Natalie Wonder – Mom Teaches Sex Ed To Young Son And Friends

Script –> Scene One: Idea includes sex ed & gang bang. This is about a mother who walks into her boy’s room and finds him with a few of his friends. They see mom is pregnant and wonder how she got that way. Mom is very surprised that some of the boys don’t know about these things so she decides to teach them. They ask questions and mom realizes they know too little about the birds and the bees. Some of these young boys don’t even know what an orgasm is! Mom will explain but the best way to explain is by using her own body. She undresses in front of the boys so they can see what a naked woman looks like. The deal is that the boys also need to get naked. They can touch her belly, breasts and ask questions. Mom answers in ways boys understand. She never gets angry. She is a sweet and kind mom that only wants to help. The boys get erections and mom explains why. She’s taught her own boy how to masturbate but his friends are all very curious and unexperienced. They are virgins, including mom’s son. They all want to know how babies are made. Mom decides the best way to learn is by doing. This way they can learn how to orgasm and how good it all feels. Scene Two: Mom is on her back laying down (from the side). She is speaking to the nervous young boy who is about to have sex with her. They are all nervous but mom encourages them. They take turns having sex with mom. Some cum quick and some need help entering the vagina. Some are too nervous and need more encouragement. One of them even pulls out when he’s close to cumming because he doesn’t know what’s going on. But mom explains and encourages him once more. Mom’s son is the last to have sex with her. He’s on his back so mom straddles him. She wants to show all the boys that sex is possible in various positions. Her boy touches her and she gets close to cumming. She tells all the boys she’s getting close and they should come gather to watch. Her son is close too, she can tell by his expression. They cum together. They all decide to try again later.

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