Zoey Holloway – Caught in action

Its your first day of college. You don’t want to be a nervous wreck so you decide to crank out a quickie in your Moms bathroom. As you are frantically wanking, your Mom walks in on you! Awkward! MOM!!! … She closes the door to let you finish what you started. Not more than a minute passes when, shes back! What? You want to help me so you can get to the gym? Holy hell, seriously?! My mom is going to help me get a good release so she can get on with her day? Um, ok! I mean shes my mom but shes still totally hot, or so my friends say. Wait until I tell them she thinks its best for me to get my nut with her help. I do what a good son should, release my cock into her mature and experienced grip and watch her go to work on my nicely grown up dick. I thought I was just going to get a great hand job but then she surprised me by laying her luscious lips around the tip! She sucks and cranks simultaneously right before my eyes! How am I ever going to concentrate in class today when I have this image of my mom on my pole? After much enthusiastic stroking and sucking she tells me I need to hurry up and cum so we can go. I tried really hard to aim for her tits, the very ones I used to suckle from but in moment of toe curling orgasm I missed and my jizz plopped on to her rug. She was not happy about this but even so, said anytime I needed some relief to ask her. Wow, thanks Mom!

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