Xev Bellringer – You Will Fuck Me

Oh my God, Adam! Is that really you? Wow you’ve grown up, I remember when you’d have sleep overs with my little brother, you were so small back then! You’ve changed a lot…so mature and manly now. You’re old enough for a drink right?

Let’s loosen you up. Oh, you overheard me talking to my fiance on the phone? Yeah I’m fine, he’s just going to be super late to the party now…it’s just frustrating. The bathroom? Yeah I can show you where it is, this way.

Shhh I picked this bathroom because it’s the farthest away from the rest of the party – no one will hear us. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, Adam, you’re going to fuck me and cum for me whether you like it or not. And if you resist me, I’m going to tell my fiance and my brother that you forced yourself on me. It would ruin you. So you better just play along. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy this – I know you’ve fantasized about fucking me ever since you were little, and I’ve had my eye on you too. Wow…you are BIG. Much bigger than my fiance, I bet you fuck better than him too.