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Mommy Finds you like her panties and you want to Stick your pre-teen dick inside her, like a spoiled brat you get anything you ask for…mommy cant say no to you….she just loves you so so much…shell do anything. Non Stop age play, dirty talk, taboo, scenarios.I blow your cock, twerk on top of it till i squirt, go in missionary and let you dive in with cum support.. Sweet but wrong a great balance for when you blow your load.

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xxxCaligulaxxx – Nympho Mommy Throws You A Birthday Party

You are becoming very much a man and your new mommy is throwing you the best B-day party! and for a gift, she is teaching you to jerk off and to satisfy a woman by riding you herself and letting you cum inside of her, and all of that in front of your friends!

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MizzErotique – Taboo Ageplay Mommy’s Cummy Xmas

You’re a mama’s boy and she has a surprise for you. Mommy comes into your room Christmas morning in a naughty Mrs Klaus outfit and decides this years special gift will be some lessons from her on how to please and arouse. So she starts with kissing and a bit of a hand job which turns into a blowjob and oral. All talking and nurturing and helping her son become a better lover. She’s so shocked by her son’s cock she gets on it. She keeps telling you not to cum and then you give her a surprise facial. Your first! Mommy is so proud. What a merry Christmas.

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Kelly Payne – Teaching My Sweet Boy Release Age Play

Mommy is cleaning up your room when you get home from school, and notices you don’t seem yourself. What’s wrong my sweet boy? You know you can always tell mommy anything. You confess to getting in trouble today at school for playing with your peepee in the bathroom. Mommy suggests she teaches you how to relieve yourself, but also suggests you do it before school and before bed time to avoid getting a stiffy at school. Mommy tells you she’s sorry she wasn’t able to give you a release this morning as you were both in a hurry and running late, she knows how much you enjoy your bubble baths in the mornings. Mommy tells you shes going to show you how, since you are growing and getting to be a big boy now. Mommy gets your peepee hard and slowly starts showing you how to relieve yourself. And as a special treat since your getting older now, mommy takes out her boobies for you to enjoy as well. Soon you’ll be old enough to enjoy even more exciting things with mommy, but not quite yet sweet pea.

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Kelly Payne – It’s Okay Let Mommy Help You

Mommy walks in on you… trying to masturbate… you’ve been in your room awhile now and mom’s trying to hurry you up or you’ll be late for school. She offers to help, you hesitate a little.. saying thats to weird, and your my mom! but mommy calms you and explains its perfectly okay for her to teach you how to stroke your cock, she did give birth to you after all… well… things start escalating quite quickly and before you know it your stroking your cock to your moms tits, ass, and watching her make herself squirt. She lays down and tells you to fuck her, and you enjoy your first time with mommy.

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Kelly Payne – Mom Teaches Sons Virgin Friends

Mommy allows you to have another blankover, this time with two of your closest friends. You’ve shared details about your previous blankovers with your new friend and decide to help mom clean up around the house in hopes of receiving a very special reward. One friend offers to help your mom with the dishes as you and your other friend continue to clean up around the house. Mom notices as he helps with the dishes he keeps checking her out, and then notices his boner. She talks to him about it for a little before offering to help him out. She kneels and starts stroking his hard peepee, sucking him, and telling him to stroke himself while playing with her tits, stopping right before he cums and telling him to finish the dishes and shell finish him later. She goes into her sons room and finds your other friend making the bed. She seduces him, asking him if he’s being good… or naughty thinking about all the naughty things from the previous blankovers. (Bunkbed troublemakers 1&2) She climbs up the bed and starts rubbing his hard peepee… playing with herself and then climbing on top of him and riding him until hes about to cum, stopping just before and again telling him to finish up what hes doing and shell take care of him later. A few hours later… she walks in with all the boys laying in the bunk beds and starts to tease and seduce them, striping down slowly to nothing… and then one by one fucking them and letting them cum deep inside her.

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Sydney Paige – Cutie Neighbor Boy

Oh hi! I’m your mom’s neighbor- she’s not home yet. However- I’ve had my eye on you. Cute, supple thing. I have to tell you, I have a kink. That kink is boys like you. I stare at you while you play in the backyard with your friends and I have to say… I must have you. I’m ravenous. I will have you. Don’t be scared-it’s just a fun game…and I want to play it with your friends too…

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Bettie Bondage – Mothers Lover

You’re finally going to do it. You’re going to breed mommy. She’s always wanted a good, sweet, young son for a lover–that is, after all, why she had you!! “God,” she sighs, “I’ve been dreaming about this day. When my good boy’s cock was ready to penetrate me, to fill me up with cum! You know this is natural, right, honey? That mothers and sons having sex is so perfectly right…its so right, I can’t wait any longer! I need you to come join me in my bed. I’ve been stroking and sucking your cock every day for a while now, but today we’re going to commit to full, breeding sex, honey! You’re going to put your cock deep inside me and spurt your semen right into me!”

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Kelly Payne – Bunkedbed Trouble Makers 2 Fun With Mommy

Sleepover number two, and you and your friend are eagerly waiting for mommy to come and wake them up. Little does she know… not that she’s surprised you boys are expecting another super special and intimate morning wake up from mrs. payne. Mommy catches on pretty quickly what you two are up to, and she starts with your friend, climbing on top and rubbing his already hard peepee. She remembers last time how she promised something more…. and she pulls up her skirt and starts riding you, slowly pulling out her tits as she fucks your friend (POV friend) after you cum inside her she climbs down and asks her sweet baby boy if he’s jealous and how you would like to enjoy mommy. Mommy lays down and you climb on top and fuck her hard. watching your moms big tits bounce as you enjoy her wet cum filled pussy. You boys are so naughty. After she makes you cum, she tells you to get ready… we’re going to the beach! fun!

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