Kitty LeRoux – Mommy Is A Rave Slave Mesmerize Bukkake

Your three friends had a secret plan (unbeknownst to you) when they came over to hang out at your house. They suggested to your simple mother that she should go to a rave with all of you. You give your mother ‘the eye’ and she knows what it means- you don’t want her to go. She understands and everything is about to go your way until your friends tell your mom they brought her an outfit. She melts at their thoughtfulness and before you know it, your mom is standing in front of you in an outfit you can’t believe you’d ever see your mother in. You don’t want her to go out in it, but she thinks if your friends approve, then she’s ok. You don’t know what just happened, but you’re on your way to a rave with your 3 closest friends and…your a bikini. Later we see this newly happy mom dancing and having fun with all the boys- except her son. He’s off doing his own thing. Things get a little intense when they can’t keep their hands off of her. She finally puts her foot down. ‘STOP OR MY SON WILL SEE’ and turns to find a mesmerizing blinking necklace dangling in front of her face. While her son is away, the 3 boys mesmerize her into being their fucktoy. “You’re all my boyfriends.” She’s a happy fucktoy, dancing and doing things at their suggestion- taking off her top, twerking with no undies on- and she’s wet- it’s audible. She feels so guilty that all her boyfriends are hard. “As a good fucktoy I have to service all of you right now- right here.” She gets on her knees and starts in an a blowjob on all three of them when you, her son- comes back. You don’t completely understand what you’re seeing, but you want in on it. “Sweetie, I couldn’t, I’m your mom.” “You’ll just have to watch.” You see her throat all of your friends, drooling on their dicks. You can’t believe it, but she begs them to fuck her too. “It feels so good sweetie!” She gets her tits out and says you can look, but no touching. All of your friends have their way with your mom until she begs them to cum on her. Cumshot after cumshot- she’s drenched. Some of your friends even cum twice. She tries to open her eyes and see you through all the cum to tell you, “I love being their fucktoy!”

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Kelly Payne – Moms Fucking Your Best Friend Part Two

Your home early & heading to your room, except you notice moaning & your moms voice talking about your best friend! You pause at the door for awhile just listening before quietly opening the door slightly to find your mom sucking your best friends cock. You watch for a bit, and eventually your mom notices your watching her… Uh oh. You walk away and lock yourself in her room, she convinces you to let her in and tells Tyler to let you talk to your son alone. After talking for a bit Tyler invites himself back in and shares some naughty truths, which ultimately leads to Tyler’s greatest fantasy, having you watch while he fucks your mom. POV Virtual Sex switching POV between YOU & your best friend. Jerk off while your best friend fucks your mom!

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Kelly Payne – Moms Fucking Your Best Friend Part One

Your mom has been fucking your best friend Tyler for awhile now, and Tyler has quite a kink. He loves fucking your mom, and then sharing with you the stories about his naughty hook up’s with a MILF, although leaving out a crucial detail that it’s really your mom hes talking about. Since you and your best friend have a sexual lust for older women your quite turned on by his stories. The clip starts out with Tyler on the phone with your mom while your leaving school and headed for football practice, Tyler is on his way to fuck his favorite MILF and has your mom tell him all about what she’s wearing while your RIGHT there with NO idea it’s your mom hes talking to. When Tyler gets to your house, your mom is eager to fuck him, but Tyler as usual wants to fuck in your bed. The clip continues POV of Tyler, leading to some naughty kinky dirty talk, virtual sex in various positions, and a dirty talking BJ, where Kelly talks all about your biggest fantasy having her son watch you fuck his Mom. Except Opps, You come home earlier then usual!

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Melissa Lynn – Comforting My Friends Mom

My buddy’s Mom is SO HOT. I know it is not cool for me to come up with a way to fuck her, but, just look at her. I head over when I know no one else is home, Mrs Lynn isn’t my biggest fan but I tell her it’s important so she lets me in. I tell her how I was in the house the other day because I forgot my laptop and I saw Mr Lynn with another woman. I use some things that my buddy mentioned about his dad helping the lady down the street with stuff to make it all more believable and Melissa (that’s what I call her now) FLIPS OUT! I go and get her some tea. After a few sips it is clear I know how to make a REALLY good cup of tea. Melissa gets more open with me and with a little guidance, and several sips of tea, she is ready to show off her body, prove she is just as horny as the bitch down the road, that she is a blow job QUEEN and, by the time we’re done she is totally unihibeted.

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SienaRose – Mrs Rose Seduces Sons Best Friend

Mrs. Rose is your best friends mom and you come over to see my son but he is not home so I invite you in to wait for him. I start off sweet, kind and caring like any normal mother when I start talking to you. Then I tell you that I have a secret which I need to tell you-I have a huge crush on you and have wanted you for so long and that I cannot stop thinking about you. At this point my character changes and I become really turned on and horny which is unexpected and tell you that every time you’ve came over I’ve always fantasied about fucking you. I then say my son isn’t going to be home for a while and that we should take advantage of him not being here. I get really turned on and seduce you by stripping out of all my clothes – button up top, long denim jeans and heels. I slowly take off my panties and bra to tease you and then I’ m fully nude. I tell you I am taking you to my bedroom where I give you a blowjob – telling you how I have always dreamed of sucking your cock. I then get on top of you POV and start fucking you cowgirl style. While in this position I get really turned on – wild, filthy and nasty saying these lines. “ I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I can’t believe I’m fucking my sons best friend, I know it’s wrong but I don’t care it feels so fucking good, I’ve wanted you for so long, I need you, I can’t stop thinking about you, did you ever think you will be fucking your best friends mom, how does it feel Aaron, how does it feel fucking your best friends mom you naughty little boy. Your a filthy dirty boy and I’m a filthy dirty mommy and I love it. And then when you say this line I want you to really get turned on and screaming the line saying “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me you dirty bastard. Fuck Mrs. Rose. You like fucking an older woman. I’m gonna fuck you so hard like you’ve never been fucked before.” Then after that we do several different positions like reverse cowgirl, missionary and from behind again saying similar lines like the ones before. And then afterwards I tell you that I want you to cum on my face and I start jerking your cock saying “Give me all of your young cum! I want to taste you – give it to me Aaron! I need it! I want it! Cum all over your best friends mom’s face you dirty little boy!

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Siena Rose – My Sons Best Friend

I play your best friend’s mom. “I moved to the area a year ago, and your son and I quickly became best friends. Before i came along, your son was often lonely, but now he’s happy, and looks at me like a big brother. I haven’t been given much love and affection at home, so I spend a lot of time at your house. You have a crush on me, and your son has mentioned to you that I’m kind of in love with you. Your son has invited me over for a stay this weekend, but when I come to the door you open and tell me that this is for you and me, and your son is away at camp that weekend, and you and him planned this for us. Your son knows how much we want to spend time together. You invite me in and tell me that you’ve been looking forward to this all week. You know I’ve been neglected at home, so you’re gonna take care of me this weekend. You can see I am really excited about this, as I love being around you. But when I think about my life at home, I get sad. You tell me I don’t have to be sad, as this can be my new home, and you will be my new mommy from now on. You take me to your bed, where we will stay this weekend. You lay me down, and change into lingerie. You say that mommy wants to bond with her new baby boy. You get me to nurse from and suck on your boobs while baby talking to me. You ask if I love mommy’s taste and smell. You also get me to open my mouth so you can drool into my mouth as well. You tell me mommy wants feed me her pee as well. You pee in my mouth (if you fart that would be amazing, but not pressure), and you can tell I love it, by seeing my peepee is hard. After this you get me to smell your armpits, pussy and asshole, as your big baby boy needs to be acquainted with all of mommys smells.After I’ve smelt you, you decide that my peepee needs attention. The rest of the scene can be you fucking me using a dildo while talking lovingly and dirty to me, and make me come inside you. End the scene by saying that we will be mommy and her big boy forever, and that we will play together every chance we get, even when your son is home.

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Joslyn Jane – Sensual Massage Of My Sons Best Friend Part 5

My son’s best friend and teammate has really done a number on his hip adductors (groin)! He keeps coming over every day before practice to have me work on it with my hands, but he’s still complaining of pain and discomfort. The last time he came over, I gave him a blowjob so I wouldn’t be late for my next client. I’m nervous about what he’s going to ask me during this session, but I have an inkling this is going to escalate! We start the massage off like we normally do, except he uses our little secret against me to have sex with me! I sit on top of him and bounce my big fat ass on his young cock. Then, he bends me over the massage table and he finishes inside of me.

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Erin Electra – Your Best Friends Mom Wants To Have Sex

Your best friend’s mom was hot and now she is telling you her husband had just cheated on her and she wanted t get back at him….was this really happening?! Yes, she was pulling down your pants and now sucking your dick…..omg, she putting it in her pussy now, sliding it in and moving up and down on it, shoving your hard throbbing dick deep into her wet MILF pussy… never realized just how big her natural tits were until they were bobbing in your face as she bounces her ample booty on your cock!

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Sydney Harwin – Your Momma Said No

You are chilling in your room with two of your mates when your lovely Mom walks in to ask if anyone would like something to eat. You are a little tipsy and your friends are quite mean towards her, but she is worried that you are being influenced and starts to embarrass you by calling you baby and trying to get you to come with her so she can make you feel better. She asks your friends to leave but they refuse. One of your friends gets his dick out and your Mom gets increasingly annoyed. You decide to join in and tease her, before acting brave in front of your mates and grabbing your Moms hand to touch your cock. She desperately tries to pull away as you all laugh and mock her for being so prude. Your bully friend pushes your Mom on the bed and as your om pleads with you to get him to stop, he pulls her panties to her ankles and shoves his dick inside of her. She lets it happen, as she can’t stop him and neither do you. Your other friend starts filming on his phone and she begs him to stop. After your friend has had his fill of her, she thinks its all over… until you grab her legs and pull her in your direction. You pull your Mommas legs wide apart and admire her hairy pussy, before fucking her. Your mates continue laughing and cheering you on until you release inside of her.

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AniErotika – Milf And Sons Lucky Friend Story

After a long day caring for the youngsters at her house for her son’s buddies staying the night, it is time for bed. After waiting a bit she figures she is in the clear and takes a bath. Right as she begins to melt away her son’s friend walk in on her trying to take a piss! OOPS. Instead of telling him to gtfo out, she calms him down and goes down a whole different route.

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