Korina Kova – Fucking My Sons Friend

My sons friend comes over to meet my son but he is not home yet and i’ve just got home from yoga class so I decide to invite him in to wait, we strike up conversation about how long we known each other and how his new girlfriend is treating him. then one thing leads to another and we are having red hot sex. Suddenly I receive a call from my son in the middle of the action and might be busted or not?

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Fiona – Slutty Cum Loving Mama

I am your best friends mama and you are over for a play-date. You are a special boy and I wanna make you feel special – in fact, I wanna be a slutty mama JUST for you! This is a little unconventional because we have a very big age difference, but only special boys like you with GIANT COCKS get such special attention. I lead the way and take care of you in a dominant but loving manner because I want you to please me with your little guy gigantic dick! I show you what being a naughty, slutty lil mama is all about. I strip down for you and fuck you all sorts of ways, just to show you what a cute little guy like YOU deserves from a hot MYLF like me. You and I are going to keep being “friends” for a long time if you keep letting me fuck you like this, little boy!

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Fiona – Your Best Friends MYLF

You are my sons friend over for a party, and you come in to ask me for some snacks. I was actually in the middle of getting dressed and I start to see how hard you’re getting! Well, I guess you can’t help it considering your age and all. Boys will be boys and teen boys tend to get hard quick! Being the hott mylf I am… I think we should take advantage of this opportunity. One thing leads to another and woops! we’re fucking! Give me some of that hot cock and we can make this a regular thing.

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silverxomunat – Sleepover Mommy Wont Forget

I can’t believe this is happening….You were just having a sleepover with your friends and before I knew it I was riding your cock and your friends are jerking off watching me fuck you…I can’t help it…Your cock is just too good to stop you anymore. I know this is so very wrong, but your cock is just too amazing and I love riding you. I love that your friends are standing here watching me ride you, and cum all over your hard cock. This is definitely a sleepover you and your friends will never forget. I know I won’t! We have to keep this our little secret. Be a good boy and make your mommy happy.

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Kateskurves – Friends Mom Wants Your Cock JOI

I cant believe his mom caught me in her room.. I was trying to find a good pair of panties to sniff and thought I was being quiet but apparently not. Ive been getting hard ons for his mom every time I come over here and its been getting worse and worse… But wait shes ok with it? The look on her face says so.. shes massaging her tits and begging for me to tell her so I’m assuming shes ok with it..phew what a relief!!! His mom is super naughty total babe and her nipples are hard under her dress I can see them. My cock gets stiffer in my pants while she begs me to take it out and to stroke it. His mom says she wants to see the white stuff squirt out..this is the best sleepover ever.

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JackieSynn – Secrets at the Sleepover

Tonight you’re having a sleepover with some friends, they’re getting a little bit wild and rowdy but then Mom walks in. It’s okay, she’s a cool mom, in fact she wants to partake in the partying! After Mom lets loose a bit, she starts telling your friends some secrets you are not too pleased she is revealing. She tells them how she likes to show a little skin to get boys to do what she wants, next thing you know Mom is showing off her cleavage and her tiny little metallic silver shorts. You notice your mates getting boners, hell you have one yourself! Mom notices all of your young hard on this, but you start to turn red and get jealous. Mom makes you confessed to the boys why you’re jealous, it’s because you have a big crush on your mum! She tells your friends what a mummies boy you are, and how you jerk off every night to her, sometimes even in front of mom. Mom understands that all of your young dicks need release, it’s completely natural. Jackie decides to pull out a big tits so all of your friends can jerk off, don’t worry mummy doesn’t want you to be jealous, she just wants all of your teenage friends to check after her big mummy tits just like you! Jackie shows off her big fat booty in her tiny tight little metallic shorts, and encourages those young cocks to start pumping nice and hard. Jackie teasers and giggles, she finds your young cock prematurely ejaculating very charming. Jackie’s got all of your young boners leaking, your friends wish they had a hot Mom like Jackie that would let them jerk off to her. Jackie puts her shorts down and starts clapping her fat ass and encourages you and all of your friends to spunk all over her! Mummy tells your friends that if they need a helping hand you’ll be glad to help, mummy has had you help jerk some of her lovers in the past – mummy is revealing all of your perverted little secrets tonight! Your friends love it and come all over the place, it’s like a chain reaction as you young boys start blowing you just can’t stop until all of you are drained!

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Kelly Payne – Sons Friends Gang Bang Your Mom

Your having a spend the night with your three friends, your mom comes in and asks if you boys need anything. She’s a bit restless and seems,… overly friendly? Dad calls her over and asks if she’s taken her medication yet, oops. She forgot and runs to grab it and take one. But she’s run out. You over hear the conversation your parents are having and join the conversation in the other room. Mom swears she’ll be fine, but you and your dad think its best they go pick up your medication. Mom says goodbye to you and your dad and goes to check on your friends. She admits she has a heightened sex drive and has to take medication to keep herself in line and if they feel uncomfortable to just let her know, she’ll be in her room if they need anything. Mom lays down restlessly in her bed, repeating to herself.. i will not fuck my sons friends, trying to calm down and talk herself out of a gang bang with your friends she brings herself to a squirting orgasm and ponders, if no one knows… it wouldn’t matter… She enters your room wearing a sexy red lingerie gown and starts seducing your friends, they resist at first but your mom has her ways… striping and teasing them and enticing them to follow her into her room. Which they do. (POV son’s friends) She sucks their cocks, and lets them take turns fucking her in various positions, spit roasting her, and eventually DPing her, bringing her to multiple orgasms, she’s interrupted a few times with calls from her husband but she continues to have your friends fuck her during the calls, and playing it off as if everything is fine. Your friends cover her in their cum just in time, she’s able to sneak into the shower just before her son and husband arrive home.

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