JocelynBaker – Sex Education Study Lesson

Cum Swallowers, POV, Pussy Eating, Sex ED, Teacher Fetish

Your grades are slipping, and your teacher will not stop asking you to come to her house on the weekend for a 1on1 study session. You’d rather not spend your weekend learning so you continuously avoid her. That is until she phoned your mother and explained the situation. Now here you are, in your teachers living room bored out of your mind while she goes on and on about vocabulary. The only thing keeping you going is knowing that she’s dressed like a slut. You should pay attention to what she’s saying, but your mind is wandering to a million different fantasies as you keep your eyes on those giant juicy tits. She snaps you back to reality when she rolls her eyes and demands you keep your attention on her face – where it belongs. You listen for a few minutes but your eyes can’t help but drift to those soft titties. You’re not good at being sly because she notices AGAIN. Frustrated and annoyed, she suggests that she tutor you on Sex Education so you can focus on her lesson better. You’re gearing up for another boring lesson when she pops her tits out of the bra! She then begins explaining how female breasts work and what you need to do to cause them pleasure. Even giving an example on how to suck them with her own breasts. Once she wraps that lesson up she asks if there’s anything else your sexually curious about – and you can’t help but answer with eating a woman out. Your teacher is shocked you want to learn THAT, but she’s here to help. You two go back to her bedroom where she strips off her office clothes to absolutely nothing. Then, she sits on the bed with you and explains just how you need to eat a woman out and what not to do. She then suggests maybe you try the lesson out on her vagina, your cock is throbbing at the thought so you don’t say no! All these things have led up to you getting to taste your hot teachers sweet pussy. You lick and suck exactly as she described and within minutes you bring her to an orgasm. She’s so shocked and delighted that she offers to do something for you in return. She demands you take your cock out and when you do she gets right to sucking you off! You’ve never had a blowjob and it feels so wet and warm that it only takes you a few minutes to cum. She lets you blow it in her mouth and plays with it before swallowing. Now she’s suggesting you come back next week for another sex ed lesson.

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