Mindi Mink – Browns Win The Bowl Part Two

The Story So Far… Momma went out! She got very tipsy and she is now home a little worse for wear. She has managed to creep into her Son’s friends room and the fireworks are about to go off! So what will happen now? Well, we will see some awesome panties and maybe even some sex between the pair. Will she regret this in the morning? Will she wake up with more than a hangover? Well, check out part two to find out! Let’s find out together!

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Mindi Mink – Browns Win The Bowl Part One

Momma wants a girls night out and she is showing full support for her favorite team in this one! So as her son and friend spend the night in having a few things could turn very taboo very quickly! Maybe Mom may get a little tipsey and stumble into the very room where her son’s friend is still very much awake! I really don’t want to ruin the story for you! I’d rather you take in this full taboo mommy film all to yourself!

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Lexi Dollface – Fucking My Sons Best Friend

It’s my son’s birthday and we are having a party at the house with all his friends. I’m getting tired so I excuse myself from the party and head to bed. When I walk into my bedroom I get a huge surprise-my son’s best friend is jerking off in my bed! He’s always been flirtatious and wants me to help him out. I tell him how inappropriate this is, but he is persistent and I eventually give in to sucking his cock. I know how turned on he is for older women, and I start getting horny as I give him a blowjob. I hop on his cock and ride him, making him promise not to tell anyone about this. I turn around and fuck him reverse cowgirl and just as we cum together, my son walks in and catches us!

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HouseWifeGinger – Taking My Sons Friends Virginity

A friend of my son came by to work on some homework. My son wasn’t home, but I invited him in to anyway. After he complimented me on how sexy I looked, I realized he had never been with a woman. I decided to take it upon myself to teach him the ways of pleasing women. I love playing teacher, and he was an amazing student.

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TexasBlaze – Fucking My Sons Best Friend in Kitchen

You are my son’s best friend and decide to pay me a visit when he is not home. You catch me in the kitchen eating my post-workout meal and you let me know that you are not here for him. We get busy and I start by giving you a blow job and letting you know how much I love your young college boy cock. I then strip down and we get busy fucking on the counter every which way. You better promise to not tell my son.

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Mama Fiona – The Prank War

You are my son’s little friend and you seem to have quite an obsession with his very sexy, flirtatious mama. You follow me around like a little puppy dog, teasing me, playing pranks on me. One day you take it too far and I am NOT in the mood. Well, sort of! I decide to get you back. I’m going to get you back for all the little pranks you’ve been playing on me, all the trouble you’ve been getting into. But first you manage to seduce me, then you kiss me, and then – you REALLY NAUGHTY BOY – you show me what you’ve got under your blanket. SO NAUGHTY! I grab it and give you a blowjob, but… you’ve got other ideas. What ELSE do you want me to do with that??? I’ll make you a deal hunny – you find a way to get that thing to mama’s height. But you’ve got to really really try hunny… you’re a lot shorter than I am! If you manage to find a way to get to my height, well, I think I will give you the ride of your life! Its going to be a challenge but, I think you’re a clever boy. You may be able to figure it out.

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JackieSynn – Secrets At The Sleepover 2

Jackie has a new round of young boys staying the night at her house with her son. They don’t know her son’s naughty little secret though, Jackie helps him cum every night using her big juicy tits! Jackie teases the boys and tells some nasty stories about her days as a teen having sleepovers. All of her filthy stories make their big boy boners absolutely throb and they can’t help but to take them out and start stroking them. Mommy makes her son lick up all of their cum loads, sucking each of them dry as she tells dirtier and dirtier stories. After mummy’s boy has swallowed all of those loads, it’s his turn to bust all over Mom‘s fat foxy tits! Sleepovers at Mrs Synn’s house are the best!

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JackieSynn – Teaching Mom To Twerk

It’s your graduation party and Mom seems to be having a lot of fun! Perhaps too much. Mum comes into the room that you and four of your best mates are hanging out in. You saw her dancing earlier and decide you should teach her some moves, mum has heard of twerking but she’s never done it before. When she bends over she’s a bit embarrassed, she forgot to wear panties under her tiny little dress. Mum starts bouncing her big fat white ass up and down slowly, nervously and a bit unsure… but your friends encourage her to keep going! Mom’s dress slips up over her big fat ass, you and your friends are absolutely loving it. Soon mum gets into it to and starts really bouncing her big fat booty, exposing her pretty pink ass hole and pussy to you and all your friends. Mum sees how hard it gets you and decides to tell you all to jerk your big teen cocks for her. Soon you and your friends are all going to make mummy a booty bouncing cum slut!

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JackieSynn – Mom Took Care Of Your Bullies

Three boys at school have been really nasty to you and it’s been very upsetting. Last night before you went to bed you were so upset that you cried to yourself, little did you know that mummy was busy sorting out your problem. When you wake up the next morning you find mummy there smiling and excited to tell you what she’s done. Mum looks super hot in a tight, satin, purple negligee and a full face of makeup, you ask her why. Mom tells you she went to visit all three boys last night, they won’t be bullying you again! Mummy tells you all of the filthy things she did with them, letting you know how fun it was to swallow their cum and get fucked nice and hard. Mummy is going to make sure this is a weekly thing and they will be super kind to you from now on. While she tells you of her antics, she sees that you are hard. Mummy tells you to pull out your big boy Dick and stroke while she tells you her story. Mummy is so kind to you, she’s going to make sure you make big boy cummies all over her boobs while she tells you how she sucked and fucked your former bullies!

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