Sloansmoans – Mommy Gets Bukkake Blackmailed

The scene starts with your mom laying down sniffing your (her sons) boxers, as she vigorously rubs her pussy. She’s moaning loudly as she’s about to cum when you walk in. She’s surprised and she tosses your boxers to the side and frantically tries to cover her naked body. 
“Son, what are you doing home already, you’re supposed to be out with your friends! Oh my God! Are you recording this on your phone! Son you can’t do that!”

Looking slightly passed him, she realizes he’s not alone. 

“Son, who’s, that with you” 

“Oh no, please no. Are those all of your friends in the hall way”

“Son, you can’t be serious! I’m your motherYou can’t blackmail me like this! Please son, I’m not some kind of whore, that you can just treat this way. Son, why are you talking to me like this? I’m your mom. I know what you caught me doing looks wrong, but I can’t help myself. Please don’t make me do this”

 Finally conceding to her fate she gets on her knees and looks up…

Sounding defeated, “fine, who’s first?” She then blows and fucks (POV sex) your friends in a few different positions. She takes massive load after massive load and as this goes on she becomes less reluctant and starts to enjoy it very much. She starts talking dirty about how she loves that you’re feeding her young, hard cock and she starts begging for their cum before each cumshot. She lets her spit, drool and their cum drip all along her face, neck, tits and body. Never cleaning up.

 After the last cock has cum all over her, she leans back and says, “Are you happy son, mommy’s emptied all of your friends cocks, I’m covered in cum.” “Now will you delete the video?”

 Smiling she says, “I was hoping you would say that. You want a turn with mommy too? Well take your cock out so mommy can suck that big hard cock. Not going to lie, I’ve been dreaming about it. Why do you think i was up here playing with my pussy. Oh you don’t want mommy to suck your cock, well ok son. Come down here and fuck mommy’s pussy”

 You begin to fuck mommy hard and fast. She talks dirty about your cock and how it’s everything she’s ever dreamed of. She loves having you pound her cum splattered pussy. She rubs and licks your friends cum as you continue to fuck her until she cums all over your cock. 

“Son get on your back! Mommy needs to ride that cock.” 

She starts riding you hard. 
“Isn’t this what you wanted son? To have your Mommy riding that cock?! Covered in all your friends cum? You have no idea how much your mommy loves and craves cum! You and your friends are going to have to come over more often. Now son, mommy wants your cum. I need your cum son. Please give mommy all of your cum. Please, I need to taste it. I want it all over me!! Please son give mommy all of your cum” 
 She gets off your cock quickly and she begins sucking it and jerking it right in front of her face. 

 “That’s it son. I can see it in your face! Give your cum slut of a mommy what she needs. That’s it son, let it all out. Cover mommy’s face, just like all of your friends”
 Finally you give mommy the biggest cumshot of the day all over her face and mouth. She moans loudly and takes every last drop of it. 

“That’s mommy’s good boy. God son, you taste so good. Next time, you’re going to have to fill mommy up.”

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Brea Rose – Mom Threesome With Son And Best Friend

My son and I are on vacation, I asked him to pack my bikini for me, I ask him to pass it to me so I can get ready for the pool but its a micro bikini?! Where the hell did he find this, this wasn’t the green swimsuit I asked him to pick! I literally have nothing else to wear so I have to wear this tiny micro bikini, I am so embarrassed. We get back from the pool and I can’t believe all the guys that were hitting on me, I feel so bad for my son he shouldn’t have to see his mom in this way! Later on my son goes out and his friend that we met by the pool comes by my room and tells me he has photos of me in the bikini that he is going to upload to some MILF websites! OMG I am so embarrassed, I really don’t want him to post the pics, he says he will delete them if I suck his cock and fuck him, I agree. I am sucking his cock and my son walks in!! This is so bad, I explain the situation to my son and tell him to go back outside but he insists on staying. My son strokes his cock as he watches me suck his friend’s cock! His friend then fucks me doggystyle and I have my son’s cock right in my face, it is so big and I can’t believe how hard he is. I know its wrong but he is turned on and I wrap my lips around my son’s cock while being fucked from behind. I then lay back and spread my legs sucking the friends cock, I can feel my son pushing his cock against my pussy, this is so wrong! my son fucks me missionary as I suck his friend’s cock. I then encourage them both to cum all over my face and giving me two big facials!

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BuniBun – Sneaky Fuck With Your Bestfriends Mom

Your at your bestfriends house spending the night playing video games. It’s late and you go out into the kitchen by yourself to go get something to eat but instead come across your bestfriends mom in sexy lingerie. Shes busy in the kitchen and she turns around and notices you and it scares her as she asks why your out in the kitchen. She then realizes that shes dressed innapropriatly infront of you and apologizes as she thought you and her son were out for the night and she didnt think anyone would see her in the kitchen. She then notices you start to get a hard on infront of her from seeing her dressed up so sexy and she tells you that you should take care of your boner before going back to bed. She tells you since shes the one that gave you that boner that she will help you get rid of it as she also tells you she doesnt want to send you back to bed uncomfortable. She notices you keep looking at her tits so she starts teasing you with them leading to a tittyfuck. She then starts to ride your cock and promise you youll love cumming inside her and since this was supposed to be a quickie fuck to get rid of your hardon your friends mom enjoys your big perfect cock too much and the fucking goes on longer then expected. She turns around giving you a nice view of her huge ass bouncing up and down on your cock riding you. Once the two of you are close to cumming she tells you not to cum in her as she actually thinks thats too far since shes your bestfriends mom. The two of you cum together and she tell you that we should do that again next time you stay over.

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Littleredheadlisa – Your Friends Hot Mom

You arrive at your friends house to do some school work, your friends mom (me) answers and says he is running late from football practice. You sit in the kitchen while I clean around, posing and showing off to you, making you squirm. Then I ask you to help me put something away on a high shelf. As you reach up, I back up into you, my ass rubbing against your boner. You apologize, but I say its fine. I offer you a glass of water and ask if you need any help with your schoolwork. I bend down to look at the book, but my tit is right up in your face. You get nervous and I drop a pen, bending down to pick it, but also secretly take one of my tits out of your shirt, Pretending not to notice, I continue to help you, but now my nipple is right next to your face. You get even more nervous and spill your glass of water on yourself, I tell you not to worry, grab a towel and start wiping you down, saying I should put your pants in the dryer. I take off your pants and your dick smacks me in the face…

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Kelle Martina – Best Friends Mum

You’ve over at your best friend’s house but he’s already left. His step-mom is there. Just you two alone. You’ve always found her attractive but once you find out that she is all alone -no husband or boyfriend – she starts hitting on you. You can’t help but get an erection and she starts to touch you all over and starts demanding your big cock inside her. You tell her it’s your first time but she’s gentle and she doesn’t care. She still wants you. Once she makes sure that you really want this she gets on top of you, sucks you off, and rides your cock until you both cum quickly. Best friend’s step-mom takes your virginity.

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MayvenDoll – Your Slutty Mommy Taboo JOI

A very taboo JOI. Your mom’s friend tells you all about their dirty fun night out fucking multiple guys. She knows you are a dirty little pervert for mommy and gives you all the details while telling you to jerk off for her JOI.

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yogabella – MILF Talks to Sons Friends

Hey boys, come over here. I want to ask you some questions about what my son has been telling you. Has he told you about sucking his MILF mom’s titties? How about how he fucks me? well, It’s all true! Why dont you boys go home and fuck your MILF mom’s too!! You are all virgins, and I know your moms… they totally want to fuck you!

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Rae Knight – Best Buddies Hot Mom

You come over everyday to hang out with my son, who is your best friend. You love coming over because you have the hots for his mom. She is the hottest milf ever. You love her big tits and tight body. You even tell your friend too because you both would love nothing more than taking turns sticking your hard cocks inside her mature, wet pussy. You and my son were chatting and talking under your breath on the couch when I walked by in a hot, red tight dress. I overhear some whispering and ask what you boys are talking about. Finally, after some probing, you offer up what you are talking about. You both tell me that I am a MILF. I have never heard this term and question what it means. You define a milf…I am surprised to think that you and my son think I am someone you would like to fuck! I then ask if these huge tits are part of the reason I am considered a MILF. I show off my tight body and the fact I am wearing no panties under this club dress. I bend over and ask you if this ass makes you hard…I tell you that I know you both want a hot threesome. You could take turns sliding your cocks in me and even both cum I me!…You both can barely stand the teasing…then you hear me shaking you trying to wake you up…”why are you dosing off on the couch in the middle of the day?”…Wake up!

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