Nikki Lane – Mommy’s Reawakening

I’m hesitant to confide in you about something so personal and perhaps…awkward…especially coming from your mother, but I really need someone to talk to. And you’ve always been a great listener. Well Mommy hasn’t been feeling so well lately; I’ve been a little down. Oh no, I’m not ill in that sense. It’s just that I’ve been having this craving that I haven’t been able to satisfy. You see son, your father and I haven’t been intimate for months, many months in fact. It’s been close to a year since I’ve had any physical intimacy with your father and I”m sexually starved! I’ts almost like I’m a born again virgin. I haven’t been touched in months. I’m about to burst soon if I don’t find some release. I know this is highly inappropriate for me to ask of you, but could you do mommy a big favor?…I desperately need to quench this craving that’s been building up inside of me. And I know you’re a young, virile boy so you can give mommy exactly what she needs. We can do all the things I know young men like to do.

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