Rae Knight xxx – Happy Ending Massage

I am your mom’s hot mom best friend and you came into my massage studio for a massage. I enter the room to find you laying face up on the table and rather surprised to see you! I tell you I just had lunch with your mom and I begin the massage. I tell you that normally we start face down but it’s ok….at least you have a towel to cover you up. I start massaging you and asking how the pressure is…moving from body part to body part. I get to your thighs and notice you have been aroused and have a huge hard on. I tell you that’s ok and it happens. My hand suddenly grazes your throbbing cock…..I look at you for approval, and begin stroking you under the sheet. You look at me with approval and I keep stroking you…making you harder and harder….I tell you that we can’t tell your mom, this must be kept between us….I remove the sheet and put your hard , young cock in my mouth while I stick my finger in your ass….giving you a prostate massage while sucking you….I begin getting so wet…..after sticking several fingers in your ass…..you tell me to ride you….bareback….I tell you ok….but don’t cum inside me!!! You are very young and fertile and might get my pregnant!!!! I sit on your rock hard cock , riding you until I cum….reminding you not to tell your mom and don’t cum inside me……I turn around so you can see my ass….and that just excites you so much….I turn back around and you see my huge tits bouncing and you cum inside me!!!! I told you not to cum in me!!!!! OMG get off the table and clean yourself up!

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