Merraeday – Four Of My Stepsons Friends And Him

I walk into my step sons room find four of his friends the very end my step son walks in but I pretend I don’t see him. No one is going to believe what happened anyway im not worried.

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Tara Tainton – Your Mother’s Best Friend Teaches You All The Ropes

Of course, I was the perfect candidate for helping you rehearse for your college play; I’m a professional actress. Of course, I’m eager to do ALL I can to help you perfect your part – and every aspect it requires – I’ve known you for ages: I’m your mother’s best friend. We’re just practicing in your room… but your mother doesn’t know there’s a kissing scene. And I didn’t even know it was next in the script. Could be awkward… but I am a professional… and I do adore you and it’s exciting to help with my area of expertise. Your nervousness is cute, but you’re a quick learner – and a very attractive student. The rest, well, neither one of us could be expected to see it coming. We just get carried away. We must both be amazing actors. And maybe… maybe we do have the hots for each other. SHHHHHH! We HAVE to be quiet; your mother may hear us! She could walk in ANY moment. Don’t be dissuaded when I lay my hand over your mouth to help keep those college boy moans to a minimum. Oh, but how I love hearing confirmation that you’re totally hot for me. Hold it… hold it… until I come. Until I beg YOU to come for me.

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MilfParadise – Mommy Blows Son Friend

You went over to your friends house to play video games and it went well into the night. You spent the night at his house. Your friends mom walks in to find you in bed. She grabs a blanket to tuck you in. But then she notices your cock hanging out of your shorts so she tucks it back in…. It gets harder and harder as she tries to tuck it in. It gets her excited so she begins massaging it. You wake up! she pulls out her tits and begins to blow you. She can’t resist so she rides your cock until you cum inside her.

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Heel2toeaction – Mom Scores With Football Team

Hey guys, Great game! My son gets his skills from his mama. I was quite the touchdown queen when I was in school. Although, “touchdown” had a whole different meaning for me. You guys worked really hard tonight, and you should be rewarded. Pull your cocks out… Are you ready for some football? I’m not just any mom, I’m a COOL MOM! I’m about to SCORE with you ALL!

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JiggleYourPuffs – Girlfriends Mum Punishes You

I’ve just walked in on you and my daughter, and decide when she is out I need to teach you a lesson. You need to be punished, but you also need to know how to please a woman properly if I’m ever going to allow you to date my daughter! I hope you like being told you’re a good boy, and how naughty you are as I sit on your face and ride your cock until I cum.

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Missbehavin26 – Cuckolding Sons Small Cock With Friend

Script: 1. The scene starts with you naked on your back getting fucked by your son, you seem bored with me fucking you with my small cock, you seduced me into fucking you once I caught you fucking my bully in pt.1 and that’s why you let me fuck you in the first place so I don’t tell dad. 2. On your bed, after finishing fucking you, you confessed to me that you’re enjoying getting fucked by my friends way more than with me, but I’m always around you and you don’t have enough time to hang out with my friends, you ask me if It’s ok to invite my best friend over (he already fucked you before 1m times) and have sex in front of me? I agreed, but you first have to let my best friend know that I’m your cuckold son. You call him and you invite him over. In the spare bedroom we all sit together (Tell my best friend that It’s ok with me to watch you getting fucked). I sit by the door like pt.1 watching you getting fucked by my best friend. Tell me that my mom is a whore and can’t get enough of my young friends big dicks. Watch me in the eye and talk to me about how my cock is not big enough to satisfy you. Then, you allow my friend to fuck you in the ass. You are not hurt, you actually enjoying it. 5. My friend leaves, It’s my turn to fuck you in the ass, Please note to always say: “your mother, your mom and your mommy when referring to your body’s part”. POV for all the above scenes.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Strips For Sons Friend

So you came over to your friends place, but hes out and only his mom is home. She wants to get to know her sons friend a little more…she asks if you like older women…you still think theyre grosse… OH BOY – wrong thing to say, she is out to prove you wrong.

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Butt3rflyforu – Fucking My Best Friends Hot Mom

You come over to your friend’s house to hang out and have dinner. You have always thought his mom is super hot!!! You can’t stop staring at her huge tits falling out of her low cut top. She bends over and looks in the oven and you start getting rock hard! She is sweet and caters to whatever you need. You excuse yourself because your dick is getting uncomfortably hard and you need to jerk off in the bathroom. Her son is eating and little did you know, she followed you into the bathroom and opened the door asking if you were ok. She barges in and sees your hard cock in your hands. She starts seducing you, teasing you with dirty talk and every part of her hot, tight body! She is incredibly horny and knows you are!!! You accidentally call her mommy and that turns her on even more!!! She puts her hands on your cock and she does the rubbing. Precum is leaking out of your hard cock and she pulls you into her bedroom and starts stripping down to nothing! She orders you on her bed and starts taking full advantage of you, even while your best friend, her son, eats dinner!

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