll just have to take care of my boy the best way I can and get you out of these wet clothes. I know you’re sleepy, honey. All the way, boxers too…

Oh my… honey, you’re still hard. Sweetheart? Are you asleep?… I never knew my son’s penis was so big. I should just let him sleep, but I… don’t think I can help myself. Mommy better take care of this since you can’t do it yourself, baby. Doesn’t that feel good… I had no idea you wanted your mother so badly. What a dirty little secret. But Mommy has a secret too, honey… I want my son’s big cock.

I need to feel it in my mouth, honey. Mmm just the thought of sucking my boy makes me feel so good. I can’t resist touching just… between my legs. Ohhhh, you’ve been such a bad, bad boy haven’t you, and naughty boys need to be punished. Oh yes, Mommy has the perfect thing in mind. Even if you wake up, you won’t remember what happens, honey… how Mommy slips your hard penis into her mouth… and then finally into her wet, warm pussy. Oh, my boy will forget all about cumming deep inside of his mother… but I won’t.