Natalie Wonder – Moms Hot Workout Ass Causing Trouble

Mom hears her son and his friend fighting. She runs in to break it up and asks what provoked the fight… Break it up you two! Why are you boys fighting?! Your friend thinks I’m a hot MILF and have a great ass? oh…well…why did that cause a fight? Thank you, by the way. That’s VERY sweet of your friend. Sweetie, don’t be jealous. I’m your mom but you can’t keep me all to yourself. Your friend is allowed to find mommy attractive and admire my ass. I work really hard to have an ass like this! It’s about time SOMEBODY noticed. Oh honey, don’t give me that face…mommy’s a grown woman and I can make my own decisions. Mommy’s proud of her ass and I can show it off…and I WILL. I can show you guys the different types of exercises I do to keep my ass looking great. Things like downward , squats, twerking…and um…you know what else is really good at working out the glutes? Sex. ESPECIALLY anal sex. Come to think of it…I can use a trainer, hehe. Oh sweetie, calm down. Mommy’s just joking. Kind of. I think your friend wants to touch my ass sweetie. Oh honey don’t be such a party p00per! You should be GRATEFUL to mommy’s ass! Do you know how my ass has helped you through the years!? Well, let me remind you. It has to do with your teacher…with those bullies who used to torment you. Mommy’s sexy ass always saves the day for you. This is just innocent fun. Some moms might cook you boys dinner…I show you boys my hot ass. I’m a very special type of mommy. Don’t these short shorts make my booty look amazing? It might be better if I slide these booty shorts off…so you can see my ass better. Now let me show you boys some moves I do to maintain this hot ass of mine…

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