Bettie Bondage – Bully Fucks MILF In Front of Family

Oh god, why are you doing this?…It’s family dinner, and you’re trying to get me to…touch it? What is wrong with you?? Now I understand why my son has such a hard time with you at school: you’re an outright, all-around bully. That’s right, mister. And now you’re here, in my home…bullying me, into oral sex at the dinner table! Just promise not to cum on my…face. God, how am I supposed to face my family with a huge load dripping off my chin, onto my tits?! I may dress a little provocatively, but I don’t even take my husband’s sperm on my face! Are you satisfied?!…what do you mean you’re staying for movie night? No! You can’t…what are you planning? God, please don’t make me do anything else…

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Korina Kova – My Son The Bully Pt 2

You are a friend of my son but he bullies you relentlessly but you still come by to hang out with him, as I am bringing you boys snacks he storms off and leaves the house and I feel so bad for you I offer to make you lunch as I am reaching for a glass you run up behind me and try to lift my dress to penetrate me, I stop you and slow you down, you do not know how to treat a women or fuck one, I slip you inside of me on the counter and with a few pumps you fill me up, I tell you its inappropriate and that you need t eat your sandwich, when I return I am dressed in a sexy robe with lingerie underneath, I tell you that I am going to teach you some lessons and to follow me, once in the bedroom I get you to kiss my neck and navel (lots of navel fetish talk) these are the pleasure zones on a women, then I reach you missionary, doggy, ridding and reverse cowgirl when we climax at the same time cum slowly leaks from me, one last lesson I stroke you till you cum again filling my navel.

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Rachel Steele – Cam MILF Next Door

Rachel Steele is a porn actress working from home. After a long day of making boys cum in her bedroom studio she wants a real cock to play with. The neighborhood is full of studs for her choosing. Once she has her cock she takes him to her studio. Enjoy as Rachel makes this one cum in real time ! She strokes, teases, and rides him till he cuts deep inside hereto , horny, milf pussy.

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Sydney Harwin – Mommy Services Your Friends

Mommy makes you feel good, and now she wants to make your friends feel good, too. She wants you to invite your two best friends over tonight so that she can make a move on them both. She notices how much they stare at her when they visit, and you know that she is purposely very inappropriate around them.. but how does it make you feel as you watch your Mom please your two mates? Don’t worry though, because Mommy won’t leave you out of the action, son…

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KimberleyJx – The MILF

Whilst visiting your friends house you release it’s only his mom at home, she invites you to stay as she finishes cleaning.. what could go wrong? You fall asl**p only to be woken by your best-friends mom who’s craving your cock! Whilst her son is away, the horny MILF wants to play, she sucks, fucks and gets you cumming ALL over her face, isn’t that what you want? You’ve always wanted it – now your fantasy is coming to life… what could go wrong?

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EnglishPrincess – Morning JOI From Your Friends Hot Mom

Good morning sweetheart, I didn’t know you’d stayed over, you want some coffee, tea…..or me? You’ve always had a thing for older women, now your friends hot mom is telling you how to wank while you’re sat at the breakfast bar-it’s like one of those MILF pornos you love. Listen to my sexy British voice tease your hot load out of you until you can’t help yourself and have to spunk!

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Cum for Mommy – Trick or Treat

This was the first year I was allowed to go trick or treating with my friends all by myself. I’m a big boy now so my parents said it would be ok because Mr Matthews was with us. I don’t know how it happened but it was dark and I thought I was following Joey but then it wasn’t my friends and I couldn’t find them. I kept walking and looking for them but then I was lost and all by myself. I saw a house so I went there to get some candy and maybe someone could help me find my friends again. It was an old lady and she made me come inside. She was nice but she made me feel weird. She asked why I was all alone ( she kept saying how young I was). She asked if I knew she was THAT lady. The one all the parents told us was bad and not to go to her house. I got scared but she told me instead of candy she’d show me a trick and we’d both get a treat. She said I reminded her of her grandson but she kept saying how she wasn’t allowed to see him anymore. I wanted to leave but she had locked the door and I couldn’t reach it. She kept saying we’d play the same game like she played with her grandson. She told me to call her granny and started touching me. You know, down there. I had to do what she said because she said I’d get in trouble for coming to her house. And she kept saying my peepee wouldn’t get so hard if I didn’t like the secret games we were playing. I don’t wanna get in trouble for doing the stuff she made me do because my peepee did get really big and she made it put white stuff in her granny cunt and it did feel good. I don’t think she’s a nice granny but I have to go back or she’ll tell my parents and my teachers. I must be a bad boy because when I think about all the stuff she did I get scared but my peepee gets big again too.

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xxxCaligulaxxx – Nympho Mommy Throws You A Birthday Party

You are becoming very much a man and your new mommy is throwing you the best B-day party! and for a gift, she is teaching you to jerk off and to satisfy a woman by riding you herself and letting you cum inside of her, and all of that in front of your friends!

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