Brea Rose – Fucking Your Best Friends Mom

You are staying at my house and my son and husband aren’t home right now. I walk past the bathroom door and notice you have left it slightly open, i can’t help but look in! I can’t believe I can see you naked it the shower, its really turning me on. I slip my hand inside my panties and rub my pussy until i cum. Later that day I am cleaning the living room while you are on the sofa, I have no panties or bra on and tease you by bending over in front of you and cleaning around you. I ask you if your girlfriend is missing you but you tell me you don’t have one and you have no confidence with girls. I tell you that you should be confident!! I tell you that I am going to teach you a thing or two before sitting down next to you and admitting to seeing you shower earlier and telling you about how turned on it made me. I lift my dress to expose my pussy and start rubbing it in front of you. I see how hard your cock is getting and tell you that I am going to suck it and fuck you. I suck your cock before climbing on top cowgirl and riding you, I then turn around and fuck you reverse cowgirl before you cum deep inside of me. I tell you that i’ll be your girlfriend while you are staying at my house.

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Clubdinasky – Friend’s Hot Goth Mom

I am your friend’s Hot Goth Mom, that you’ve known for years being best friends with my son your always around. You come by because you, my son, and few of your friends are all going out but my son stepped out to get your other friend leaving perfect opportunity for the unexpected to happen…. Bent over in my purposely super short plaid skirt I act startled but make some small talk with you. You don’t know that I actually overheard you and my son having a conversation the other day about how girls your age are so clueless about sex, how my sons girlfriend cheated on him, and how much better older woman must be in the bedroom. I start coming onto you with implementing the idea of how a hot goth mom like me would be exactly what you need to experience. Your mind is racing with thoughts, you are attracted to me, I mean who wouldn’t want to have hot sex with a milf who’s hardcore into heavy metal, dresses like I do, and most definitely must be amazing at sex- ultimate fantasy right there. I am going to give you that, see us older woman know exactly what we want, and we know how to get it, and I can promise you this you’ll be wanting to come back for more…in fact I’ll set the standard so high you won’t be able to get me out of your mind. With a hard on, I think its time for me to show you that. I show off my body, before I take your cock out and start sucking it, Im bit aggressive but confident, sucking you deep, working my wet dirty mouth, squeezing my big tits, and giving you that fuck me eye contact that your already feeling your cock ache more than it ever has. After sucking you I tease you a bit with my big tits, talking dirty, and stripping those red panties off to climb on top of your hard cock sliding you in, it feels so good taking your cock right inside of my tight wet pussy I bounce up and down on it, I haven’t had sex in awhile so I hope your going hold out on me, and not cum till I tell you too. It feels so good, I am working your cock so fucking hard that you get keep your eyes off that bouncing ass and just want to blow a big load, I turn around a bounce those big tits in your face, got give you the full experience let you have everything…..including my ass. I bet ya never fucked a girl in her ass have you ? Well I am going to do just that, I am going to slide your nice cock deep into my ass and bounce all over it, push you in and working it, until you make me drip all over the place, and I tell you, demand you to give me that hot load you’ve been holding in those balls. I take you cock out of my ass and get on my knees and tell you to give it to me, give me that cum. Cum in my mouth and watch me swallow it all and show it off to you, sucking you dry and filling up my mouth and letting it cover my mouth, dripping down my chin, and some all over my tits, but that’s okay I can clean it up before my concert. So your definitely coming back for more and keeping this a secret?

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Brooke Woods – Fucking Son And His Friend

Custom: So I have many ideas on how it would start. But I think my favourite scenario would be son’s friend is spending the night . Either in the same bed or his friend is on the floor next to the bed. And mommy comes in to check on them before she goes to bed and notices her son’s friend is either hard or soft dick is exposed and she gets turned on either way and comes in. And she starts to do naughty things to her sons friend while the son isn’t awake. and he wakes up while shes has his young dick in her mouth. mommy says he can share her with his friend. Son and friend get double BJ from mommy, spit roast mommy, and soon after she encourages them to both cum for her son cums inside her and friend finishes on her tits.

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Butt3rflyforu – Blackmailed MILF

You are at my house hanging out with my son while I am throwing a house party. You happen to come out of your room and catch me getting fucked doggystyle in my bedroom by someone else than my own husband!!! You watch for a little while and you are amazed that it’s happening even with my husband two rooms away!!! Suddenly, I make eye contact through the crack in the door and mouth to you to put your phone away!!! But you ignore my demands, and begin video taping me with your phone! The next day rolls around and you see me cleaning up in the kitchen. I tell you that it was a mistake and that it was wrong and shouldn’t have happened!!! You tell me that you want to be that guy, and that you know who the guy was!!! It was my dad!!! And if you don’t do exactly what I say, then you will post that video on social media!!! I tell you that I have known you since you were a small boy and to not do that. But you refuse to listen! So I make you a deal. If you can make me orgasm, then I will call you master , just like I calld your dad last night while fucking him. If you don’t make me orgasm, then you toss the video in the delete category!!! Let’s see who wins this deal!!!

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Nikki Brooks – Mom Is Forced To Fuck Son And His Friends

Nikki Brooks – Son And Friends Fuck Mom
Taboo, Mommy Roleplay, Older Woman / Younger Man, Virtual Sex, MILF
Nikki Brooks, mom, son & two friends, POV, son is having a sleepover with his buddies, they go into his mom’s bedroom to talk about watching an r-rated movie, son begins to show off to his friends by groping his mom’s big tits, friends join in and shove her & touch her, they make inappropriate jokes & call her a slut, mom demands that they all go home & that her son stop hanging out with such terrible boys, son gets humiliated & embarrassed, son and 2 friends teach mom a lesson.

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Keri Love – Hanging Out With Your Friends Hot Mom

Keri Love – Hanging Out With Your Friend’s Hot Mom
Mommy Roleplay, MILF, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction
You are hanging out at my son having a delicious lunch I made for the two of you, when he gets called in to work leaving you all alone with me! So, I think up a fun little way us to entertain each other.

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Katie71 – Bullys Gangbang My Mom

Katie71 – Bully’s Gangbang My Mom
MILF, Gangbangs, Facials, Domination, Orgasms
I was in bed when i woke up to my son’s bully’s all around my bed kicking me. I asked them what they were doing there and they showed me a video they had on there laptop and it was me having sex with my son’s teacher. They said if I didn’t do what they say that they were going to take the video to the principal. Then they started telling me that I needed to strip for them and after that they started telling me to suck on each of there cocks. This was so bad and one thing led to another and they were taking turns fucking me and then my son walked in and they fucked me in front of them as well as came all over me and made me masturbate with all there cum all over me. It was so embarrassing and humiliating.

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Gets A Bukkake From Your Football Team

Butt3rflyforu – Mommy Gets A Bukkake From Your Football Team
Wet & Messy, MILF, Taboo, Bukkake
You and your entire football team won the team Championship, which is rare and a high honor! Mommy invites you and the whole team back to the house to celebrate the win!!! Once at the house, they ask what the surprise is. Mommy tells them that SHE is their reward and surprise!!! They all deserve to see mommy striptease and get on all fours and suck each and every team member until they explode all over her pretty face!!! And you, her son, gets to watch all of them blast your mommy’s face and you will be the very last one to give her your huge, young nut all over her face!!!! Mommy wants to be covered in young boy cum!!! Congratulations boys!

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Katie71 – Taboo MILF Facial

Katie71 – Taboo MILF Facial
Taboo, MILF, Older Woman / Younger Man, Facials, Virtual Sex
My son was having a few friends over for the night and when my husband left I decided to go spend some time with them in there room. Well they were all in the bunk beds and right away I noticed one of them had a huge hardon that was raising up the blanket. I asked if they wanted to have some fun and it wasn’t long and I had one of there cocks in my mouth and was riding the other. The sex went on for awhile as I was making my rounds from one to another and there was 5 of them. In the end three of them gave me facials and my face was completely covered. I cannot wait until they have another stay over like that so we can do this again.

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