Lovely Lilith – Motherly Obsession

Your mother is a busty goddess, and you’ve been obsessed with her forever! She’s always pranced around the house in super revealing clothing because she wanted to please your father. She didn’t realize it would have the same affect on you. One day, you sneak ANOTHER photo of her cleavage as she’s bent over. In your excitement for getting such a good pic, you send it to your friend– telling him your mom’s tits are better than his… But you made a mistake…. You texted the image of your mother’s breasts to YOUR OWN MOM!!! As soon as she sees it, she comes barging in on you, wondering what on earth is going on! She takes your phone from you and begins to scroll through the photos. She’s completely shocked to find your massive collection of photos of her busty body. You’re surprised when she doesn’t get angry. In fact, she seems touched. She looks at you and understands completely. She’s accidentally aroused you in all her skimpy attire. Now you’ve become obsessed with her! This is an obvious problem that needs to be fixed ASAP! She doesn’t want you to go back to college thinking about her sexually after-all! So, she decides that tonight she’ll help you out. You NEED to get her out of your system. She’s going to allow you to indulge in your deepest fantasy… for one night only…

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Kitty LeRoux – Mommy Is Your Personal Porn Star

Your mom doesn’t think you’re home when she gets back from her self-proclaimed “side gig”. You know she’s been working hard, but you know her secret too- and there’s no hiding it anymore when she walks in wearing slutty lingerie and there’s cum in her hair. She brushes it off, until you bring them out- all of the dvd’s you’ve collected of her work. HELL YES you have porn of your own mother- it’s fucking HOT. You’ve never seen this side of her before. You want to hear about every dirty detail of what your mother has done in her new job because holy fuck, it makes your cock hard. She thought you’d be mad that she’s an up and coming porn star, but you OBVIOUSLY aren’t. When she sees your hard dick in your pants, she’s relieved and…her new personality starts showing through. She didn’t get to cum on set and she wants to see your cock…and maybe stroke it a little….Her eyes roll back in her head in ecstasy. “You’re really not mad sweetie?” You’re not at all, and in fact, after hearing about the money she needs and seeing how great she is at porn- you ask her if she’s ever thought of opening up her own clip store. “I don’t really know anything about doing that sweetie, that’s why I just show up, get fucked and get paid.” You suggest you could both work together. “Oh my god, everyone who watches wouldn’t know it’s REALLY my real son…god that makes mommy feel like such a horny slut.” She loves the idea of you being in charge of her. “When do we start..Mr..Director.” The 2nd feature in this clip is actually your first clip together! She oils up her big tits and wraps them around your cock, talking to the camera as though it’s you. You know every single word that she says is for you. Please baby, please cum for mommy! you explode because mommy is your personal porn star!

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Scarlett J – Mommy Will Make U Feel Better

I know you and your gf just broke up so i come into your room to talk to you and give you a pep talk, your my sweet boy and i want to show you how much i care about you and i will always take care of you! i ask if youd like some company tonight and i start stroking your cock, i know how to make you feel better! i unzip your pants and stroke more before i tell you to take over while i give you something to stroke to… i undress and let you stroke to my body while also spreading my pussy & ass for you! i then let you eat my pussy… youre such a good boy. i ask you if you want to cum in mommies pussy… and i let you fuck my missionary, doggy and then i get on top so you can see mommmies tits bounce in your face while you cum! you cum deep inside of my pussy and i let you see it all gush out!

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Bettie Bondage – Mom Creampie Gangbanged By All The Boys

You come home from school one day and you hear it – those sounds. Your mother is always making those sounds! Loud moans, low grunts, giggles…it’s time you figured out what this was all about. You barge into her room just in time to see a boy from your school squirting his load into your mother’s fertile pussy! You can’t believe what you’re seeing, or what your mother does next! She turns to you, smiling, playing with her cum filled cunt. She tells you all about her afternoon, about all the boys who’ve come into her bedroom and fucked her. Boy and young boy, fucking and filling her with their hot, young seed, until she couldn’t take it anymore, cumming on their cocks with the wild abandon of a wanton slut…which is, really, exactly what she is. So much so that she beckons you forward, implores you to come play, to fuck her like all the boys in town did…to fuck your own mother until you cum inside her!

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Sydney Harwin – Sons Creampie Birthday Treat

It’s your 18th Birthday and your mom has a very special surprise just for her best boy… How would you like to fuck your mommy? You must wear a condom she says, but she so badly wants to let you fuck her for your 18th present. You are a little reluctant, but soon warm to the idea when you see your momma spread her legs and show you her tight slit, all wet and ready for her son. You can’t believe how fucking good she feels as you slide your hard cock inside her, and how sexual your mother can be… Wait… whats this? Your mom is saying your REAL present is that you can cum inside of her? She instructs you to rip off the condom and throw it away before fucking her bareback… She’s gonna let you blow your load inside her… Such a sweet thing for a mother to do for her son on his birthday.

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JocelynBaker – Caught Jerking It To Mommys Bras

Mommy gets home from a long day of work to find you in the living room with one of her favorite bras! She’s so upset, she can hardly speak. You’re really wanking using her bra? She needs to go to her room to calm down for a moment, only after she gets there she finds ANOTHER one of her bras. This time, with a giant splooge stain on it. Mommy calls you into her room to have a talk with you, but all you can focus on is her giant tits in her big bra. As she’s talking, she makes a piggy nose while she stops to think about what she’s going to do with you. Little does Mommy know, you ABSOLUTELY love seeing women do that! And your cock instantly throbs in your jeans. It doesn’t take long for her to notice – and soon she’s asking you if it’s the bra & underwear she’s in that have you turned on. You figure it’s probably best not to lie at this point, so you tell her yes..but you also love that piggy nose she just made. She’s a little surprised (And a bit disgusted) but she seems to compose herself. Telling you that while she’s disappointed and grossed out, you ARE her boy and she loves you more then anything. She can’t just leave you with that throbbing hard on, so, she offers to try on all her bras for you to help take care of your ever pressing erection together. Obviously, you aren’t in any position to deny her. So you take your cock out and watch Mommy try on 5 different bras for you, and she even rubs them each against your cock..asking you if this is what you like. Telling you to stroke it for her as she tries on her bras, and encouraging you to cum in Mommy’s bra while she watches. She even makes piggy noses for you while she’s trying them on and within minutes your cock is spurting cum straight into her pale pink bra. She takes it back from you to inspect the load you left, rather impressed with how much spunk you’ve shot out. And with a stern voice tells you NEVER to cum in her bras again – unless she can join in.

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Kitty LeRoux – Mommy Is A Rave Slave Mesmerize Bukkake

Your three friends had a secret plan (unbeknownst to you) when they came over to hang out at your house. They suggested to your simple mother that she should go to a rave with all of you. You give your mother ‘the eye’ and she knows what it means- you don’t want her to go. She understands and everything is about to go your way until your friends tell your mom they brought her an outfit. She melts at their thoughtfulness and before you know it, your mom is standing in front of you in an outfit you can’t believe you’d ever see your mother in. You don’t want her to go out in it, but she thinks if your friends approve, then she’s ok. You don’t know what just happened, but you’re on your way to a rave with your 3 closest friends and…your a bikini. Later we see this newly happy mom dancing and having fun with all the boys- except her son. He’s off doing his own thing. Things get a little intense when they can’t keep their hands off of her. She finally puts her foot down. ‘STOP OR MY SON WILL SEE’ and turns to find a mesmerizing blinking necklace dangling in front of her face. While her son is away, the 3 boys mesmerize her into being their fucktoy. “You’re all my boyfriends.” She’s a happy fucktoy, dancing and doing things at their suggestion- taking off her top, twerking with no undies on- and she’s wet- it’s audible. She feels so guilty that all her boyfriends are hard. “As a good fucktoy I have to service all of you right now- right here.” She gets on her knees and starts in an a blowjob on all three of them when you, her son- comes back. You don’t completely understand what you’re seeing, but you want in on it. “Sweetie, I couldn’t, I’m your mom.” “You’ll just have to watch.” You see her throat all of your friends, drooling on their dicks. You can’t believe it, but she begs them to fuck her too. “It feels so good sweetie!” She gets her tits out and says you can look, but no touching. All of your friends have their way with your mom until she begs them to cum on her. Cumshot after cumshot- she’s drenched. Some of your friends even cum twice. She tries to open her eyes and see you through all the cum to tell you, “I love being their fucktoy!”

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Sydney Harwin – Taking Mommas Panties Is Wrong

You have been secretly taking your Moms panties from her bedroom drawer and the laundry basket, too. You can’t help it, you just have a thing for your Moms pussy scent and you can’t get enough. One day your Mom installed a secret camera in her room without you knowing and you are now caught red handed! She sits you down to have the awkward conversation about why you are taking them, especially the ones that haven’t even been washed yet and are full of her pussy stains. She is less than impressed with you, even going to extreme lengths as she makes you get out your dick and wank in front of her, hoping it will embarrass you into never doing such a thing again… But your Mom is acting strange, and you can’t help but wonder if your Mom secretly likes the thought of you jerking into her panties… What’s this?… Your Mom is grabbing at your cock and wants to ride you… She says it’s nothing serious, just a punishment fuck, but you don’t care… You get to fuck your very own Mom… Even if she is a little angry…

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Butt3rflyforu – Bukkake For Mommy

I come home from shopping and find you and 3 friends in my bedroom watching old clips of mommy on my huge TV. You are all jerking off watching your mommy back in the day trying to make ends meet with porn. You all were super hard and horny from a scene where mommy is getting gangbanged from 3 hot black hung boys ending with a huge sloppy bukkake!!! I am shocked and pissed at the same time and order you to turn it off and get out of my room. But you all are so hard you want to finish and you threaten mommy that if you can’t finish on my own face, all the boys will go home and tell the entire neighborhood what mommy used to do!!! I beg and plead not to do that, mommy has a good reputation in this hood and if you do that, your parents will hate me and forbid you from ever hanging out over here!!!!! That didn’t make a difference . Your cocks took control of your thinking and I had to agree. I even pleaded that I will do a strip tease and just show my hot tits but that only made your cocks throb even more. Bukkake is the only think that will keep your young mouths shut!

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