Silverxomunat – Bully Virgin Impregnation

I come to your house to originally speak to your mother, but she appears to not be home! So, I ask if I can speak with you inside because you’ve been bullying my son and this needs to stop immediately! Despite my efforts of trying to make you agree to no longer bully my son you mock me and laugh in my face! What a bully you truly are…because not only that you choose to bully ME! By making certain demands. & Well, what can I say, even though I’m a married woman I’m willing to do quite a lot for my son……But as your demands increase you inform me you’re a VIRGIN! I’m shocked based on what I’ve seen (heehee) & well let’s just say I help you enjoy your first time and you get a little bit more than just fucking a milf!

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SummerKnightz – Mom Son

In this solo roleplay video I find a pair of panties in my “son’s” room and call him into my office to talk about it. I take full advantage of the situation.

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Nicole Rogue – Slutty Mom Wants Your Virgin Cum

You wake up rock hard at your bestfriend’s house. He’s laying in bed beside you, awkward, so you get up to see if you can slip off somewhere to solve this big problem. You slip out and notice his Mom’s light is on, and suddenly you remember just how hot she is. Perky, squeezable tits, big wide baby making hips, huge bubble ass… You had made up your mind, and you slowly open the door to her room. There she is, bent over her bed, in tight as fuck shorts, showing off that amazing ass. You feel yourself grow harder right as she turns around and notices you. Oh my GOD! You scared the crap out me! What are you doing up, aren’t you supposed to be with my son? She laughs, leaning back on the bed and letting you get a good view of that amazing body. You nervously laugh and explain you can’t go to bed, and after some coaxing you admit it’s because you’re too damn horny to go to bed. At first she’s reluctant, but then grows obviously horny. Okay… you’ve never been with a girl before, right? Let me teach you the ropes, get that cock out, and get it hard for me to suck. She teases you with her amazing curves and then takes your virgin dick in her mouth, teasing with her perfect lips and tongue. I’ll assume if you’ve never been sucked before you’ve never been fucked either… Why don’t you use her pussy and fill it with your huge virgin load? I hope my son doesn’t find out what a nasty little whore I am…

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Tigger Rosey – Easy Babysitter Eats Your Cum

You try to seduce your babysitter and she acts like she doesn’t care, and tries to get you back to bed. But gets a little flirty… all flustered.. She acts like its no big deal and decides to teach you a lesson… aka jerking you off and fucking you.. and eats all your Cum and LOVES it.

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Tara Tainton – The Return Of Jerky Boy

Oh, gosh… MUST Jerk Boy return tonight?? Just before bedtime?? Okay, okay… and I have to play Evil Nanny?? Yes, yes, of course, I’m evil. Whatever you say… Jerky Boy. Now, what does Evil Nanny have to do to get you into bed AND put an end to your… exhibitionist jerking??? I’ll do whatever it takes!

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Missbehavin26 – Moms Hot Friend Uve Been Sexting

Script: (Uve met an older woman via tinder, but now she shows up at ur house ! Turns out shes ur moms best friend !!! ) Hey, the last video i ordered from you was really hot. So i got a new one here if you could do this in POV/Virtual Style only would be great! I order for 30mins maybe you could this story more realistic and add from yourself something to it would be great :* Story: Moms hot friend. A boy aged 18 years love MILFs, but at the time both did not know anything about each other. So the boy started to search in some Love-Apps MILF’s / Older womens. He found MOMs hot friend. He started to text her. After a while she sent him hot pictures. (Maybe you could here film urself doing some Pictures with ur Phone and how u send it him about Snapchat or other App). Next day Mom had a visit. It was HER! The boy tried to hide but his Mom was like Hey son that my new Friend. She was really sexy dressed and after she saw him, she was shocked and speechless. All three sat at the table for dinner, Mom had to go to the bathroom. He was really horny and said to her such hot stuff, your Pictures was really hot yesterday. He tried to touched her tits. But she was very nervous and said stop your mother is here. He said stand up for me show me your figure in real now. She said okay but you have to stopp after this. She bended over for him showed him her ass. Mom was comming from the bathroom it was really close. Mom said im getting ready now for the lady night, im going under the shower fast be right back. After mom was away both were so horny so they started to have sex. She was so loud moaning and said i cant hold it if your Mom can hear us we are dead. Mom comes out of the bathroom and saw how Son comes on her ass. All three were speechless.

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CaraDay – Bimbo Big Sis Sucks And Fucks Lil Brother

Hey! Are you spying on me? What you think your big sis is hot? Haha youre so lame little brother, but I guess I can entertain you… First Ill strip for you, making sure your cock is nice and hard, then I cant help but notice how big youve gotten and damn that kinda gets me horny… I start sucking on your hard cock, spitting and gagging all over it until Im ready to let you fuck me! I tell you to hurry before mom and dad get home and bend over for you, spreading my pussy so your cock can pound me hard.

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