Natashas Bedroom – Seduced By Big Sister

Little brother, you’re finally home for break! I’ve been so excited for you to come home; it’s been forever since we’ve seen each other or even talked. Come here and sit down on big sister’s bed!

Do you know what I’ve missed the most about you? That amazing cock of yours. I know I shouldn’t talk like this, since I am your own flesh and , but I just can’t wait another second. I’m desperately horny for you. Will you let me see it again? Please?

Oh god, it’s more incredible than I remember. It feels so good to run my hands up and down the shaft, and even better to swallow it down my throat. I need you…right now. My pussy is dripping wet, and there’s only one thing that can satisfy me: your cock, thrusting deep inside of me. I’ve wanted it for so long. It’s time to finally consummate this lust we’ve been harboring. Ohh yes…oh god, just like that. It feels better than I could have ever imagined.

I want you to cum all over your big sister’s tits. I know how much you love them! Just let me stroke you up and down, running my hand over every inch of your cock, until you let your huge load explode all over my breasts.

Wow, just look at how much cum is splattered all over my big tits! I really drained your balls dry, little brother. But we’re not done quite yet. Not until you lick up every single drop of that creamy jizz…


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