Delphoxi – Fucking Ur Bully’s Mom

There’s a bully that has been making your life miserable ! You hear he may be getting a scholarship so it’s a good time for you to pull out so blackmail. You head to your bully’s home with a video of him roughing you up! You show the video to his very hot and caring mother while he isn’t there and she is simply shocked that her sweet boy has been doing this to you! he apologizes and urges you not to go to the principal because this video of the bullying would definitely ruin his chances of accepting that scholarship. The bully’s mom urges you to settle this privately and you agree to keep things quiet as long as your bully’s mom give you some of her sweet MILF hairy pussy in return! She loves her son and doesn’t want him in trouble so ur bully’s mom gets to work sucking you off before climbing on to your cock and riding you!

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MizzErotique – Mom Bangs Your Bully

You come to your mom and tell her you are being bullied, she tells you to show her and you reveal the texts he has sent to you. Your bully has texted you how he’s going to fuck your mom and titfuck her and creampie her, etc. Momma goes and takes care of it calling over your bully to confront him. He shows up, pompous and attempts and blackmail. Then the sons POV he hears his mom banging the bully through the door. Then she comes in disheveled to say everything is fine.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Entices You With Her Wet Pussy

Script: The Story Basically, you’re my friend’s insanely gorgeous mom. Every time I come by, we kind of flirt and you always seem to be wearing T-shirts with the sleeves cuffed juuuust the way I like them (rolled twice with perfect cuffs or rolled three times0 One day I come by and I find you going through your shirt collection and you ask if I’d like to help. You’re already wearing one of the shirts and you notice I’m getting a little excited by it, but you haven’t figured out that it’s the super neatly rolled sleeves. You try on the first shirt (sleeves already rolled before you put it on) and fix the sleeves to make sure it’s perfect, and notice I’m getting pretty hard. You see how shy I am but eventually, you figure out what’s turning me on so much. At this point you want to just tease me until I can’t take it. You take off your shorts and begin playing with your pussy in front of me. Then you stop and say you have one or two other shirts to try on. With each shirt you see I’m getting hornier and hornier. You give in to how horny I get, and give me an amazing bj, before fucking me (any positions that you can see you and the cuffs in the same shot would be best, and not POV…that can be too close sometimes). We end up coming together, and you make it pretty clear your son can’t know. I’d love to see the baby blue shirt, the dark blue Colorado shirt and one or two others of your choice.

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Silverxomunat – Bully Virgin Impregnation

I come to your house to originally speak to your mother, but she appears to not be home! So, I ask if I can speak with you inside because you’ve been bullying my son and this needs to stop immediately! Despite my efforts of trying to make you agree to no longer bully my son you mock me and laugh in my face! What a bully you truly are…because not only that you choose to bully ME! By making certain demands. & Well, what can I say, even though I’m a married woman I’m willing to do quite a lot for my son……But as your demands increase you inform me you’re a VIRGIN! I’m shocked based on what I’ve seen (heehee) & well let’s just say I help you enjoy your first time and you get a little bit more than just fucking a milf!

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Nicole Rogue – Slutty Mom Wants Your Virgin Cum

You wake up rock hard at your bestfriend’s house. He’s laying in bed beside you, awkward, so you get up to see if you can slip off somewhere to solve this big problem. You slip out and notice his Mom’s light is on, and suddenly you remember just how hot she is. Perky, squeezable tits, big wide baby making hips, huge bubble ass… You had made up your mind, and you slowly open the door to her room. There she is, bent over her bed, in tight as fuck shorts, showing off that amazing ass. You feel yourself grow harder right as she turns around and notices you. Oh my GOD! You scared the crap out me! What are you doing up, aren’t you supposed to be with my son? She laughs, leaning back on the bed and letting you get a good view of that amazing body. You nervously laugh and explain you can’t go to bed, and after some coaxing you admit it’s because you’re too damn horny to go to bed. At first she’s reluctant, but then grows obviously horny. Okay… you’ve never been with a girl before, right? Let me teach you the ropes, get that cock out, and get it hard for me to suck. She teases you with her amazing curves and then takes your virgin dick in her mouth, teasing with her perfect lips and tongue. I’ll assume if you’ve never been sucked before you’ve never been fucked either… Why don’t you use her pussy and fill it with your huge virgin load? I hope my son doesn’t find out what a nasty little whore I am…

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Merraeday – Four Of My Stepsons Friends And Him

I walk into my step sons room find four of his friends the very end my step son walks in but I pretend I don’t see him. No one is going to believe what happened anyway im not worried.

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Tara Tainton – Your Mother’s Best Friend Teaches You All The Ropes

Of course, I was the perfect candidate for helping you rehearse for your college play; I’m a professional actress. Of course, I’m eager to do ALL I can to help you perfect your part – and every aspect it requires – I’ve known you for ages: I’m your mother’s best friend. We’re just practicing in your room… but your mother doesn’t know there’s a kissing scene. And I didn’t even know it was next in the script. Could be awkward… but I am a professional… and I do adore you and it’s exciting to help with my area of expertise. Your nervousness is cute, but you’re a quick learner – and a very attractive student. The rest, well, neither one of us could be expected to see it coming. We just get carried away. We must both be amazing actors. And maybe… maybe we do have the hots for each other. SHHHHHH! We HAVE to be quiet; your mother may hear us! She could walk in ANY moment. Don’t be dissuaded when I lay my hand over your mouth to help keep those college boy moans to a minimum. Oh, but how I love hearing confirmation that you’re totally hot for me. Hold it… hold it… until I come. Until I beg YOU to come for me.

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MilfParadise – Mommy Blows Son Friend

You went over to your friends house to play video games and it went well into the night. You spent the night at his house. Your friends mom walks in to find you in bed. She grabs a blanket to tuck you in. But then she notices your cock hanging out of your shorts so she tucks it back in…. It gets harder and harder as she tries to tuck it in. It gets her excited so she begins massaging it. You wake up! she pulls out her tits and begins to blow you. She can’t resist so she rides your cock until you cum inside her.

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