Your Prim and Proper Mother Struggles to Deliver a Very Important Message

Hi, honey I’m glad we have a moment for… just a quick discussion. You see… this is very hard for me to… um… talk about. I… well, I’ve noticed – now that you’re dating – that you seem to prefer that you choose… well, that you go out with BAD GIRLS, girls with BAD reputations. Well, you see, that’s not what… well, not at all… I didn’t imagine you’d… honey, I want you to date shy, religious girls. Yes, I think that’s most appropriate. For, I just don’t see why you’d even rather… OH!!! Honey, I can’t believe you just described that TO YOUR MOTHER! Oh, oh, oh my ears are burning! No, no, okay, okay… well, honey, I think you should only be dating NICE girls, the kind that might.. give you… a goodnight kiss… AT MOST. Do you understand? And then, if you find yourself… at the end of a date… *stressed* or something… I can, your mother can, take care of it. Do you understand? Would you like me to give you a sample? I’m so glad we could make this little deal together…


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