Meana Wolf – Got Milf

So nice of you to come over and hang out with my son… oh dear! You pulled a muscle during the game? Well my son will cook dinner and I’ll take a look at it. I’m a massage therapist! You know you’ve really grown since I last saw you. I can’t believe how big you are now… and handsome too! Does it hurt when I press into that upper thigh muscle there? I’m just going to go under your shorts a little bit so I can get in a little closer. Oh my… Don’t let my son see that, his friends are always talking about how much they want to bang me, he doesn’t let them come over anymore. Oh my… It’s so big.

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Butt3rflyforu – School Bully Nuts In Mommy

You came home with a terrible report card so tonight is mommy’s special night of pleasure and your night of punishment!!! Mommy is all dolled up for your school bully to come over! That’s right! He loves mommy’s tight pussy and huge tits!!! Maybe watching mommy get fucked by the school bully will motivate you to get better grades!!!Mommy is wearing this sexy body suit and thigh highs for your bully!!! He fucks me so good and tonight will be extra special because I want him to leave his hot seed inside mommy!!! But don’t worry, you have front row seats to watch this hot evening!!! And mommy will of course save you his special treat!!! You will be mommy’s good pussy cleaner!!! Maybe you can at least clean me up after…..can you do that right? I know your grades stink, but maybe you can at least be a good pussy cleaner!!!

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Bettie Bondage – MILF Teaches You Her Anatomy

Your best friend’s mom is peeing in the bathroom when you decide to get a little peek. She’s so pretty, it’s hard not to want to look at her, even when she’s doing something like that…problem is, she caught you! Still, you couldn’t stop watching. She told you to leave, even, but you were rooted to the linoleum, watching her cover her privates and repeat that you couldn’t be in there…but you’re just curious, you just want to know what’s going on! And when she realizes that’s the basis for your ongoing stare, she decides to teach you something. She leans back, pulling her jeans down to her ankles and gives you an in-depth anatomy lesson. She’s shocked that you haven’t had this in school yet, and she goes to work informing you as best she can, working from her clitoris down, touching and rubbing herself while your young cock begins to stiffen. She works two fingers into her vagina and starts to move them in and out, rubbing her clit while she asks if you’re starting to get excited. There’s no hiding it, of course, and she tells you to take your penis out and touch it. “It’s ok, sweetie, just take it out and touch it like you do when you’re alone in your bedroom,” she tells you, “just promise not to tell anyone about our little lesson, ok?” You agree, taking out your rock-hard erection as she instructs you to stroke it, fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit while you masturbate for her, your best friend’s mom! She pulls up her blouse and opens her legs, giving you a gorgeous view of her body as she leans forward and asks if you’ve ever had someone else touch you like that. You tell her no and she grins, reaching forward to stroke you, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm as she tells you more and more about sex and sexual slang, telling you that you’re going to “cum” for her. You get that tingly feeling and she quickly grabs a piece of toilet paper, jerking you to orgasm onto it. She tells you to go wash up, and you leave the bathroom to her panting and trying to compose herself. …behind closed doors, Bettie takes the toilet paper, covered in young cum, and sniffs it. She brings it to her mouth and rubs the young sperm all over her face before rubbing the remains across her pussy, fingering herself with the virile jizz of her son’s best friend! She fucks herself to an intense orgasm before wiping the sperm off her face and flushing all the evidence!

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Brianna Beach – Mom Meets The Boyfriend

Oh please.. You can call me mom. I think Ashley just got out of the shower, so we have some time to get to know each other a little. I’m just so excited to meet you, my daughter doesn’t normally bring her boyfriends over… Actually, since we have some time, I’d like to get your opinion on something…

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Butt3rflyforu – Be Careful What You Wish For

You are married to Jane for 17 years and have a son, David, with her. She asks you one night after sex what you ultimate fantasy is. You are hesitant to tell her but eventually tell her what happened to you as a young man when you caught your hot mom with one of your school buddies. That was really your first experience with a sexual situation and actually made you jealous…so now as an adult, you have these feelings of older women with young t33ns. Just the though of it makes your cock grow! She asked if you ever think of her as the older woman while fucking ….and you admit that sometimes you do….One day you left work early, came home and could hear noises and moaning coming from the bedroom….you approach slowly….unsure who it was, and peek through the door crack….it’s your wife Jane getting fucked hard by some very young guy!!!! He was behind her slamming her tight pussy with his huge cock!!!!!!!!!She started moaning more and more and telling him to fuck her harder and harder!!! Then you heard her yell his name….Matt!!! And suddenly, you turn around and leave the house so she wouldn’t hear or see you. Later that night, while she was cooking dinner, you went to bed early….Jane came in the bedroom to ask what was wrong…and you confronted her about Matt!!! Her face dropped , turned white and she asked how you knew. You told her you saw it all and demanded to know how long it has been going on for! She then told you the whole story….Matt is someone she met in the gym and really took interest in her. She dated him and then it turned into daily fucking. She needed it…his t33n cock was massive…she loved getting fucked by him…she was addicted! She told you that it was ended after Matt started demanding too much. It turns out Matt is David’s bully!! She didn’t mind fucking Matt, even knowing he is David’s bully, but once Matt started threatening if she wouldn’t fuck him in front of David while he is sl33ping, then he is going to tell David everything! So Jane ended it with Matt…until today! You then ask Jane why today??? She replied to him, “You fucking made it happen with me knowing your ultimate fantasy of an older woman with a t33nage guy”!!!!! Ron’s mouth dropped….She apologized but she knew Ron really didn’t mind….in fact, she knew he liked it because he didn’t stop it….so she came up with a whole plan that would make everyone have a great time! She then told her grand idea that would make everyone get their fantasy fulfilled!!!

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Tammie Madison – Mommy Fucks Your Friend In Front Of You

You invited your buddies around for a chilled night in, a bit of bro time. You are all having a great time when you notice one of your friends has been out of the room for a while. When you go to ask Mom if she has seen him you are shocked by what you find. There, before your eyes, is Mommy on her knees, pussy on full display, sucking his dick! She is so into it that neither of them notice you enter the room. You are so shocked you do not know what to do. Yet, it feels impossible to look away. Your mom looks so hot sucking dick. When she turns around so that he can start fucking her, she is hardly surprised to see you watching. Rather than be embarrassed to be caught fucking your friend, mom is pleased to have you there. “Aren’t you happy for Mommy? I have really needed a good pounding and your friend is so good to step up and give me what I need. Stay and watch just how happy he makes Mommy.”

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