Mindi Mink – Son Seduces Mom

Son decided to put a plan in motion to seduce his mom. He decides to walk out in his boxers with his erection sticking out of the hole so his mom can see it. She sees it and is surprised by how nice it is and stares at it for a second. She tells him his cock sticking out and to put it away. Instead he just says, “here mom let me give you a better view” and he takes his pants completely off and stands in front of his mother naked and goes up and hugs her from behind. She tells him to go to his room as she yells at him. That night mother comes home to a nice candle lit dinner that her son had made for her. She thought it was so nice after a long day at work and decided to go change out of her work clothes and into a robe. She came down for dinner and he had a nice glass of wine ready for her. She sat down to eat and her son came around behind her and started massaging her shoulders. As she started to relax he slowly started massaging her breasts. She then realized what was going on and told him to stop because it was wrong. She got up to bring her dishes to the kitchen and he pulled out his cock again. She again yelled at him. Deep down she wanted her sons cock. Later, son had seen his mom outside sunbathing, she asked him to put lotion on. He started rubbing lotion on her back and started rubbing her butt and pussy as well. Mom was getting turned on. Son took his cock out and showed her. She finally gives in and says come & fuck me son.

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I’ve Been Waiting A Long Time For You

Good morning, my darling! Are you awake yet! Time to get up, turn on the lights, put some clothes on. Mind if I sit on the bed next to you. Oooh, you do look so cozy and comfy. And warm. My feet are so cold. Do you mind if I just slip them under the sheets with you? Oh, you ARE so warm! And… hard. Is that a tense muscle I feel? Your thigh maybe? Let me work on that for you… I can rub it out with my feet, then maybe my hands? Does that feel good? Would you like me to try something else?

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Do You Want to Come on Mummy’s Big Boobies?

Hi, my little darling. Since you’re here… would you like to help Mummy with something? Can you help Mummy for sunbathing? I just need you to help rub some nice oil onto my boobies. Can you do that? Right here. Here, squirt some oil onto your hands. Oh, not too much!! Then, just rub, rub, rub… YES! Mummy’s boobies ARE so bouncy! hee hee hee You’re so sweet. You love Mummy’s boobies, don’t you. You’re such a good boy. And so helpful! Yes, keep rubbing. I need to get the oil ALL OVER my bouncy boobies. That’s it. And… Oh, does my beautiful boy have a little boner?? Oh, that’s sweet. Do you need to go… Oh, you want to come ON Mummy’s boobies?? Oh, okay. Yes, I can make them extra bouncy for you… That’s a good boy!

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AnnabelleRogers – Mommy Teaches You To Masturbate

You had to stay home from going on a trip with all your friends due to a major pain in your groin area that you have been having. I come into your room to wake you up from a nap and just got off the phone with the doctor who told me why you are having this pain. I feel awkward but I come into your room and tell you that the reason you are in pain is because you are “backed up”. Trying to find out what your “masturbating habits” are, I come to realize that it seems you are not masturbating at all. Which concerns me because this is the reason that you are in all this pain. I had just assumed that you were already doing this. I tell you that you need to start and you refuse but it’s the doctor’s orders and you need to listen to the medical advice given. You are refusing to do so which leaves me with no other choice then to make you. I grab your laptop and start trying to find something that you will be into. You don’t watch videos but you are into amateur girls on “Big Boobs Gone Wild” Reddit. We sit at the edge of the bed where I go through all the girls on there with you and tell you to take your pants off and start stroking so that we can drain your balls. I see your cock for the first time and I am shocked at how large it is. It seems as if you are not sure how to do the act of masturbating so I take your hand in mine and begin coaching you on how to stroke your cock. Once I think you get the hang of it I let go. It seems you are more interested in my boobs then the girls on the computer and seeing that you are throbbing and in so much pain, I decide to expose my breasts to you to help you cum. I tell you this is a one time occurrence and you have to learn how to do this by yourself eventually. So I suck my tits for you. But that is not enough for you to orgasm. So I let you suck on my tits. Which still isn’t making you cum. So I decide to let my tits hang and crawl to you where I turn into your dirty little slutty slave mom. I titfuck you until you release an enormous load all over my tits, face and hair.

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Fiona Dagger – Fucked By Your Doctor Mom

Your mother comes home from her job at the hospital and informs you that it’s time for her to have a look over your balls and make sure everything’s ok down there – you protest but she firmly tells you to stop being silly, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. She makes you drop your trousers and examines your testicles, squeezing and checking them for lumps. She asks you some embarrassing questions about your masturbation habits, and then informs you that she’s decided it would be a good idea to perform a virility test! She wants to make sure everything is running smoothly and so wants to see how easy you cum and how quickly you can cum again afterwards. You feel a bit awkward about this but she insists, and uses her hand to work your cock until you cum, talking sweetly to you the whole time. After you’ve cum she insists on further tests, this time using her mouth! She takes off her shirt to help you get hard and sucks your cock until you’ve cum once more. You’re finding it difficult to get hard again after two orgasms so she strips off and bounces her ass for you until you’re erect again, then rides your cock until you’ve cum for a third time. She asks you if you think you could still cum again and you tell her you’re not sure but you think so, so she makes you fuck her doggystyle until you cum for a fourth time! Finally she’s satisfied that you’re healthy and virile and suggests you both take a shower together to clean off before she makes dinner…

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Reagan Lush – Son Steals Moms Panties

Son has been stealing mom’s panties & mom confronts him about it, she isn’t mad – she just wants to know what he’s been doing with them, she realizes he’s curious about the female body & her smells, he gets turned on by it, she explains that she has her own special type of “cream,” mom tells son that he doesn’t need to steal her panties or bras – he can just ask to see and touch her body, mom strips down & invites son to touch her and taste her…

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Sydney Paige – Mom Gets Young Son Tipsy

Mom is tipsy & having wine when her young son comes home from school, she sweetly makes him take multiple swigs of the wine so he can experience the “warm, wonderful” feeling she gets from it, young son becomes buzzed, mom becomes seductive & flirts with her son, she touches him inappropriately & tells him that it’s okay to do that because she loves him…

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