Sexy Saffron – My Little Neighbor Boy

How about we play a game? I’ll flip a coin, and if I win, I get to touch you, and if you win, you get to touch me! Have you ever touched a woman before? I can tell you want to. You might not be very old but maybe I’ll let you put your little cock in my pussy? How does that sound?

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Jude Ryan – Cum With Me Little Boy

I’m chatting on the phone with my friend about how my boyfriend and I haven’t been fucking lately. She tells me I should go for my next door neighbor, but he’s waaaaay too young for me – he’s like 10 years old!! So I refuse to even entertain the thought. Until she tells me that the best orgasms she’s ever had were with much younger boys. I decide to go for it. I go over and ask him if he can come help me with something and I bring him inside. I come out in some lingerie and tell him that I’m going to fuck him. I suck his cock, ride him, and he fucks me missionary, making me cum twice and leaving me begging him to cum with me.

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Butt3rflyforu – Sitting On Mummys Lap

It’s your birthday today!!! Mommy has a very special surprise too!!! We are expecting two young boys to come over today. They have been coming around for some time now because they just love getting a good wank from mummy!!! You are going to sit on mummy’s lap today and watch what mummy does to them, that way you will understand all about the birds and the bees!!! Mummy wants to be sure her little boy knows how to make that little dick feel good and spunk for mu mmy!! Mummy will demonstrate on the boys that come over while you sit on my lap!!! Were going to have your little dick spunking along with the other little boys dicks spunking!!! Mummy is going to be covered in little boy spunk after it’s all done!!!

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Butt3rflyforu – Blackmailed MILF

You are at my house hanging out with my son while I am throwing a house party. You happen to come out of your room and catch me getting fucked doggystyle in my bedroom by someone else than my own husband!!! You watch for a little while and you are amazed that it’s happening even with my husband two rooms away!!! Suddenly, I make eye contact through the crack in the door and mouth to you to put your phone away!!! But you ignore my demands, and begin video taping me with your phone! The next day rolls around and you see me cleaning up in the kitchen. I tell you that it was a mistake and that it was wrong and shouldn’t have happened!!! You tell me that you want to be that guy, and that you know who the guy was!!! It was my dad!!! And if you don’t do exactly what I say, then you will post that video on social media!!! I tell you that I have known you since you were a small boy and to not do that. But you refuse to listen! So I make you a deal. If you can make me orgasm, then I will call you master , just like I calld your dad last night while fucking him. If you don’t make me orgasm, then you toss the video in the delete category!!! Let’s see who wins this deal!!!

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Butt3rflyforu – It’s Time Honey Mommy Is Ovulating

We are very close since Daddy left us 3 years ago. You just turned 16 and I know you are a virgin. Mommy wants your first experience to be with someone who cares, who loves you…someone who can teach you to be a man, and being a man includes making Mommy pregnant. Mommy wants your baby and now that you just turned 16, she thinks its time for you to learn how to make a baby and to do it with someone who loves you, someone who cares deeply for you. Mommy will teach you what you need to do…you are very fertile being so young and mommy wants your first experience to be special!!! Lay down honey…..let mommy show you ….when you feel your cock swell up and fill with your yummy spunk, mommy wants you to stay deep inside me and cum inside my fertile womb!!!

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Kelly Payne – Shh…Don’t wake Daddy!

Age Play, MILF, Virtual Sex, Mommy Roleplay
You wake up from a bad dream and run into mom and dad’s room. Both wake up but mom tells dad to go back to bed and offers for you to climb into bed with her and cuddle up. While comforting you mommy moves back a little, noticing you have a boner that keeps poking her, feeling like your doing it on purpose she confronts you about it and is enticed to play along, even though daddy is still resting in the bed right next to us. Starting out with mommy rubbing your cock, mom starts to get aroused herself and starts playing with herself as well, until she decides you should get on top of her and fuck her quietly, and slowly so we don’t wake up daddy, she even has you eat her out a bit all while daddy rests. Shh…

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Butt3rflyforu – Give Mommy Something For Her BDay

It’s mommy’s birthday and she wants something very special. She comes in your room first thing in the morning with her tight yoga shorts on and see through white Tee shirt. She sits down next to your bed and starts rubbing your leg through the covers. She tells you she wants something special since it’s her birthday. You get nervous as she begins touching your young privates. She tells you not to pull away because Mommy wants that young dick. Mommy is very horny and has been wondering how it would feel to have it. She slowly pulls the covers down to expose your young, hard cock. Mommy tells you that she has been wanting this young cock for awhile now….and she begins to take your cock down her throat. Your young, inexperienced cock begins to really stiffen as she bobs her head up and down, taking more and more of your cock with each motion. You just can’t hold it though. You aren’t used to such stimulation!!! You cum right down her throat! She tells you it’s ok, that young cock stays hard, that’s what is so nice about young cock!!! Mommy then strips out of her sexy tight shirt and tells you she will guide your cock inside her now…and to stop pulling away, let it happen do not fight it! All of a sudden, you could feel her warmth of her pussy and her juices on your cock. She begins bouncing up and down and telling you she wants you to cum deep inside her!!! Your first creampie at such a young age.

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Mandy Flores – Blackmailing Mom

My son comes home from school and spys on me through my bedroom door, watching me searching for my shirt. He makes a small noise and startles me and Im trying to cover myself. I explain I went shopping and wanted to show him my new outfit and could he please help me look. He pretends to look but instead gets great views up my skirt while Im bending over. I turn around to show him I found it resulting in my tits right in my sons face. I apologize but he comments on them and tell me they are nice. He shouldnt say those things about his mother. Im shocked but then I apologize for thinking he means anything else but to compliment his mother. I ask him what he thinks and model a little. Does he think the outfit is too slutty or revealing? I bend over and he gives me the approval that he cant see down my shirt but then tell me to bend over a little more. Little more until Im down on my knees. He says it a great outfit and not slutty at all but indeed it actually is and he’s getting a great show out of it. When I stand up I trip and fall on to the floor with my legs spread. Its too much for him to resist and he holds me down and gropes my ass. Im yelling at him to get off me. What is he doing! This isnt funny anymore, get off me. He finally lets up and I ask him to leave and what has gotten into him! Im going to be telling his father about his behavior. He then tells me that he’s been watching me fuck the neighbor and he got a great show this morning. I deny it and good try trying to get out of being in trouble. He then tells me specific details I cant deny and tells me if I dont do everything he tells me to do that he’ll also have something to tell daddy about. I plead with him. Please dont, your father is a powerful wealthy man and I’ll be out on the streets! He tells me to shut up and get on the bed and strip for him. He makes me twerk my ass and take off my panties. Im very upset and begging him to stop. Why is he doing this to me? Pleading that if he stops now that I’ll forget the whole thing. He takes out his dick and starts masturbating to me. Im appalled but at his mercy. He made me to hump my pillow and pretend I like it. Tells me to moan and grind. It starts to feel good and I cant fight it any more. I begin to moan into an orgasm I cant control and my sons cums on my ass. Im left laying there wondering what happened and scared to what he’s going to make me do next.

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Sydney Harwin – Mom’s Special Boy

You try to behave for your Momma, but usually she punishes you by sitting on your face and making you lick her asshole. Today, however, she has decided that she has seen a huge improvement in your behavior, so, as a reward, she’s gonna let you touch her body however you want. She is so impressed with her special son, that she instructs you to get hard and sets about sucking your dick to make you even harder. Your Mom is wearing a tight, sexy body stocking, which she rips a hole in for easy access. You get to fuck your Mommy because you’ve been a good boy… It doesn’t ‘cum’ much better than that…

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