Noelle Easton – Sex Slave Teacher Pt 1

My class of young boys is in for a kinky surprise this year. I take my job shaping tomorrow’s children seriously and I introduce myself sternly, with a powerful, in-charge attitude. I begin to cover the details of our course, and how you will be learning to dominate, humiliate, control, and degrade women. You will choose my uniform, what you refer to me as, even what I eat. There will be no more bathroom breaks as you will be using me as a human toilet now. Each week you will be graded on your creativity and cruelness both as a class, and as an individual. The best student at the end of every week gets to take me to my sex dungeon house and own me for the weekend. The entire class will have free reign of the cameras and intercoms installed so that you may control me both at school, and at home. You’ll turn me into your perfect little pet, doing whatever you command, taking whatever pain you instill on me. I’m yours to use now, and the best overall student at the end of this semester will permanently own me as well as all of my belongings and assets.

File Size : 1.64 GB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:14:40


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