Bettie Bondage – Sex Ed With MILF

Your best friend’s mother is going to teach you everything you need to know about that thing in your pants. It’s up to a grown woman like her to show you what a big dick like yours is capable of! You’re going to make a woman very happy with that thing, and today, that woman is one truly slutty MILF. She strokes, licks, sucks, and fucks you until you give her two big loads – one in her mouth, and one in her wet, horny pussy!

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Ms Price – Yoga Pant MILFs JOI

You are such a naughty boy, playing with yourself while watching your Stepmom and her friend working out! Just blatantly pumping your cock right there in front of us! At first, we are appalled, but then we give you more than you bargained for! Pulling our tits out of our sports bras, ripping our yoga pants, twerking, and spreading our pussies for your jerk off pleasure! Just don’t tell Dad, OK?

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MissBeatrix – Helping Your Friends Mom

Your best friend’s mom is thankful you came over and helped her out. So thankful that she asks if you’ll help her out personally by fulfilling her needs. She gives you her mouth to use, then you fuck her doggy style, finishing off with extra wet missionary.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Plans Out Fantasy With Sons Friend

The first scene has a conversation scene only. You and Tyler are talking about a recent satisfying relationship. You tell Tyler about your satisfaction, it’s Tyler’s good-looking face, good figure, and big cock. But the thing you’re most satisfied with is that Tyler fills your fantasy, because when you were in high school, you wanted to have a popular and dominant boyfriend at a school like Tyler, but you couldn’t, and you said that now you were older and you were really satisfied to have a relationship with your fantasy boy. You said you were very lucky that your son Lewis had a friend like Tyler who didn’t have much in common. And since you told him about your fantasy, You asked him to tell his fantasy, too. You asked Tyler what’s most satisfying in the relationship, Tyler said that he was mainly turned on by the fact that you were Lewis’s mom and that he could have sex with his friend’s mom. You said it was too obvious to know, because when you and Tyler having sex he always wanted you to say many dirty talk containing Lewis and to remind him that he was having sex with “friend’s mother” or “Lewis’s mother,” and he was extremely excited every time you told him. Besides, Tyler wanted to have sex with you in Lewis’s room, so You and Tyler had sex in Lewis’s room several times. So You asked him if that was all, if all his sexual fantasies were filled. He said he had another his ultimate fantasy, but he said it was a secret. You asked him to tell you whatever it is, because you’ll help. He said his ultimate fantasy was let Lewis see you and him having sex. And He said he wanted to make you feel a real orgasm when Lewis watching. When you heard it, you didn’t understand at first. So you asked if Lewis was join in or if Lewis was just watching and pleasuring himself. He said he means Lewis standing there and pleasuring himself. And he want both peeping tom or actually there. You were surprised to hear him for a moment, but soon you tell him, Lewis was your son, so it was hard to do damage by showing his friend having sex with his mother. So you said it is not gonna happen. But you say fantasy is just a fantasy, and you say you don’t go around outside being slutty worshiping young boy’s cock. You said you respectable in public, but within these four walls you do what you want because you can. You say, it is purely fantasy, so maybe you and Tyler can reach compromise, maybe next time if the mood is right, you and Tyler won’t anything, you and Tyler can go into this fantasy of Tyler’s. You said whilst you and Tyler having sex, you and Tyler can cooperate the idea of having Lewis there, and you said you could act like Lewis was watching and you can say many dirty talk that Tyler wants. Tyler like your idea very much. The first scene end with a promise of another time.

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Bettie Bondage – MILF Rides You At The Sleepover

Your friends mom is such a cougar. Total MILF, and she knows it. She’s always wearing ultra-slinky outfits and showing off, bending over in front of you and everything. Tonight, at you and your buddies’ big sleepover before you all go off to college, she’s really laying it on thick: tight skirt, tall heels, low cut blouse…you can’t believe she’s wearing that to go out! But she tells you all she’s going out for dinner with her sister, and that she left money for pizza. You can’t help but stare at every inch of her…god, she’s a slut…even so, you don’t expect what happens that night, as you lay on the floor, trying to get rid of your massive erection…trying to get some shuteye…you felt a prssure on you, opening your eyes to see her straddling you, whispering, telling you to keep quiet! Her own son, feet away in his bed, as she pulled her panties to the side and slurred her speech into your ear, telling you to calm down as she slid her hot, wet cunt down on your ready dick…riding you, getting a louder, and louder…oh, God…

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BettieBloem – Mommy, You and Your Best Friend

You’ve grown to love Mommy’s tender affections and how close the two of us have become, so when I kiss you deeply and ease my hand into your pajamas before bed, you don’t think anything of it, but your mate does. You’re having a sleepover and he has witnessed the special love we have. After a time, he opens up to you about how his Mommy doesn’t love him nearly as sweetly. You can see the hunger lust in his eyes for some tender affections. After arranging for me to share myself with your starved friend, so he can experience a Mommy’s love, too, you soon realize you can’t stay away, can you? You cannot bare to watch Mommy with another Boy! Second guess whether this was a good idea, you begin peeking in on us as he fingers my hairy cunt, whereupon I summon you to the bed for twist pumping, suck ‘n tug, where I get two Boy meats to enjoy before being Mommy and cum dump to both of you!

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ScarletEllie – Mommy Bukkake: You Saw Mommys Porn

Mommy coming into your room to discover you and your two friends are watching her taboo mommy porn. She is so embarrassed and asks if there is anything she can do to stop you from telling anyone. You tell your mom that all three of you want to cum all over her face, one by one. She agrees and even starts to enjoy it. She sucks her son last while the friends watch and she gets the biggest load ever from him.

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xxxCaligulaxxx – Creampied By New Boy On The Block

Finally some fresh meat in the neighborhood! You came with your cute face and befriended my son, what a joy! I am more than happy that you came by the house to play. When my son is bored of you I can take you with me and show you a few adult games. You start getting the hang of it pretty soon and end up giving me a big creampie.

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Pregnant Kelly – Protective Mom Fucks Son’s Bully

Protective and nurturing mom decides to take matters into her own hands and confront you, her son’s bully. She is a sweet, respectful, kind of vanilla mom but she wants to stand up for her son. She shows up at your place and demands to speak with your parents hoping they’ll be able to get through to you to stop being so mean to her son. Unfortunately your parents are out on vacation and your home alone for a week or so. You flirt with her, compliment her, and tell her you both could work something out, after all it’s not your fault her son is such a nerd. You agree to protect him even befriend her son if she gives you sex in return… she’s saying no, and resisting but her body language clearly contradicts her words… she eventually agrees. You push her onto the sofa and tell her to play with herself, she’s a little confused but very aroused and does as you suggest. you then tell her to continue playing with her wet squirting pussy while she uses her feet to stroke your cock. She likes it and tells you how kinky you are. she bends over and you fuck her good and hard making her moan loadly, flip her around have her stroke your cock with her feet a little more and then fuck her hard again until you cum deep inside her pussy.

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Sydney Harwin – Fuck Your Best Friends Hot Mom

You stay at your best friends house a lot, and you are always flirting with his mom. When your friend goes downstairs in the mornings, you often linger in bed a while to wait for his hot mom to come in and offer you breakfast in bed, which she does almost every time without fail. ANYTHING to get her to sit on the bed and brush against your huge hard cock concealed by the bed covers. If only she knew just how fucking big and thick your dick was, then maybe she would make a move on you one day! This morning, you lie in bed when your girlfriend calls, and the two of you are having phone sex as you jerk your cock when- oh fuck!- in walks your friends mom as you have your dick in your hand tugging away like a mad man! What the fuck is she going to say to you?! She sits on the bed… she can’t stop laughing! Why is she laughing? Why is she smiling? Why is she embarrassed? Oh- it’s because she has seen the size of your cock and just can’t believe how super massive it is! She compliments you and starts asking questions like “Does that thing even fit inside your girlfriend?” and “I’ve never even seen one that fucking big! Can you even fuck with that thing?” You are quietly confident and out of nowhere you grab her tit and wait for her reaction… She looks around to make sure her son is nowhere nearby… Tells you it’s fine… She takes off her bra and lets you fondle her more. Tells you she wants to see how much of it she can fit inside her mouth and sucks your cock greedily. She uses both hands to pleasure you, fist pumping away like a horny school girl again. She just HAS to fuck you. See if she can sit ALL the way down on that fucking inhumanly large cock of yours…

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