Rae Knight – Best Buddies Hot Mom

You come over everyday to hang out with my son, who is your best friend. You love coming over because you have the hots for his mom. She is the hottest milf ever. You love her big tits and tight body. You even tell your friend too because you both would love nothing more than taking turns sticking your hard cocks inside her mature, wet pussy. You and my son were chatting and talking under your breath on the couch when I walked by in a hot, red tight dress. I overhear some whispering and ask what you boys are talking about. Finally, after some probing, you offer up what you are talking about. You both tell me that I am a MILF. I have never heard this term and question what it means. You define a milf…I am surprised to think that you and my son think I am someone you would like to fuck! I then ask if these huge tits are part of the reason I am considered a MILF. I show off my tight body and the fact I am wearing no panties under this club dress. I bend over and ask you if this ass makes you hard…I tell you that I know you both want a hot threesome. You could take turns sliding your cocks in me and even both cum I me!…You both can barely stand the teasing…then you hear me shaking you trying to wake you up…”why are you dosing off on the couch in the middle of the day?”…Wake up!

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Rae Knight – Bath Time With Mommy

You catch me in the bath tub with a bath full of bubbles. You always did love bathing with me as a young boy. But you know how generous and nice mommy is, so of course I am going to invite you into my bubble bath. It reminds me of when you were a little boy. You take me up on my invitation. You climb in and slowly relax into the bubbles. I tell you first to help me wash my back and the hard to reach areas. It felt so good to have your strong hands on my body. I can’t just stop with a back wash. I tell you to rub me down there…wash my privates…it felt so good to have your fingers down there… I tell you to slip a few fingers inside mommy…go ahead honey…it’s ok…wash mommy down there and make me feel good. I get a bit out of control and want more…I want to pleasure you too. I begin stroking your hard , young cock and talking rather dirty…this is a side you love and crave for more…I want you to touch me again down there..you make me feel so good. I love seeing your hard penis poking through the bubbles. I can’t take it anymore and I turn around telling you mommy is going to sit down on you…I need you…I need you to slip inside of me…I need to cum all over you honey…It’s bath time now!

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Rae Knight – Spin The Bottle With My Little Brother and His Friend

Our parents are out of town and they asked me to come over to babysit you. You also have a friend over for a sleepover. Both you and your friend have always had raging hard on’s for me. Whether it be me laying out naked or getting out of the shower, you always would spy on me when I lived at home. Now I am the babysitter in charge and what am I supposed to do to entertain you guys? Of course! Spin The Bottle! And of course it turns sexual! I have to tease the out of the two of you while mom and dad are gone! But just how far will big sister take it? Will you get to cum in my mouth?

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Rae Knight xxx – Discover Moms Online Cam Profile

I come in your room to say hello and I find your laptop open to my cam profile!!! OMG how did you find that??? I can explain!!! Please whatever you do, don’t tell daddy!!! He can’t know that I go online and make young guys cum all day long. You have to be quiet!!! PLEASE!!! I’ll do anything just to keep this between us!!! What?! You want me to show you what I do for my fans? Oh no..but you are my son!!! Ok Ok…I will give you a show just like I do for all the young boys who watch but you can’t mention this to daddy. It has to be a secret!!!

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Rae Knight xxx – Fucking My Best Friends Hot Mom

You come over to your friend’s house to hang out and have dinner. You have always thought his mom is super hot!!! You can’t stop staring at her huge tits falling out of her low cut top. She bends over and looks in the oven and you start getting rock hard! She is sweet and caters to whatever you need. You excuse yourself because your dick is getting uncomfortably hard and you need to jerk off in the bathroom. Her son is eating and little did you know, she followed you into the bathroom and opened the door asking if you were ok. She barges in and sees your hard cock in your hands. She starts seducing you, teasing you with dirty talk and every part of her hot, tight body! She is incredibly horny and knows you are!!! You accidentally call her mommy and that turns her on even more!!! She puts her hands on your cock and she does the rubbing. Precum is leaking out of your hard cock and she pulls you into her bedroom and starts stripping down to nothing! She orders you on her bed and starts taking full advantage of you, even while your best friend, her son, eats dinner!

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Rae Knight xxx – Be My Valentine Honey

You have been working very hard and you wanted to surprise for Valentine’s Day with two special gifts!!! You went to the store and selected a very sexy red sun dress and a new pair of very expensive shoes!!! You know how I love shoes, but these were over the top expensive!!! They are the red bottoms, Louboutin’s!!! I come in my room, just as you finished gift wrapping. I noticed the gift bag and large box on my bed..I knew right away they were from you!!! OMG honey!!! “You shouldn’t have”! You must have been working double time to afford two gifts!!! You insist I open them!! I sit down and unwrap the dress first….”WOW!!” “You have the best taste in sexy dresses!” Now, for the second gift…OMG!!! “You didn’t!” “How can you afford these?!” “Honey, I am speechless, you bought me the most expensive designer shoes!!!” I am in total shock and I realize how much you love and care for me…you want me to enjoy the finer things in life!!! I sip and shoes and the dress on! They are a perfect fit! “Ok honey!!”, since you bought me these, I am treating you to dinner and when we return, I am giving you one of my personal best massages!”…we get home from dinner…go back to mommy’s bed and I tell you to lay down…I straddle on top of you…you have no shirt on…mommy’s bare pussy is rubbing on your belly…mommy didn’t put on panties since we were in a rush when I was trying on your gifts!!! You are getting aroused feeling mommy’s moisture begin to drip onto you…I notice you have a huge lump in your jeans…I ask if I am arousing you…..I ask you to please take your hard cock out! Mommy hasn’t had sex in so long….and I didn’t realize how big you are…just let me rub on your shaft with no panties on…I want to feel your girthy cock between my legs!!! I begin rubbing…and I ask “What if the tip slips in?”….I don’t care actually…I need it…I want it…I had no idea my baby boy was so well endowed!!!! Make Love to me!!!! Cum inside me!!!! I love you honey!!! This is the best valentines gift ever!!! YOUR SEED!!!

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Rae Knight xxx – Moms Pussy Was Gangbanged

You waited up for mommy to come and tell you all about her hot Friday night evening with 4 of your school friends. Mommy has quite the reputation at your school! You love hearing about how many of your friends got to feel your mommy’s tight, wet pussy. Mommy craves young cock, but you know you are her favorite. Mommy likes to come home and tell you all about the night and how many creampies she took bareback!!! This time there were 4 of your friends!!! I literally have so much cum dripping from my pussy…but honey, you know you love it when I tell you how it all went down and you get to end my evening with sliding your bare cock inside me, and yes that squishing you hear is the sound of all the young boys’ cum that is left inside mommy. Now slide your bare cock in me and leave the 5th load!

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Rae Knight xxx – Mom Found Your Taboo Porn

I walk in your room , your dad out of town and you are supposed to be sl33ping since you have an early day tomorrow at school, and I catch you with your pants around your ankles, hardest cock ever, with your taboo mommy porn on your screen. My mouth drops! I am shocked you are even watching porn, yet taboo porn with older hot woman and young guys. I question you…wondering what you are doing! I know right away something is not right. I see your cock…and notice how big it has gotten since I last saw it. I tell you that you need to get this fetish out of your system. Maybe if I tease you a bit, show you what mommy’s boobies look like…maybe if I slide this tiny G String to the side…that you will get this silly and unnatural fetish out of your system… Keep stroking that cock…don’t stop…I want you to imagine doing naughty things to my pussy…like sticking the tip of that huge, engorged head inside me….that excites you doesn’t it? Of what if I let you stick your hard penis in between my huge tits? It is as tight as my pussy honey…I want you to masturbate right in front of me, thinking of all these naughty things…I want you to cum on my titties…this will for sure get this bad fetish out of you once and for all! Or will it?

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Rae Knight xxx – Caught Watching Taboo Porn

I walk in to your bedroom thinking you were asl33p and I overheard odd moaning noises coming from your phone! I come in your room and ask to see your phone. You give me your phone and I am shocked to see what you are watching!!! Mommy son porn!! What?! This turns you on? Is this how you look at mommy everyday? Do I make you hard? Umm I can see that it does! Is this how you look at mommy’s tits everyday? Do mommy’s huge fun bags make your cock swell? Would you like to feel mommy’s huge breasts stroking your cock? Would you like to cum all over mommy’s big balloons? Here sweetie, put your phone down, honey…you don’t need this… mommy is here…I want to satisfy you honey… after all, you are my boy!

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Rae Knight xxx – Hurry You Will Be Late For School

I caught you jerking off in the morning when you should have been up and getting ready for school. The school bus comes in 20 minutes! I tell you to get up and that I am not taking you to the bus stop!!! I notice that the bed covers is like a huge tent and I see movement from your hand underneath! I turn around to leave but the curiosity of that huge tent has me mystified! I turn around and close the door…I open my bathrobe , to which I am wearing a hot lave bra that shows mommy’s enormous cleavage! I crawl on the bed towards you and ask if you need a hand with that. I tell you that daddy isn’t capable of giving me what I need and is down right lousy in bed. I begin taking off my robe and start touching your cock through the bed covers. I can tell you are so hard and I haven’t had that is a long time!!! I remove the covers and being licking and suckling on your manhood. You begin leaking precum and my pussy is starting to leak juices…I tell you that I need sex…good sex from a hard cock…I slowly take off my lace panties and turn around after sucking on you…I ask you to slide it up inside of me doggystyle so I get the deepest penetration…oh honey…that feels amazing…you can feel my wetness on your shaft…you being pumping mommy…back and forth until I cum all over your cock..I beg you to cum inside of me…honey I need you to fill me up…I will make sure you are taken care of before you go off to school…

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