Mommys Bukkake

The things my son can find on the internet these days… I should have known what he and his two friends were up to in the bedroom, hunched over his laptop for hours on end. Nothing good can come from young, horny boys with a world of pornography at their fingertips… And nothing could have prepared me for the moment my son discovered that his own mother was a pornstar. I’m sure no boy wants to think of his mother that way, but I was such a lustful little thing back then. I needed to have sex with men on camera, to take their loads all over my face, to play out fantasies on film… even taboo ones. But that life was long gone, and such a past needed to remain a secret. I plead with my son and his friends to never tell a soul… they all smiled knowingly. Their lips would be sealed, my son said, on one condition. That his mother gets on her knees and lets each one of them cum on her face. I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my boy’s mouth! Were they even old enough to masturbate?! I had no other option but to except my son’s terms. I slipped my clothes off and knelt down. When I looked up, all three of them had already taken their cocks out and were stroking! This was their ultimate fantasy… my son’s ultimate fantasy. Those explicit, arousing images of his mother would forever build a longing inside of him… he needed release. And Mommy would give it to him.

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Download Mommys Bukkake.mp4
Download Mommys Bukkake.mp4

Big Dick For The Milf Next Door

How sweet of you to spend your Saturday helping me out around the house. I know that I’m an old friend of your mom’s but you really went above and beyond. You mowed my lawn and cleaned my gutters in the hot sun for hours. Here, have some ice water. You must be totally parched. Take a load off. You know, I’ve been flirting with you all day, trying to catch your eye. And you’re so oblivious to my advances! I decided to take matters into my own hands. That glass of water you just drank was infused with a super viagra substitute from China. Isn’t it amazing what you can buy on the internet? The bottle says that the effects kick in very quickly. So we should see a result any time now . . . WOW, you’ve been holding out on me! Look at the size of that bulge in your pants! Don’t be shy. It’s not my first time seeing an erection, you know. Whip it out and let me take a better look. Oh my god, it’s still getting bigger. Maybe I shouldn’t have overdosed you with that super viagra. The bottle said the dose was 2 drops. And I gave you over 50. How much bigger is your cock going to get? You’re getting thicker and longer by the second! The directions say that the effect will wear off naturally after orgasm. Well, there’s only one way to make your cock go back to normal. Good thing I’m such a size queen!

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Download Big Dick For The Milf Next Door.mp4
Download Big Dick For The Milf Next Door.mp4

Meana Wolf – Our Little Secret

Your girlfriends mom Meana is hot as hell. She’s always making passes at you. You’d hoped her daughter would be similarly inclined but after 2 years of desperately begging to get to third base, she’d denied you over and over again. You’ve always been allowed to let yourself in at the house, and this afternoon you did so only to find Meana in the shower… You couldn’t help but stare at her petite yet mature body. Her wet hair flowing down her back. After an awkward moment, she invites you into her bedroom. She knows all about your little fight with her daughter. She’s on your side, however she doesn’t want her daughter having sex and making the same mistakes she made. So she proposes that you continue to make her daughter happy, and she handle all your… other needs… Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your girlfriends smoking hot MILF suggests you fuck her instead of her daughter… you’e more than happy to oblige.

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Butt3rflyforu – My Pussy Is Better Than My Daughters

You come over to my house knowing my daughter is at band practice. You are a barely legal young man who is dating my daughter but can’t help staring at my nice titties and big round ass in those leather leggings. Thinking about my grown pussy, and what it would feel like to have your smooth young cock deep inside of it. My daughter is too young and doesn’t know how to handle a boy like you. You are just hitting puberty and your hormones are raging…testosterone is coursing through your veins and giving you raging boners. My hot experienced body knows who to fuck a young man like you….You can cum inside my pussy, something you can’t do with my daughter…I can train you to cum on command or when to hold it…I need some nice young cock like that can get hard in seconds and keep fucking me over and over…I know why you are here…you don’t have to play dumb with me! You want a real woman…and I need a hard young cock inside of me!

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Bettie Bondage – Filling the Hole in MILFs Yoga Pants

Your best friend’s mom is a real hard ass…with a real nice ass. Of course, you’d never tell him this, but his mom is smoking hot…and sort of a flirt. She’s always smiling at you, winking, bending over straight at the waist to get things out of the cupboards when she’s making dinner. You think she must just be one of those bored housewives. Until today. You’re watching a movie on the couch when she barges in, ready for yoga, and turns the TV off, scolding her son for having friends over when his room is a mess. He groans, annoyed, but she insists that if he wants to have you over, he has to go clean his room, pronto. Begrudingly, he goes upstairs, leaving you sitting on the couch. She tells you she’s sorry to be such a strict mother about this, but she can’t have him breaking the rules and, oh, so long as you’re here, could you tell her if her yoga pants go see-through when she bends over? Uh…what? Ok, I guess I could do that, you say. Before you can even finish agreeing, she is bent over, aiming her ass at your face. This lady is crazy horny, you can tell…and…well, they aren’t see through but…there’s a huge hole. And the more she bends over, the more evident it becomes. “Nope, all set,” you tell her, staring straight at the hole. “Are you sure?” she asks, reaching behind and fingering the spandex, pulling at the hole, “are you sure there isn’t anything wrong here?” she says, pulling at the fabric, tearing it open. “I’d hate to embarass myself!” she says, her charade evident as she spreads her legs, pulls your cock from your pants, pulling the hole wide so she can fit you insider her, no panties, her pussy wet for you already. You slide inside her, watching her ride you until she cums, hard, pulling off your cock and squirting hard all over your cock before riding you again, desperate to have her hole plugged!

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Brooke Woods – Valentines Day Fuck With Ur Friends Mom

it’s Valentine’s Day , your my son’s best friend , and we hang out while you wait for my son to get home and I wait for my husband to get off work . I offer you some champagne , and as we sip it , you confess to me your a virgin . I tell you older women are much more experienced , and then I come onto you . You can’t resist my big tits. I suck your cock and show off some more before we fuck hard . Best Valentine’s Day ever !!!

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Mindi Mink – Mom Is A Gangbang Slut

Mindis sons football team just won the state championship. She invites a few of the champs back to her place to celebrate the big win. Mindi sits the boys down and tells them to wait a few minutes… when she returns, she is wearing a sheer, crotchless bodysuit and she tells the boys she IS the real prize for winning. Mindi teases the boys for a while and then gets on her hands and knees and starts to suck three of the boys young cocks. She tells her son to sit and watch because she wants him for last… After sucking the boys for a while she gets on her back and tells one of the lucky boys to fuck her hard. He does not disappoint her as he slams his cock into her wet pussy. He pulls his cock out of her and shoots a big load of cum all over her tits and stomach. Mindi loves it! She then flips over on her hands and knees to offer a view of her luscious ass and tells the next boy to fuck her from behind… once again, Mindi is not disappointed by the fucking she is receiving. He pulls out of her wet pussy and shoots his load all over her back, including one that flies over her head and gets in her hair. Mindi then gets on her knees and starts sucking the boy with the big black cock. She sucks him slowly and then increases the tempo. She tells him to shoot his cum on her face and when does, he covers her face in his cum. Finally, it is her sons turn… Mindi asks her son if he likes to see her covered in his friends cum. Mindi takes her sons young cock into her mouth and gives him a incredibly wet blowjob. She tells him to cover her face in his cum… she backs away and encourages him to cum all over her face. He does exactly that and shoots big ropes of cum, covering Mindis face. She tells him to grab her phone so she can take pictures of her cum covered face. She snaps a few pics telling the boys she is the Team Cum Slut and she will gladly take their cum whenever they want. She thanks them all… GO TEAM!

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Kenna Valentina – Your Friends Mom Wants To See How Much Youve Grown

When you stop by your friend Jake’s house to see if he’s home, you find his hot mom laying out by the pool in a bikini, wet from just getting out of the pool. You can’t help but admire her body, starring at her from the door, you need to get a closer look. You scan her body up and down, looking at her perfect feet, legs, and amazing boobs. You go back inside and sit on the couch where she comes in to find you. Always happy to see you, she sits on the couch next to you telling you her house is basically your second house and she feels a maternal connection to you. She’s seen the way you’ve looked at her for years now, and she’s completely ok with it. She goes on to tell you that she feels the same about you. She mentions that you know Jake works late, and she gets the feeling you came just to see her. She moves closer to you on the couch, and you can tell by the look in her eyes that she has wanted this to happen for a while now. She tries to hold back her temptation for you, but she has to see exactly how much you’ve grown.

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Kellie O’Brian – Soccer Mom

Kellie’s son (Jimmy) is away to play soccer, whilst his best friend who is injured waits at his home. Kellie being Kellie has magically just got back home from the gym with her big tits busting out her top, and decides to put her sports therapy diploma to the test, and sort out jimmy best friends groin strain…. NOW you know where is this going.

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Kitty_LeRoux – Boys Night Bukkake

Your mom doesn’t mind when you want to have 4 of your close friends over for a boys’ night, in fact she gets pizza and drinks. You can’t tell if she realizes her dress is see-through or not, but no one is going to tell her. When she comes to check on everyone, no one wants her to leave, except you…but that’s going to change. Her cleavage is bursting out at the beginning of a conversation about what you boys are into these days. No one answers when she asks about girls…except one friend who mentions liking older women. “Well that’s not surprising, girls your age just aren’t as developed as a mature woman.” Is your mom being flirty with EVEYRYONE??? That is answered quickly when she starts running her hands across her cleavage and asks if any of you like big breasts. No one has seen them in person, but she obliges, “this is a party after all!”. You can’t believe it, but she has no shame. Well if everyone is getting to see them, you want to suck on them! She moans in teasing pleasure when you suck too hard. When she finally regains her composure she sees that all of your friends have their cocks and, and what kind of hostess would she be if she didn’t take care of everyone? You mom tit fucks 2 of your friends, and begs for the loads of the other 2, all while you watch. When it’s finally your turn, her tits are COVERED in cum and you’re about to get the titfuck of a lifetime.

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