Sydney Paige – You’re Such A Handsome Young Man

You’re becoming such a handsome young man! Sydney walked past your room as you were changing from football practice and couldn’t help but notice how much you’ve grown! You are certainly going to be a ladies man when you’re older! But m0mmy is curious…what else has grown? You get home from school and are called into m0mmy’s room. Don’t worry! You’re not in trouble. She’s just noticed that ever since your last birthday, you’ve really bloomed! So what else has grown? M0mmy wants to see, and she likes what she sees. She asks you to take off your clothes and after doing so- she just can’t help herself! Don’t worry, honey-you’ll like it.

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Paintedrose – Mommy Loves Sons – Brother Competition

Mommy adopts her son’s best friend who has been inlove with her. Mommy didn’t know her son was inlove with her too. Mommy sweetly diapers and breastfeeds you, then both. Mommy pees in your mouth and you must clean her (Ass and pussy piss scene). Mommy orgasms during this and then sucks you. Wow you’re big. Bigger than your brother. Son is humiliated – prematurely cums. You fuck Mom and cum inside and son must eat your cum out of her pussy. Now let’s cuddle. You can share the big bed with Mommy. Let’s get a clean diaper on you. I expect to see this wet in the morning. Are you hungry for more milk?

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PaintedRose – Mom Loves Son – Jerk You Off

Son is a good boy who loves to cuddle with Mommy and talk about their love. He gets hard down there and wants to touch Mommy’s breasts so she lets him and then she jerks his little cock for him.

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Noelle Easton – MILF Horse Play

Cleaning up after my son’s sleepover, I am startled by the little brat staring me as I’m bent over. I playfully ask what he’s up to, to which he responds “I want to play horsey again!” I giggle and sigh… he is so relentless. It is beginning to turn me on more and more how badly he wants me. I know he won’t stop until he gets what he wants, so I give in and start undressing. The look in his innocent eyes makes me even more horny for him. I start sucking him and am surprised by how aggressive he is! He’s begun to know exactly what he wants, and he makes me do it. Before long, he has me bent over the bed, roughly plowing me as I remind him how wrong this is. I tell him this time is really the last, but that only seems to make him pull my hair and thrust into me harder. We both cum and he finishes inside me, then mischievously trots back off to my son’s room.

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Sydney Paige – Mommy Took Advantage Of All The Boys

Oh hello son! How was school? Well mommy had a wonderful day… you know how she likes the younger ones… well mommy decided to indulge today and invite just about every boy in the neighborhood over… Their cute little girlfriends too! They were so adorable. Maybe I even taught them a few things! As you know, all the schools let out at different times, so mommy was able to indulge in all types today. I’m so tired! Yet, so satisfied. What’s wrong, honey? Why the look? Oh, baby… I see what’s happening in your pants. You like it when mommy tells you these stories, don’t you? There’s no shame in that, mommy loves you and your little winkie! Let mommy help you out.. but then- straight to your homework!

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JadeRenee – Mean Mommy Likes To Watch

My sorry excuse for a son has broken the rules and is jacking off without me present. He knows how much his mommy likes to watch and finger herself while he squirts his little load. Because he broke the rule, he now will be punished by tasting his mothers cunt. After he tastes me I finally get to see him cum with that pathetic thingy between his legs…which of course makes me cum.

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Penny Barber – Den Mother Takes Care Of Your Hard On

What are you doing up here all alone, sweetie? You left the group! Wait–what are you trying to hide? Oh my god! Do you have an erection?! Well, don’t worry. I’ll help you out, but don’t tell anyone. Just start playing with it while I strip out of my jeans and top, showing you my perfect breasts and plump ass. As you stroke your cock, Mommy will finger her pussy until we both cum. But try not to make too much noise! I don’t want your scout mates to hear…

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Kitty – Only Young Cocks Make Me Horny

She was very glad to found these article “Spontaneous Erections of Young Boys” by a famous female scientist, to use it for her next sex education class for young boys. She likes boys cocks of all age, they just must get hard in front of her! That’s why she wears these outfits btw. Not to hard to achieve an erection as she shows her legs, plays and strokes her black pantyhose legs in front of you. She also says what she don’t like. Ladies don’t like saggy and hairy old men with saggy and hairy old cock and balls… Her dirty talk turns her so much on that she instantaneously has to grab her pussy under her pantyhose and masturbate over her young boys fantasies! So make your cock big eliminate those hairs from your private parts to jerk off as she masturbates and orgasms in front of you!

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Kitty – Jerk Off At The Command Of A MILF

You, the best friend of my son jerked off on my underwear, you rubbed your penis on it… I bet you even wore it and my son your friend has no idea… but I admit I get turned on by young cocks, so fresh… so rub your stiff penis on my skirt… Now let’s see if you are real man… I take off my dress and more… I know how to tease you… now rub your penis on my sheer pantyhose… from now on no touching anymore, just jerk your cock at the sight of a mature woman, who could be your mother! Seeing my bare breasts make your cock ooze… now its time to empty your balls… at the command of an older but a woman who is hungry for young cocks! Jerk hard for me as I count you down, to cum at zero, with a huge load of cum!

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