Maria Jade – Older Sister Tutors Her Little Brother

I was having trouble in school and my grades were really slipping, my older sister on the other hand was getting awesome grades but she was getting grounded for breaking my parents rules. since my older sister Maria always did good in school my parent said part of her punishment would be help me study and bringing my grades up. we spent a couple hours studying and she gave me a practice quiz which i failed miserably. My sister was pretty upset and then said she had an idea, she said she new what really motivated boys. Maria made me a offer, she said if i tried really hard on the next quiz and did well then she would strip naked and show off her sexy body. i did well and she gave me my reward, once she was naked she actually let me jerk off. over the next couple of weeks my sister kept motivating me to bring my grades up by offering me handjobs and then eventually blowjobs! needless to say ive been doing really well in school!

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