Jocelyn Baker – Mommy Becomes The Cum Queen

Mommy steps out after hours of getting ready, shes FINALLY ready for the prom. She wants to know what you think? Well, it’s a little short..that’s okay she tells you. She just wants to keep up with all those young girls who will be there tonight, doesn’t want anyone to think your Mommy is boring! Your prom photos are forever, so it’s important you both look dashing. Which, speaking of look so wonderful. You really have grown up, haven’t you? Come give Mommy a kiss before we go! Wow, the prom is so nice. And I love this song, you really should dance with Mommy. Don’t be shy, my sweet boy. Fine. If you’re going to be shy, Mommy will just have to dance with some of the fine young gentlemen who haven’t been able to keep their eyes of my tits since we’ve walked through the door. I’m sure you won’t mind, right?! Gosh, I can’t believe I’ve danced with so many boys! Their dates really are starting to get mad, though. I think it’s because of my huge boobs and all the grinding we’re doing on the dance floor. And you’ve been so patient, sweetie. I think i’ll invite all the boys I’ve danced with over for a little..after party. & you, well, you sweetheart are going to get a very special reward. What is it? You’ll just have to see when we get home. Boys, thank you for coming to my home. I’m so happy you could join my sweet boy and I. While we were dancing I realized how big and large you all have grown, and now that you’re all here i’d love to have you join me upstairs in my bedroom so I can show you how much more fulfilling it can be taken care of by a mommy. You’re all going to make me the cum queen. Then once you all finish, it’s the party kings turn! My amazing son is going to get to fuck the cum queen and get his special reward by cumming right inside me as you all watch!

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Jocelynbaker – Kitchen Quicky With Mommy

You walk into the kitchen and see Mommy setting the table for dinner, she’s bent over and you can’t help but notice how amazing her big round butt looks. You’re SO horny that you start grabbing her and telling her you need a release. Mommy scolds you instantly and says NO! There are guests coming over for dinner and she just doesn’t have the time to please you. But you know Mommy won’t say no to you. You keep pestering her and finally she gives in, Mommy reluctantly gives you the go ahead to fuck her from behind while she continues setting the table for dinner. She pulls her pants & panties down revealing her HUGE ass and tight pink pussy. You waste no time shoving yourself inside her and thrusting fast, hard, and deep. You love every minute of being inside Mommy’s wet hole. At first she’s very focused on her task, but the sensation of your cock inside her slit drives her wild and soon she’s dropped all the silverware & is BEGGING for her sweet boy to fill her up. Fuck the table, this is more important. With her talking like that, and the view of her ass while you thrust you aren’t able to hold back and within minutes you’re spurting stream after stream of your sticky cum inside her love tunnel. Within seconds Mommy is pulling up her panties and shooing you away, telling you to get ready for dinner. You don’t want your guests knowing what just happened where they’re about to eat!

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Jocelynbaker – Worship Mommys Tits

Mommy found your girlfriends bra in your bedroom, now she wants to talk. Uh-Oh. Thankfully you’re not in trouble. Mommy does have some..concerns, though. She knew your girlfriend had tiny tits but WOW, now that she’s seen her bra she can really see just how small they are. Mommy loves her boy, and wants the VERY best for you. And it’s time you know that those little mosquito bites that you’re playing with, well, they’re far from the best. Luckily, mommy has had a huge pair of supple tit sacs for her entire life so she knows alll about how wonderful they can be. Before you even have a chance to defend yourself Mommy is whipping out her big knockers and showing them off to you! Talking about how they’re so much more fun to slide a cock between (& a lot less effort, too!) Mommy even shows you the pleasures she can give herself thanks to these major mammaries by licking & sucking on them RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! She gets a bit carried away and tries your girlfriends bra on. *Just for a comparison* she says, and wow..her jugs certainly are 2x bigger & better then your girlfriends. You’re starting to think your mom may be right and that you do deserve a girl with larger knockers. After she takes it off she confesses there’s one more thing that makes ginormous boobies better then itty bitty titties, and that’s spraying a fat load of hot cum all over them. Nothing looks better then a heavily covered pair of tits, after all. Mommy tells you that you should get to experience it, and although she won’t stroke you(For christ sakes, she’s your MOM after all!) she will let you jerk yourself off all over her big titties just so you know what you’re missing. How can you refuse that offer? Even though she’s your mom you can’t help but feel your dick twitch while you watch her touch and caress herself. You cum almost instantly and she doesn’t hesitate to play and rub it all into those perfect, soft boobs. Maybe it’s time to go call your girlfriend and let her know it’s not going to work out.

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Jocelynbaker – Perverted Son Caught Spying On Mommy

Mom comes home from the gym all sweaty, after just having finished a super intense workout she doesn’t notice her son spying on her while she undresses. She stretches after undressing and massages her legs and thighs (which also really accentuate her HUGE, hanging breasts) All this stretching makes her aware of just how bad she needs a shower! And with that, she heads to the bathroom. When she re enters her bedroom, she catches her son doing the unthinkable with her gym clothes! As upset as she is, she lovingly comforts him and tells him that she knows he is probably getting “urges” but that he can’t express those urges using Mommy’s belongings. She makes him leave and tries to forget about the whole thing. The next day, she comes back into her bedroom after her workout and starts stripping again. Only this time. she catches her son WHILE she is stripping! And this time, Mommy is NOT happy. She tries to cover her glistening breasts with her hands, while deciding what her sons punishment is going to be. She can’t help but notice how hard he is, and she tries to ignore it while scolding him. She comes up with the perfect humiliating punishment: He likes to watch ME strip, so maybe he should try taking off all his clothes for me and see how it feels! And with that, Mommy makes her son strip for her right then and there. Only she didn’t plan on getting so turned on by seeing her sons naked body..the lack of sex causes her to act out irrationally and she gets on the bed, commanding her son to come over to her and eat her pussy. She cums in his face and tells him to get on the floor where she is going to ride his virgin dick till he explodes, he only lasts a few minutes but that’s enough for Mommy’s freak to come out. After he creampies her deep and hard he thinks it’s over, but Mommy has different plans. She commands him to stick his penis in her asshole and fuck her in doggystyle, and within just a few more minutes she is getting ANOTHER load blown in her ass! Satisfied, Mommy lays down on the floor. But now her son is the one wanting more, inching his dick closer and closer to her pussy..telling her his balls are still full. Mommy can’t leave her boy like that, so she let’s him get inside her one last time until he gives her a last & final creampie in missionary. Mommy fears she may have created a sex addicted monster..but she’s happy because now she has her own little playtoy.

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