Annabelle Rogers – One Last Fuck For Mommy

You drop by my house unannounced to tell me that you just proposed to your girlfriend and she said yes. I am disappointed to hear this because I don’t like her. Ever since you have started dating her I have seen you less and our relationship has been different. I feel like I am loosing you. To make matters worse she is a tattoo artist and you guys are moving away so she can start her own. I feel she is a whore and will cheat on you because she touches other men all day while tattooing them. I want better for you. We used to have a special sexual relationship before she came along. I seduce you and beg you to give me your cock for one last time. I tell you I am on birth control and have no condoms. We fuck missionary and you cream pie me. I start laughing because you just fucked a baby into your mother and confess to you that I am not on birth control. You Fiance isn’t going to want you anymore. No one is, after they find out that you impregnated your own mother.

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Nikki Brooks in Mom Takes Me to a Fetish Convention

Scene One: First Night
My mom stumbles in to the hotel room with a glass of red wine in her hand. She apologizes to me for leaving me in the hotel room while she went to the fetish convention! She confesses to me that she hasn’t had any sex in a while, and she wants me to help her out with that. “Do you want me to go back downstairs? Or do you want me to stay up here with you?” she asks me. I tell her to please stay up here with me! “Why don’t you touch mommy?” she asks me. She pokes her butt out towards me and tells me to grab her big ass. She kisses my cock on top of my underwear and she asks me if I think that anyone would judge her for wanting to kiss her son’s cock. She slowly pulls my cock out from under my underwear and she starts to lick the tip of my cock first. She teases my cock until she eventually shoves my entire cock inside of her mouth. She sucks my cock until her pussy gets wet, and then she hops on top of me and rides my hard cock! “Grab mommy’s tits!” she tells me, as she continues to bounce up and down on my cock. Mommy lies down on her back and I start to fuck her in the missionary position now. She tells me how she’s been wanting to fuck my cock for so long! She’s been dreaming about this day for so long, and she can’t wait to taste my cum. I fuck her pussy harder and deeper, until I get close to cumming. I pull my cock out of her pussy and I jerk my cock off on to her tongue. She swallows it all, and then asks me if I want to go with her down to the convention…

Scene Two: Mom is Getting Ready
My mom is getting ready to go out for “a session.” I ask her what she means by that, and she tells me how men pay her to tickle her feet and massage her body! It sounds weird to me, but my mom claims that these men pay her really good money to do this! She starts to get horny and she decides that she wants to fuck me before she goes out for her session! She gets down on her knees in the hotel bathroom and puts my cock in her mouth. Then she bends over against the sink and I start to fuck her pussy from behind. “I am being such a naughty mommy by fucking my son before a session!” she exclaims. I keep fucking her until I cum deep inside of her pussy. Then she leaves me in the hotel room so she can go meet up with her client…

Scene Three: Mom Partied Too Hard
My mom is hungover in bed the next morning and she is too tired to move. I am pretty horny though and my cock is already hard, so I walk up to her and I stick my cock inside of her pussy. “If I let you do this to me, will you let mommy rest afterwards?” she asks me. “Yes, I promise!” I keep fucking her harder and her tits bounce up and down with every thrust. “You’re really starting to wake mommy up!” she tells me. Her moans start to get louder and louder. She puts her hand over her mouth to stop herself from waking up the other people in the hotel. “Be a good boy and pound mommy’s pussy! Mommy’s going to cum! Don’t stop!” she instructs me. She asks me where I am going to cum and I tell her that I feel like giving her another cream pie! I cum deep inside of my mom’s pussy, and now she can go back to bed if she wants…

Scene Four: Mom Brings a Friend
My mom was down at the convention and she met a new friend there! Her friend is another blonde MILF who is wearing a black, latex bra and matching skirt. She lifts her skirt up and I can clearly see that she doesn’t have any panties on underneath! My mom is wearing a red top that exposes her big tits with a matching red skirt. My mom tells me that this new friend of hers is a present for me, since I have been such a good boy all week! “I’m Cory, by the way,” my mom’s new friend tells me. My mom starts to make out with her new friend and Cory reaches out and grabs my cock. I get a little nervous at first, but I can feel my cock getting hard in my pants. Cory spreads my mom’s legs open and she starts to lick her clit. My mom’s pussy starts to get really wet. “Show Cory how you fuck mommy!” my mom tells me. I put the tip of my cock inside my mom’s pussy, and then I ask Cory if she will kiss my cock before I shove it back in my mom’s pussy. Cory watches me fuck my mom’s pussy and she seems to love watching us! I ask my mom if I can fuck her in the doggy style position next, so she bends over for me. While I fuck my mom from behind, she starts to eat Cory’s pussy out. I want to feel what Cory’s pussy feels like next, so Cory lies down on the couch for me. I fuck Cory in the missionary position while my mom sucks on Cory’s nipples. Cory flips over in to the doggy style position and my mom spreads Cory’s ass open while I fuck her pussy from behind. “That’s a good girl! I want you to enjoy my son’s cock to the fullest!” my mom tells her. Cory flips back over on to her back and my mom sits on her face while I am fucking Cory. “I’m going to cum all over Cory’s face!! I hope you won’t be jealous, baby” my mom moans. My mom promises our new friend that they are both going to share my cum! I fuck my mom’s pussy until I get close to cumming… Then I pull out and I cum in her mouth and all over her tongue! My mom moves her head over towards Cory’s and she kisses her, in order to share the cum with her new friend. “You taste divine!” Cory assures me. I have worked up an appetite; Maybe we can all go get some dinner now…

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Penny Barber – Video Game Bets With Mom

Where did you dig up my old PowerGlove? I used to beat all the boys on this thing and then make them eat, well never mind. I would love to play but don’t be surprised when I blow you away. If you really want to make a bet on the game then there is one dirty thing we used to play for back in the day. Loser has to eat cum. You better be sure you want to risk it because if you lose, I might help you make it but I am definitely making you swallow it.

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Kelly Payne – Mommys Here Shh

Most sweet loving, and naturally naughty mommy role play style VS hand job. Mommy wakes up before you and takes care of her need to orgasm pulling out a vibrator and enjoying herself when you wake up she comforts you but doesn’t stop the vibrator, she even shows you exactly what shes doing. you watch awhile before mommy notices your excited and mommy comforts you, reminding you your hers, she made you, let mommy take care of both of us… once your body does as it needs, mommy continues to enjoy herself after shes done she cuddles up close with you…. Shhh,,, it’s ok… mommy’s here.

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Reya Reign – Fuck Mommy And Suck On Her Toes

Mommy was just thinking about you in the shower… About how much she loves you… And how much she wants to share herself with you. It’s okay, you can look at mommy’s tits underneath this towel. You can see it all! Doesn’t mommy have pretty feet too? Mommy can tell your cock is getting hard, why don’t you let mommy have a little taste? Let mommy suck on your cock before she turns around and lets you fuck her from behind. Then spread mommy’s legs while she lays on her back so you can fuck her sweet pussy until she’s moaning and begging you to cum inside of her while you suck on her toes!

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Bettie Bondage – Blackmailing Mom Into An Anal Slut

Catching your mother having an affair was the best thing that ever happened to you. Well, to your sex life. You’d think you’d be upset – knowing your mother was cheating on your dad – but honestly, he’s a jerk anyways. And knowing this puts you in the perfect position to get what you’ve always wanted: your mother. You could pretend like that isn’t what you’ve fantasized since you first started pulling your dick, but it’d be a lie. So when you confront her with this intel and let her know the price of your silence, you’re happy to discover that, although reluctant, your whore of a mother obliges. Anything to keep this secret between the two of you. It starts out with simple stuff – handjobs, blowjobs, eventually fucking. But soon you need more. You start to train her to be an absolute slut, to your specific specifications. You want her dressed a certain way, taking cock a certain way. All her holes must belong to you. Today is no exception, as you wake up and demand a blowjob, then come home early to take her pussy. Not yet satisfied, you make her plug her ass and finish the housework before sticking you thick member into her asshole. All the while she’s indignant, telling you how fucked up it is that you make her your personal whore. Yet, she doesn’t stop, and her pussy gets soaking wet whenever you make her take it up the ass. And especially when you make her clean your cock off. Who know your mother was an ass-to-mouth slut? You dreamed that it was so, but seeing it in real life, right before your eyes, is just perfection. You watch your mother ride your cock in her tight ass, taking two loads in her shithole, cleaning your cock after each one. A perfect day, brought to you by your sweet, slutty anal whore of a mother!

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Jocelyn Baker – Annoyed Step Mom Strokes Your Dick

You’re laying back on the couch while you watch your step mom hurriedly get ready for work. She doesn’t know you’re there, so she’s rushing around with only her top & panties on. After one of her nipples begin spilling over her bra you can’t help but instinctively reach down and stroke yourself. Within minutes, your mom notices what you’re doing! She’s pissed. She doesn’t have time to deal with this right now, but to your surprise in her rant she commands you to pull your dick out. You like watching your step mommy so much? Show her. You are in no position to deny your mother, so you do as she says. Within seconds she’s got her hand on your dick – stroking you fast and hard. She makes sure to do her upturned piggy nose for you, seeing as she knows how much you like it from last time she caught you jerking it to her. When you don’t cum in a few minutes, she further commands you to grab her BIG bra that still has your cum stain on it. You oblige and soon she’s stroking you with the bra wrapped around your dick. With her tits bouncing and swaying as she strokes you, her piggy nose, and her giant bra on your cock you can’t hold back..and soon you’re cumming RIGHT into your step mothers hand!

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Korina Kova – My Brave Boy Viking Tale

We are vikings and it’s the first summer since your father passed away in battle and we need to raid the forest to prepare for the winter, I want my boy to lead the way, as we enter a dense area where it is known for good hunting I hear something, it’s the enemies and they spot us, I tell you to run, they gain on us and as I am kneeling behind a rock pile you declare that you will fight, I beg you to be careful and you fight them all off but you are injured in the battle and I come to help you home, as I nurse you back to health you awake to find me in my bra and some fur over you, my boy is so brave and I need to repay you for saving my life, mommys strong brave boy is now the man of the house.

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