Natalie Wonder – Horny Size Queen MILF Loves Feeling How You Fill Her

Well hello there. You’re my son’s new friend who moved into town? Did he just leave you here by yourself? That was a bit rude. I’m sure he’ll be right back. So you liking it around here? You’ll make friends. You seem nice so far, good manners. Would you mind if I said you’re also VERY attractive? I’m allowed to hit on you. I’m older AND more confident. Don’t be shy. I won’t bite…unless you want me too. So, can I get you anything? I’m a mom, I love taking care of people ESPECIALLY my son’s hot friends. You’re fidgeting. Am I coming on too strong? Good because since my son left we have the house to ourselves. Guys like you are ALWAYS ready to fuck. Am I wrong? I’m sure you’re horny since you’re new in town and haven’t met a girl to have sex with yet. Does it matter that I’m a mother and maybe I should be the responsible one…not flirting or putting my hands on your chest like this. Ooooo nice. Mmmmm your nerves are getting the best of you…I can see that big bulge growing in your pants. How big is it? I’ll find out for myself. WOW. You are HUGE. Mmmm I’ve seen some big dicks in my day but yours takes the cake. Oh I just have to HAVE you. Seems it’s your first time around an older woman. That’s okay just follow my lead…

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Bettie Bondage – Spying on Best Friends Mom

You’ve been into your best friends mom for so long. You shouldn’t want her, but how can you help it? She’s so sexy. You can’t help but imagine what she’d look like with your fat cock buried inside her. You can’t imagine what her tits would look like, covered in your spit after you lick and suck them, fingering her pussy til she cums for you. What’s more is you know she needs it. The way she looks at you says it all. It always has. Even when you were, well. From you moment you knew you liked tits, you’ve wanted to cum all over hers. Tonight? It’s your chance.

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Meana Wolf – Impulsive II

You felt like a total dick for being late to Jason’s Bday party. You didn’t have as much time to hang out as you used to now that Rugby practice was taking over your life. So you popped off your shoes and tried to make your way to the backyard where you knew all the dudes were hanging out. You didn’t expect Jason’s mom to walk out of her room in that bikini. Her hair all wet… her towel clinging to her hips. You’d always been hot for Jason’s mom… but you’d never been old enough to do anything about it. “I really need a shower” she says as she beckons you into the washroom. You had no idea how horny older women could be.

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Meana Wolf – Impulsive

Jason’s mom slid into the hot tub, and all the boys went silent. Every single one of them was pitching tents. God damn she looked good for a mom, with her tits and ass spilling out of her hot pink bikini. You immediately left. You couldn’t handle it. You figured you’d run into the bathroom and jerk it quickly to shake the image of her perfect tits out of your mind. But the bathroom was occupied, no doubt another one of Jason’s friends had exactly the same idea. So you waited patiently in the living room for your turn. But then she walked in. “Do you like my new bikini? I just got it today”. Your dick lifts up your swim trunks and she giggles. “Your Jason’s best friend, I know you wanna get back to the party. Maybe I could help you with that?”

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Meana Wolf – Bully

Damn. Billy’s mom was hot. If you’d known that, maybe you wouldn’t have spent the whole year bullying him. She was there to yell at you, and you deserved it. You’d made his life pretty miserable at school, ruffing him up, taking his lunch money. Man, that boy was a dork. You try to get out of it by giving her the sad, misunderstood bully routine. But she’s not buying it. She know’s you’re not as innocent as you seem, and neither is she… She’s the type of mom that would do anything for her son. Looks like you’re about to have a new Best Friend.

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Iamyetti – Bully Fucks Hot Mom

You walk in on your mom with your bully, and it’s completely what it looks like: they were just getting it on. Your mom is conflicted, but tells you the truth. Your bully wants to tie you up and fuck your mom right in front of you. Your mom attempts to break up the fight, but ultimately your bully rails her anyway.. but entertains your mom by not tying you up.. you’re already crying anyway. Your mom gets upset with you for being upset and making her feel bad for getting dick. She acts stupid as if she doesn’t understand why you’d be upset because you weren’t upset before when you walked in on her with your teacher. Finally, your mom encourages you to seek revenge on your bully to make her feel better about herself for being such a whore… do you do it?

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Brea Rose – Blackmailed Mom Bukkake

My son and his friend’s tell me that they found some photos of me online and lots of guys at their school know about it, I don’t want my husband to find out so I say I will do anything for them to keep quiet. My son tells me to get on my knees as he wants me to suck his and all of his friends cocks! This is NOT what I had in mind. I do as I’m told, in disgust at first, jerking and sucking their cocks until I take load after load on my face. It does start to turn me on that my son and his friends think I’m a MILF and I turn them on so much. I take lots of facials until I am cover in cum, all over my face, in my eyes and in my hair. I think I can hear my husbands car outside, I ask the boys for help cleaning up and they just laugh at me and leave the room!

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Nicole Nabors – Your Friends Mom

Your over at your friends house. You know you have a thing for his mom, your walking down the hall and notice her door is cracked open. She’s doing yoga in her thong! Omg! You watch her do yoga for a few minutes before she catches you! She’s startled but hushes you and tells you to come in.. She thinks it’s hot that you were watching her and she knows you have a thing for her. She pulls her panties down quickly and tells you to fuck her. But before you can do anything, her son calls for both of you to come to movie night. You both act like nothing happened as you both sit across from each other during the movie. She flashes and teases you during the movie secretly to not get caught by her son. He gets up to go to the bathroom and you quickly fuck her against the couch. She hears him coming back and tells you to sit down. She begins to teases you again before asking for help in the kitchen. You reluctantly volunteer! You push her up onto the counter and fuck her hard. She bends over doggy and begs for you to cum on her ass.

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Helen_Heights – Mom Sucks Son’s Best Friend

You are hanging out with you best friend in his mom’s house. He gets a telling off for smoking in his room and goes down stairs leaving you and his mom alone. She catches you looking at her tits and confesses how she hasn’t had any attention or affection for along time. She tells you to get your cock out, she is cock hungry and wants to suck you off. You cannot believe it, she is so hot and horny for your cock but it is your best friends mom!? You love having a milf suck on your cock and you cannot wait to cover her face with your cum.

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ImMeganLive – Mom Finds Son Tied Up By Bully

I’m the innocent Mom, but horny, and I find my son tied up by his bully with the key attached to his cock. I walk into the room and see my son standing with his hands tied and locked up behind the wall and completely naked… The thing is that the key to get him out is wrapped around his cock with a red cord. First, I ask him what happened….why are you naked? He tells me the bully at school came to visit him and did that to him. I feel bad and tell him I’m gonna help him. I ask him where the key is, he points down to his cock… I tell myself I can do it, just grab the key and be done with it… I go down to my knees. At start, I’m looking how to do it, really taking my time touching the key, then that doesn’t work, so I try touching the cord around the cock, then touch with my fingers, then with two hands, then stroking with two fingers, and finally stroke it with my hand! All this time I’m getting more excited (Throughout the handjob part I bite my lips and drool as I’m getting turned on) and try less to help him and more just to touch his cock. It doesn’t work son, maybe if I add something to make the skin less dry? Hold on! Maybe if I add saliva! I spit on his cock, and keep moving/stroking it. He really gets into it and he just cum all over my face some going in my mouth too! He feels bad and I tell him it’s ok I’m fine. Hmm maybe there is not enough saliva, maybe using my mouth will do it! I suck him off doing ahegao faces some of the time, don’t worry mommy will help you! I keep doing it for 2-3m with dirty talk mom/son, then he cum AGAIN in my mouth! I finally succeed in lubricating his cock enough and remove the key! His cum was the solution! Now that I helped him, I asked him to help mommy, she was way too horny now! So he lay down on the bed and I ride his cock big time. It was so good I couldn’t contain myself doing ahegao faces, crossed eyes and loud moaning, he made me cum real hard. Then I had to get his last load inside my mouth again, so I sucked him off again, so good, ahegao faces again thinking about all the cum that mommy is gonna taste again. I gave him a countdown from 10 to 1 to unload everything on my tongue!

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