Xev Bellringer – Swapping bodies with my hot aunt

Gender transformation fantasy clip
I’m glad you agreed to meet me in secret, kiddo. Your mother doesn’t like Auntie Xev’s little surprises, but I know you will. I found something really special this time – it was hidden in a mystic’s shop. There were mostly gimmicky items there, but I could tell it was something because the owner was reluctant to tell me about it. The thing was glowing…it was a necklace. But not an ordinary one, this piece of jewelry has the power to swap bodies! I guess there’s only one way to find out if it works…ready?

Whoa!…What just happened?! Dude, what’s all this hair in my face…OH MY GOD! It worked! You’re in my body Aunt Xev! And…and I’m in yours. Whoa, I have TITS! This is so weird. I wanna tell all of my friends about this! Oh yeah they probably won’t know it’s me ’cause my voice is all different. Oh no, that’s my mom calling for me! I gotta–I mean, you gotta go. I didn’t think about that, how do I act like you? I can’t stand up straighter Aunt Xev, your boobs are too heavy. How long should we stay like this? Two days…OK I promise I won’t do anything permanent to your body. See ya, oh and don’t look under my bed! The excited boy retreats to the bathroom and examines his new feminine physique. He poses playfully in front of the mirror but can’t resist stripping his clothes. Curiosity gets the best of him and he explores the wet pussy between his legs.