JocelynBaker – You Forgot Mother’s Day

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You forgot Mother’s Day and Mommy isn’t very happy about it. Seeing your Dad spend this day with his new whore was almost more then she could take. Now her own son can’t even remember her! You’re so ungrateful and she’s going to make you pay. Every one in this family gets taken care of but Mommy. She’s always doing this and doing that. Mommy needs pleasure, too. Luckily she’s got you there to take care of her every need.

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Jocelynbaker – Mommy Becomes Slave Leia

Mommy surprises you dressed as Slave Leia when you get home! She knows how stressed her boy is, and wants to do something special. She knows how much you love Princess Leia and gets a naughty idea in her head. Mommy wants to be used as your little sex slave, just like Leia. First she uses her wet mouth to tease your dick, getting you nice and hard and pleasing you until you blow a load all over her face and tits. Mommy isn’t done yet, though. She wants to make sure she relieves ALL your stress. She uses her big soft boobies to wrap around your dick and milks you again this time all over her chest. You swear you don’t have anymore cum left for Mommy but that isn’t going to stop her. She mounts your dick and bounces on you until she cums hard. Then she lays back and tells her sweet boy to fill her cunt with that big dick. You’re happy to oblige and stick it in her thrusting as hard and deep as you can. Her tits bounce and flop everywhere as you blow your final load inside her sweet pussy. Look at the huge mess you made pouring out of your Mommy. Seems like Mommy needs to dress as Leia more often!

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Jocelynbaker – Mommy’s Friend Helps You Out

Mommy threw a pool party for your sister and her friends. You tried to hang out with them but seeing those cheerleaders in bikinis got your dick too hard. You run down to your room to hide it and within minutes your mom’s best friend is calling for you. She enters your bedroom to see you looking anxious. You know you can talk to her about ANYTHING! Okay..well, here it goes. You tell her all about your boner and at first she chuckles. That’s nothing to be concerned about! It’s completely natural for a boy like yourself to get a boner seeing all those hot girls. She pauses for a moment before suggesting she can help you. She knows just what you need. She tells you to pull down your swim trunks, suddenly she gets on her knees and reveals her big soft boobies. Shh, don’t look so shy! It’s alright. She takes your dick into her mouth and gently sucks you, playing with you and making you throb. A boy like yourself deserves more then a blowjob though. She pushes you back on the bed and mounts you, riding slowly at first and then so fast and intense that she cums all over you. You’re positive you’re about to cum too but she stops you. Your mom would freak if you got her pregnant, so her mouth will have to do. She gets back on her knees and sucks you until you explode in her mouth. She shows off the massive load before swallowing with a giggle. Alright sweetie, all taken care of! Now let’s clean up and get back to that party!

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Jocelynbaker – Mommy Finds Your Porn Stash

Mommy cleans your room while you’re not home and she’s shocked at what she finds. Not only was your room a total mess but she stumbled across your porn stash too! Of course Mommy is curious to see what her boy is watching and she’s appalled when she plays the video to see it’s taboo. She can’t believe you’re actually fantasizing about your mother but she can’t ignore that her pussy tingles at the thought. She confronts you when you get home but things quickly go from scolding to something more sexual. Mommy peels off her blouse and demands you stare at her breasts. If you love Mommy porn so much, this should be your dream. She hasn’t been fucked properly by your father in years and lucky for you she has a lot of stress she needs to relieve. Mommy lays you down on the bed and sucks your cock before mounting you and riding all the cum out.

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Jocelynbaker – Running Away With Mommy

You and Mommy have just settled into a sleepy little town. One so remote and far away that no one knows your name. Here you two can let your true desires run wild, no one to judge and no one to pry. Mommy loves her boy SO much and she can’t wait to show you over and over again. Mommy needs her pussy eaten, and she wants you to do it right in front of the window! You get in between her soft legs and taste her sweet cunt. She’s so delicious. You play with her clit and make her cum all over your face. Now it’s Mommy’s turn to make you cum! She lies back and lets you slide your dick inside her wet pussy. Her tits bounce like crazy with every thrust inside her. You’re going to cum, and Mommy let’s you do it inside. Maybe she’ll get pregnant. She can do that now, no one knows you two here after all…

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Jocelynbaker – Draining You While Daddys Home

Your dad just got home from his business conference and things are slowly going back to normal around the house. And by normal, you mean you no longer get to be in Mommy’s bed and fuck her sweet pussy. You and her have been having so much fun together, and you’re really missing her morning blow jobs. So much that your hand slowly reaches down to your cock as you think about how good she made you feel. You start stroking yourself to your Mommy but you’re pulled back into reality when you hear your parents arguing, then your Mom knocking on your bedroom door. You can’t get your dick in your pants fast enough and she barges in on you with it hard and throbbing. She pretends to be angry, but reveals she wishes you had invited her to join. You’re stunned, we can’t! Dad is home, you tell her. She’s not satisfied with that though and promises you that your Dad is glued to the TV. She walks into the living room and tells him she’s headed to the bedroom for a nap, only instead of going in her room she slowly slips into yours with a grin. Once in your room, you’re a mix of turned on and nervous. Your dad is RIGHT in the other room, he can hear any thing that happens! You quickly forget your worries once Mommy peels off her hot pink tank top and releases those giant boobies you love to suck. She goes to lock your bedroom door and when she returns reveals a surprise sexy pair of panties – they were for your Dad, but he hasn’t touched her since he got home days ago so Mommy is going to let you play with them instead. You bend her over and slip your cock in her, fucking her until you feel her pussy clench down on your dick. She’s so sensitive after cumming that she asks you to pull it out, you can’t cum in her tonight because Daddy might want to use her later. She gets ready to suck your cock but you just have to bury your face in her sweet pussy juice before she makes you cum. It doesn’t take very long before she’s cumming in your mouth and now you’re certainly ready to blast her face with spunk. She gets on her knees and sucks you while stroking (a deadly combo) and you blow your load almost instantly. She laps up your cum and even licks some off her face. She smiles at you devilishly and suggests you two clean up before Dad notices.

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Jocelynbaker – Date Night With Mommy

It’s Friday night and your date stood you up! What an awful way to start the weekend. You head back home and slam every door on your way in. Women can be SO difficult some times. You’re in the guest room when Mom rushes in to ask if every thing is okay. You knew you should have been more quiet on your way in, now you have to explain what’s going on. You quietly say that you were stood up and don’t want to talk about it. Just as you suspected Mommy immediately tries to console you, assuring you that you’re the most handsome boy in the world and that any girl would be lucky to have you. She suggests maybe you hang with her tonight, just cause your day started off wrong doesn’t mean it has to end that way! You’re bored and don’t really have anything else to do so you agree. You both head to her room where she attempts setting up a movie. Your mom has never been the best with technology and after a few minutes realizes the rental expired, looks like you won’t be watching anything tonight. Just as you’re about to leave Mommy slips her night gown down to expose her soft breasts. They are glorious, you know this, but you also know it’s wrong and you turn your head. Mommy pulls your focus back to her and encourages you to let her take care of you. Why waste your time with these immature girls when you have Mommy right at home? You’re tell her it’s wrong, that you two can’t be doing this! But as her hand strokes your cock, she whispers something that feels so right can’t be wrong. You melt and in that moment you’ll let her do anything. She lays you down and takes your big cock into her mouth. Taking her time with you, she worships from the tip to the balls. The act of Mommy touching you alone is enough to make you cum, but before you shoot into her mouth she playfully mentions you can fuck her, too. You tell her you don’t have a condom but she wants it raw. She mounts herself on top of you and slips your dick inside her wet hairy pussy. Her hole swallows up your dick and with each thrust you’re closer to the biggest orgasm of your life. She begs you to fill her up and hearing Mommy beg for YOUR cum makes you explode with your dick twitching with every shot. After a few seconds you slip yourself out of her and immediately your cum is dripping down her pussy and ass. She wants you to get a nice close look at the mess you made and you don’t resist. As you’re down there she mentions you should NEVER date again, not when you two can do this.

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Jocelynbaker – Shower Sex With Mommy

You’re in your room, bored and horny. You start playing with your cock and decide it needs a little attention. You peak out in the living room and your dad is resting on the couch. Excellent because the attention you need will come from Mommy. You wander in her bathroom and hear the shower running so you check it out. There she is, completely naked and lathering up her tits with soap. You watch her for a minute or two before she realizes you’re there. Unfortunately, she’s not very happy to see you. Immediately she tells you that you need to get out, you two can ONLY play when Dad isn’t home. You point to your throbbing dick and she’s disgusted. NO means NO! You continue to tell her that you absolutely need to cum. Finally, she reluctantly agrees to blow you in the shower but only if you keep an eye on the door. No problem with that! You pull your dick out and Mommy teases you with that little mouth of hers before sucking your dick like you’ve craved. Her mouth is feeling so good but you know you won’t be able to cum unless you’re in her pussy. As she’s sucking you tell her that she’s going to give you blue balls. Mommy will NEVER leave you without cumming, and she lets you slide yourself inside her right in the shower. Her pussy is feeling so tight and wet on your cock, but Mommy suggests you finish in the bedroom where it’s more comfortable. As soon as you get on her bed, she climbs on top of you and mounts your dick. Slipping it balls deep inside her she begins to ride you while shoving those round titties right in your face. She knows that you won’t be able to hold back if she does that, and within minutes a hot load of spunk is getting sprayed inside her! Who cares, if she get’s pregnant she’ll just say it’s your dads. You’re about to leave, but Mommy wants you to taste her cum mixed with yours. She makes you get right up against her pussy as she feeds your cum to you and eats some for herself. It’s so damn good you’re already hard and wanting to fuck again. But Mommy is NOT having it, and suggests you take a shower to clean yourself up.

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Jocelynbaker – Getting Mommy Pregnant

Your dad is always working and doesn’t seem to value your moms time. Her and your dad have been trying to get pregnant for MONTHS with no success. They recently started IVF and just like with every thing else: he forgets the appointment due to being at the office. Your mom is livid, you can hear her through the walls. You try to ignore their fighting and continue playing your video game. A few minutes pass by, and your mom is knocking on the door of your bedroom. At first you think she’s going to take her anger out on you like usual but almost immediately you can tell it’s something else. She’s always nice when asking for things she wants from you, but what could she possibly need? She goes into the IVF troubles and how she’s ovulating. Since your dad missed this appointment they won’t get to try again until next month. Unless…you help her instead. You’re still not following, that is, until Mommy flat out asks you to help her make a baby. You’re stunned, speechless, and a little turned on. How can YOU help HER make a baby? She assures you that if you have sex with her it won’t be wrong, and that you can help in the creation of your new brother/sister. You can tell she really wants this and you love your mom too much to say no. Plus, you’re hard at the thought of being inside the woman who created you, so you agree. She strips out of her sun dress and shows you those glorious tits – the ones you always jerk off to. You follow her into her bedroom where she climbs on top of you and immediately you get a face full of her breasts. She’s really horny now, telling you how good your young hairy chest feels. Mentioning that your dad needs a Viagra just to get hard enough to fuck her, but you don’t. She mentions how she may need to do this with you again if it doesn’t work this first time and before you can reply she’s slid her hairy pussy over your aching dick. As she rides you get to taste those sweet pink nipples which helps her have an insane orgasm while riding you. When she’s finished she slows down and tells you it’s your turn. She lies back and you get on top of her wasting no time getting your cock back inside that glorious hole. You fuck her so hard her giant tits bounce up and down and the look on her face is too much to take, so you blow that hot load right inside her like she asks. When you’re finished she even lets you see the mess you made, before asking for a towel while she lays there with her legs up. She needs to make sure your sperm reaches her egg, and you certainly don’t mind.

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