Kitty LeRoux – Risky Business Anal Fuck Friends Mom

You’re visiting your friend because Borderlines 3 just came out and you’re going to marathon it like you did when you were in high school. You haven’t seen each other for a while because college happened and you’ve been away. On day 2 of the marathon, you’re in the kitchen. His mom is making you two rice krispie treats and reminiscing about how you used to be over all the time, how she hopes your sleepover is going well because the floor isn’t very comfy. The truth is you had trouble dozing off- because she came in his room last night and was doing unmentionable things while you gave an Oscar-worthy performance of “totally not awake best friend who totally doesn’t have a boner”. You cheekily tell her you had a dream about her! She jokes that she hopes it wasn’t a nightmare. Your friend gets bored waiting for the treats and goes to look up some strategy. “Omg! I can’t believe I got caught.” Your heart is racing. “I’m so wet.” . Turns out your best friend’s mom is super kinky and into risk taking. Now that she knows she’s caught, she’s even more wet. She climbs up on the counter and shows you she’s been using anal beads the whole time she was making treats for you two. While pulling them out slowly-one by one- she confesses to being an anal slut. She desperately tries to not moan too loudly in case her son hears. She pulls out her tits and fingers herself, until your friend yells for an energy beverage. “We should go so we don’t get caught.” Later that night, you wake up to her sucking your cock! Omg, in front of your not awake friend/her son? Kinky slut! But you don’t want her to stop. She figured you wouldn’t mind and you DO NOT. It’s been hard to play the game when you’ve been thinking about her stretching her tight little ass with your cock. The tension is intense. You could get caught at any moment, but that doesn’t stop either of you from fucking. That perfect huge ass of hers is yours. Can you fuck her as hard as you want without getting caught?

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Kelly Payne – Slutty Mom Sleepover Train Part Three

Kelly try’s apologizing to you (POV VS SON) Knowing she promised not to fuck your friends at your sleepover, but you knew she would, and secretly planned the whole thing anyway, not telling your mom this just yet. You tell her it’s your turn to fuck her. Hesitant at first, but you pull her closer take out your cock and start fucking your mom before she can even say no. Your friends stroke their cocks as you fuck your mom for awhile, eventually changing positions so your slutty mom can suck them off while you fuck her. Changing positions and eventually mommy tells you & your friends to take turns fucking her, fucking her from behind till you all cum, each filling up her pussy. Once you all cum mom uses her vibrator and cums out all the cum you naughty boys filled her up with.

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Kelly Payne – Slutty Mom Sleepover Train Part Two

Mom come’s in to check on you boys and finds popcorn all over her bed, irratated and annoyed she get’s a little snappy and tells you to go pick up the pizza! And then kicks you boys out and cleans up the mess, once her son leaves Tyler sneaks back in pulls Kelly back and starts fucking her from behind, after a bit Tyler suggests letting her sons other friend to join in, the other friend enters the room shortly afterwards and Tyler continues to push that Kelly should let them both fuck her while her son is out. Kelly decides it would be fun and ends up taking turns fucking & sucking their cocks, until getting caught noticing her son watching outside the window… Oops…

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Ashley Rider – Sons Friend Wanks Over Me

Ashley’s Sons friend has cum to visit him but hes not home ashley has been sunbathing with her sexy bikini on her sons friend gets a hardon looking at her sexy body ashley notices and suggests he wanks for her she shows her big nipples and tells him to wank then she pulls her pants to the side and shows him her wet pussy while he wanks his cock she plays with her pussy till hes ready to explode.

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Lissie Belle – Fuck Your Friends Mom

you always had an eye on her, your the best friend she could ever ask for her son, and now she needs your help, shes desperate broke and way behind on her mortgage, and she knows how wealthy you and your family are, so she asks for a favor if you can please bail her out and pay her mortgage in return she tells you she has no money but that she knows exactly what 17 year olds want! she rides you and dirty talks in spanish, you fuck her ending with a facial! at the end shes so grateful she grants you full access to her MILFY goodies anytime you want it.

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Kelly Payne – My Best Friends Mom Part Two

After cleaning yourself up, you find Kelly in the kitchen topless getting you a cup of breast milk, and some brownies. She self expresses even more milk into the glass for you and you become aroused again, asking if “mommy” can make you cum again but this time using only her milky tits. She agrees, and using taboo dirty talk makes for cum a second time all over mommy’s tits!

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Kelly Payne – My Best Friends Mom Part One

You’ve had the hot’s for your best friends mom for awhile, and since she started lactating it’s been driving you wild! Your visiting after school but your friend had to make up a test so your alone with your biggest sexual fantasy, you can’t help but check her out… she notices and is quite flattered. You confess you’ve been attracted to her for awhile and have a mommy fetish. After talking for a bit she agrees to explore your mommy fetish and tells you to go wait in her room. After waiting a bit, Kelly enters wearing nothing but blue high heels! and gives you a sexy strip tease, then starts role playing for you. “you like mommy’s fat ass?” “do you like when mommy bends over for you” Extremely turned on you then share with her how much you love her big milky tits, and how since she started lactating you’ve been fantasizing about her even more. Intrigued she invites you to nurse from mommy’s boobies. After enjoying some breastmilk Kelly asks if mommy could enjoy your cock. You live out one kinky and sexy fantasy with your breast friends mom! Ending with you cumming inside her just as she asks.

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Kitty LeRoux – Mommy Is A Rave Slave Mesmerize Bukkake

Your three friends had a secret plan (unbeknownst to you) when they came over to hang out at your house. They suggested to your simple mother that she should go to a rave with all of you. You give your mother ‘the eye’ and she knows what it means- you don’t want her to go. She understands and everything is about to go your way until your friends tell your mom they brought her an outfit. She melts at their thoughtfulness and before you know it, your mom is standing in front of you in an outfit you can’t believe you’d ever see your mother in. You don’t want her to go out in it, but she thinks if your friends approve, then she’s ok. You don’t know what just happened, but you’re on your way to a rave with your 3 closest friends and…your a bikini. Later we see this newly happy mom dancing and having fun with all the boys- except her son. He’s off doing his own thing. Things get a little intense when they can’t keep their hands off of her. She finally puts her foot down. ‘STOP OR MY SON WILL SEE’ and turns to find a mesmerizing blinking necklace dangling in front of her face. While her son is away, the 3 boys mesmerize her into being their fucktoy. “You’re all my boyfriends.” She’s a happy fucktoy, dancing and doing things at their suggestion- taking off her top, twerking with no undies on- and she’s wet- it’s audible. She feels so guilty that all her boyfriends are hard. “As a good fucktoy I have to service all of you right now- right here.” She gets on her knees and starts in an a blowjob on all three of them when you, her son- comes back. You don’t completely understand what you’re seeing, but you want in on it. “Sweetie, I couldn’t, I’m your mom.” “You’ll just have to watch.” You see her throat all of your friends, drooling on their dicks. You can’t believe it, but she begs them to fuck her too. “It feels so good sweetie!” She gets her tits out and says you can look, but no touching. All of your friends have their way with your mom until she begs them to cum on her. Cumshot after cumshot- she’s drenched. Some of your friends even cum twice. She tries to open her eyes and see you through all the cum to tell you, “I love being their fucktoy!”

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Kelly Payne – Moms Fucking Your Best Friend Part Two

Your home early & heading to your room, except you notice moaning & your moms voice talking about your best friend! You pause at the door for awhile just listening before quietly opening the door slightly to find your mom sucking your best friends cock. You watch for a bit, and eventually your mom notices your watching her… Uh oh. You walk away and lock yourself in her room, she convinces you to let her in and tells Tyler to let you talk to your son alone. After talking for a bit Tyler invites himself back in and shares some naughty truths, which ultimately leads to Tyler’s greatest fantasy, having you watch while he fucks your mom. POV Virtual Sex switching POV between YOU & your best friend. Jerk off while your best friend fucks your mom!

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