Natashajane – Mommy Wakes You Up With A Blowjob

Blowjob, Creampie, Mommy Roleplay, Role Play, Solo Female

Your father has left and it’s just you and mommy at home. I decided to wake you up with a nice sloppy blowjob, and get you hard for mommy to ride. I rode you hard in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl tell you how much better your cock is that your fathers. I then beg you to creampie me and make mommy pregnant again!

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Natashajane – Naughty Mommy Role Play

Mommy Roleplay, Pussy Eating, Role Play, Solo Female, Squirting

I was doing the washing and come into your room to get your dirty clothes and accidentally catch you red handed playing with yourself! I was shocked, but turned on at the same time. All I wanted to do is to help you…Since you already came, I made you do me a favour…using your tongue and then licking every drop of my squirt!

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Bonsai Bon – Mom Walks In On Son

Femdom, Kink, Role Play, Taboo

My own son was jerking off to porn and i accidentally walked in! Mommy is very caught off guard and disgusted at first! I never thought I would catch my own son jerking off to his favorite porn! Mommy tries to explain to her son why this is wrong and why he needs to stop, until I notice that my son is still hard looking at me. Being a mother I know that I need to help my son finish! I decide to show him Mom’s breasts and slowly undress myself showing him the female anatomy! I know how taboo it is but it turned me on knowing my own son was looking at his own mother’s naked body! Mommy then decides to suck her sons cock in this POV film! I make sure to suck it long and sensual since it feels so great! Then I decide to expose my pussy to my son and start to finger myself for him. After some time I let my son stick it in me raw and fuck me doggy and missionary until he cums all over my face and tits!

Bonsai Bon – Mom Walks In On Son.mp4
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Bonsai Bon – Aunt Stripper JOI

Family, Impregnation Fantasy, Kink, Role Play, Taboo

You get to watch your aunt strip for you and show you her body one minute at a time! She gets so excited that you get to watch her get naked that she get’s wet and has to suck and fuck her own nephew’s cock!

Bonsai Bon – Aunt Stripper JOI.mp4
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ScarletteLetter – Mommy Catches You Fucking Sister

Mommy Roleplay, Role Play, Sisters, Taboo

Um, Excuse me, mommy is so much sexier than sister. You should be fucking me instead. That’s right, now be a good boy and listen to mommy…

Scarletteletter – Mommy Catches You Fucking Sister.mp4
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ScarletteLetter – Show Mommy How Much You Grown

Mommy Roleplay, Taboo, Family, Role Play

Oh, you think you can sass me? I am your mother. Looks like I need to see how grown you really are. Let me Jerk you off, suck and fuck you with my big thick ass.

Scarletteletter – Show Mommy How Much You Grown.mp4
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Mama Fiona – When Mom Hears You Fucking

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I am just doing some chores around the house when yet AGAIN, I hear your girlfriend moaning and panting loudly from your bedroom. I try to ignore it for a bit, but curiosity gets the best of me and I quietly lean against your door to hear what the commotion is all about. To my surprise, your very vocal girlfriend is calling you, my son, “DADDY” while you fuck her! I am shocked and intrigued by this! MY son, being called DADDY while pounding his GF!?!??! Wow. I hardly know what to think and I find myself getting sort of turned on by this whole ordeal. Later that day, your gf is in the shower and I start giving you grief for her being loud. I don’t care, I’m just curious. Then I reveal to you that my best friend had just told me about she has been getting very intimate with her son! Flashback to our phone call – she gives me alllllll the steamy details of her and her son while I become aroused and even start touching myself during the conversation! (Long convo on the phone with my friend!) The whole thing is incredibly arousing to me and I soon find out that its arousing to you too. I start to make a move on you. We start heavy petting and kissing in the living room – even though your girlfriend is in the shower! You tell me you’ve wanted me for so long and upon hearing this, I just can’t wait to get my hands on you…. I suck your beautiful dick and give you a handjob, you finger me, eat me… touch your mother and suck on my nipples. I give you the best pussy job of your life and you tell me you want to fuck me. I can’t resist so I drag you to my bedroom where we make tender mom son love!!!! I can’t believe this has finally happened but boy I am glad it did and I’d LOVE to do it again… hopefully your girlfriend won’t find out!

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