Natalia Leo – Babysitter Takes Your Virginity

Creampie, Dildo Fucking, Role Play, POV, Fantasies

You’ve always had a thing for your babysitter. Shes got that girl next door look that always catches your eye. Long brunette hair, blue eyes. You sneak into the room shes staying in and notice that shes rubbing herself, about to masturbate. She notices youre awake and also notices something tight growing in your pants. Have you ever been with a woman before? She asks, already knowing the answer is no. She invites you to watch as she strips out of her pajamas and slowly begins rubbing her clit and playing with her nipples. She whispers, If you can keep a secret, Id like to give you your first blow job. But you have to promise not to tell anyone, ok? She starts stroking your shaft and places her mouth around you, this blow job is better than anything you could have ever imagined. Now dont get too excited, you still need to be able to fuck me. Thats right, Im going to take your virginity tonight . Laying in missionary you ease your cock inside her tight little pussy and she moans, encouraging you. Next she says she wants to be the one fucking you, so she climbs on top in doggy position so you can see her ass bouncing up and down on your rock hard dick. When you both cant take it anymore she begs you to cum with her, to cum inside her! You unload inside her and you both lay down breathless. That was your first time? Wow. Shes shocked. This has to be the best way anyone has ever lost their virginity!

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