Butt3rflyforu – In Mommy’s Bed

You know mommy always lets you in my bed if it’s thundering outside. There are a few rules, however, if you want to be in mommy’s bed! You need to keep your PJ’s on, stay on your side and face opposite of mommy. We wouldn’t want you getting an erection at such an age! Now, lets get some shut eye. Oh dear…sweetie…look what happened?!

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Butt3rflyforu – Erection Before School

It’s been such a hectic morning, so much to do and I am running late! Why aren’t you dressed? How long have you been standing there watching mommy get ready? You know what happens to you when you look at mommy in a bra and panties? Oh dear…look….you have an erection now honey…we don’t have a lot of time….let me dress you….Let me push it down into your pants…Oh dear…your penis is so big…I can’t get it zipped!….It won’t go up anymore….ugh! Ok Ok…go to mommy’s bed…we have to make it go down quickly….stroke it like mommy taught you….but do it quickly…do you want mommy to help? I’ll stroke you…my goodness…you are so big honey…your getting huge! Oh it’s not going down….ok….we need to hurry…let mommy put my mouth on it….tell me when you are going to cum…we don’t want to mess up your new pants! This feels good right?…ok you are going to cum…I can feel it….oh oh!!! Good boy!!! ok ok lets zip up your pants….oh dear! You are still hard! ok…I am going to remove my panties…I think I have to let you slip it in….its the only fast way to empty you…oh oh….that feels so good….ok…honey…just cum inside of mommy….it’s ok…I have to get to work…it’s ok if your juices leak out of me…it’s just you….Mommy loves you and would do anything to help you!

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Butt3rflyforu – Your Step Mom Is Cheating On Your Dad

I am your hot step mom. Your dad is out of town all weekend and you are supposed to be at a friend’s house all weekend too. I think I am home alone, but you haven’t left yet. You made me think you did, but you didn’t. I invite the neighbor over and you peek at us through the bedroom door without us knowing. I am getting fucked doggystyle by the neighbor and moaning very loudly with each pump of his cock. I cum hard all over his cock and he leaves he hot load in me. I tell him to leave because I don’t want to get busted. You are smart and video the entire session as blackmail proof. Later, I am spreading my ass cheeks against the wall, talking dirty, thinking the neighbor is back for round two. I ask you if you like my outfit and tease you with my gorgeous, tight round ass. I tell you to come closer and touch it.. You do!!! I turn around in shock and dismay and quickly put on my robe! You torment a bit and I ask why you are home! You show me the video on your phone and threaten to show your dad. I beg and plead with you not to send the video and that there must be something that you want in exchange for deleting the video! I offer money, new iPhone, new gaming console, new clothes but you say no to all that! I am desperate for you to keep your mouth shut!!! I offer to show you my ass…I bend over with my robe still on….but that isn’t nearly enough for you! You want me riding reverse cowgirl on your hard dick!!! You want to see and feel my beautiful ass bouncing up and down…I’m very upset but agree hesitantly. I start riding you and I hear the keys in the front door! It’s your dad!!! OMG stop!! !We must stop now or he will know…the door is closed to the bedroom.. You tell me to keep riding you and we will cum together…I yell to your dad that I will be out in a minute and that I have a surprise for him , not to come into the bedroom though!!! I am freaking out but you won’t let me off until you blow your load into your hot step moms wet pussy!!! Just like the neighbor!!!

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommy’s Huge Expandable Tits

Mommy just got back from the plastic surgeons office today. It’s your favorite place that you want mommy to go!!! You are hooked on her huge silicon fun jugs!!! Mommy just came home and she tells you she got her fun bags blown up!!! She knows you love when she has her monthly appointment to blow them up!!! She knows you and all your horny friends check out her fake tits. She is going next month to reach her goal of 1000 cc’s!!! She wants them as big as basketballs!! Oh honey…I see you are rock hard!!! I guess my tits aren’t the only thing that are pumped up!!! I can tell your cock is loving my new tits!!! Just wait til next visit, mommy’s tits will need a good milking they will be so big!!! I want them bigger than my head sweetie!!! I think your dick needs draining honey…you love mommy’s huge jugs don’t you? Do you want to masturbate and squirt your load all over mommy’s new, huge fun bags? Why don’t you leave your load on them right now? Mommy will empty your balls right on my newly expanded huge fake tits.

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Butt3rflyforu – Give Mom More Than Flowers Valentine

I come home from a little shopping on Valentine’s Day. I come in my room wearing a new red dress that I treated myself!!! Since mommy hasn’t had a significant other, I decided to buy myself something new! I see you in my bedroom holding a gift bag! “Oh my honey, is that for me”? You tell me that you wanted to get something very special for mommy on Valentine’s Day! I open the bag and pull out the sexiest red teddy I have ever seen!!! ” Oh my , sweetie, let me try it on.” “Close your eyes and mommy will put it on!” You tell me your eyes are closed, but you peek because you are so excited to see mommy in this sexy teddy! I put it on and notice that I have accidentally aroused you!!! “Oh honey, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to excite you!!! “You can’t function the rest of the day with that in your pants!” “Why don’t you show mommy what you do when you are in private.” “It’s ok, mommy wants to see you masturbate right in front of me and mommy can even help you if you need it!” I feel responsible so let mommy assist you!!! I love you !

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Butt3rflyforu – Mom Will Help You Get Over Breakup

You need to stop with your sad face and moping around the house. You really need to stop thinking about your girlfriend….well now ex girlfriend! She wasn’t “the one” any way! My son can do way better than that!!! You deserve the best! Mommy will help you forget about her in no time!!! Did she any “assets” like your mom? You need to search for the right girlfriend after comparing their assets to me!!! I will not have my son settle!!! Look, did she have huge tits like mommy? Or an ass like this? Let mommy help you get over your break up darling. I’m sure she didn’t have a clue how to properly suck your huge cock either!!! Let mommy show you what to look for in your next girlfriend!

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Butt3rflyforu – Home With Mommy For July 4th

You surprise your mom by coming home from being deployed overseas for July 4th! Mommy was outside watering her garden, passing the time, alone. She has been very lonely since you left over a year ago. She is not dating anyone and really misses her boy. You sneak up on her and to her surprise and delight, you are standing right in front of her!!!! She is overjoyed and turns off the hose and tells you to come inside. She hasn’t had any sex since you left. She asks you if you remember making love to her before you left. She tells you that she hasn’t had anyone else in her life and misses your intimacy together. Mommy starts to rub her pussy showing you how wet she is. She tells you that she needs you. She misses having you inside her. She unzips your pants and places her warm, soft lips around your hard cock. You stand there looking down at her perfectly round and tanned ass. You start throbbing knowing mommy is sucking your cock. You lay her down and slide your throbbing manhood up inside her, making mad passionate love to your mommy…..It feels so good….SOOOO good to be home.

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Butt3rflyforu – Mommys Craving Your Cum Again

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Mommy’s back in your room. Daddy is still asleep and mommy is craving your young, hard cock again! Mommy has never been fucked so good by anyone and now I am completely addicted. I know what it is like to be depraved of amazing sex and now my own son can fulfill my needs! You are so hard and know exactly how to make mommy’s pussy wet. I am leaving you my thong panties too so you can masturbate into them and smell my wetness…but now , honey….take me doggy…I need to feel you deep inside of me, pumping me with your hard cock…Cum all over mommy’s round ass…You have so much cum honey…god I need you…I want you…Cum on mommy’s ass sweetheart.

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Butt3rflyforu – Sitting On Mummys Lap

It’s your birthday today!!! Mommy has a very special surprise too!!! We are expecting two young boys to come over today. They have been coming around for some time now because they just love getting a good wank from mummy!!! You are going to sit on mummy’s lap today and watch what mummy does to them, that way you will understand all about the birds and the bees!!! Mummy wants to be sure her little boy knows how to make that little dick feel good and spunk for mu mmy!! Mummy will demonstrate on the boys that come over while you sit on my lap!!! Were going to have your little dick spunking along with the other little boys dicks spunking!!! Mummy is going to be covered in little boy spunk after it’s all done!!!

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Butt3rflyforu – Rae The Foster Mom Turns Bombshell

Rae just adopted you from the foster home and you have brought home failing grades and the principal just called. We need to get to the bottom of what is bothering you, but let’s talk about it while I get dressed for church. We are both going today to praise the Lord in his holy house. Ok now I am ready to worship God today. How does mommy look in my blouse, long skirt and pearls? Ok where were we? What is upsetting you so bad that you have bad grades? What do you have behind your back? Show me. Oh my goodness. I can’t wear this stuff. I am a wholesome women of church. I don’t wear strings for panties and this revealing type stuff!!! I will put this stuff on but with one condition!!! You must get better grades. Ok deal? Ok give me the bag and I will put it on. How do I look? My goodness this stuff makes me look like a street walker!!! Stockings, g-string, stiletto’s, and this club dress!!! Oh dear, is that a boner you are getting? Did this outfit arouse you? Ok well I guess mommy has to help you! You can’t go to church with that erection. Take it out and stroke it in front of me. Look at mommy’s body in this dress. Here…use mommy’s satin granny panties that I had on to jerk off your semen on to the granny panties!!!

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