Blueberryspice – Beach Trip With Mommy

Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for weeks for.. beach trip day! Your Mom is taking you and all your friends out to the coast to enjoy the last bit of your break. However, when you went to check up on your Mom and her packing.. you found her lounging in the smallest micro bikini you’ve ever laid your eyes on. “You’re wearing that in front of MY friends?” you were so worried and upset she didn’t think this through. You’re a group of horny boys ffs. “Of course, why not?” your Mom asked.. she is so sweet and oblivious.. you don’t think you can tell her.. but then she rambles off assuming the worst. that she’s too old to wear things like that. You could never let your Mom think that way about herself and convince her otherwise.

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Download Blueberryspice - Beach Trip With Mommy.mp4
Download Blueberryspice - Beach Trip With Mommy.mp4

Reya Reign – Virgin Gets Handjob From Mommy

Good morning to my special boy! What’s under the sheets? That’s called morning wood. Mommy knows exactly what to do with it! Just let mommy take care of you. I know it won’t take long for your virgin cock to cum for me…

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Download Reya Reign - Virgin Gets Handjob From Mommy.mp4
Download Reya Reign - Virgin Gets Handjob From Mommy.mp4

Tigger Rosey – Babysitter Soothes Your Bad Dreams

Awww.. you had a bad dream? Oh no, i dont think someone touching you down there in your dream is bad…. thats normal sweetheart. Youre okay. You’ve got an erection! Its natural… I’ll help you. I have to hide your cum! Oh god, ew. I hate cum. but i have to eat it…

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Mindi Mink – Mom Talks To Son About A Threesome

My son and I have had a great intimate relationship for some time now. But I’m into girls too, so I suggest we find some young hot chick on the weekend at a bar & take her home with us. I get super horny thinking and talking about the idea, so I tell him you need to take care of my throbbing pussy…just like any good son would do for his Mom.

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Mindi Mink – Auntie Needs Help Moving

Your aunt Mindi Mink needs help moving so she has invited you over to talk about it.She wants to know what she can do for you. Shes very concerned because she doesnt have anyone to help her out. I can pay you! What do you mean you want a different form of payment? You want to do what? You want her to strip and let you suck on her tits while she masturbates. She is really in a bind because she desperately needs help moving. I guess we can do that. She caresses and strokes her big tits. Teasing you and turning you on. She really starts getting into it, she starts taking off her clothes. Mindi is really loving it now, she starts playing with her pussy and then pulls out a huge dildo. You want to watch me fuck myself with this dildo.

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Fiona Dagger – Mom Caught You Sniffing Panties

You’ve hidden yourself in your mom’s room, waiting for her to get home. She walks in and luckily doesn’t notice you as you crouch behind the bed. She takes a pair of panties out of her bag and lays them on the bed, then strips down to her stockings and panties and walks out. As soon as she’s gone you get up on the bed, but she comes back sooner than you’d expected and she walks in to find you naked on her bed, masturbating with the panties and a scarf she’d left! She’s furious and grabs the scarf and the panties off you, accusing you of being a filthy little pervert, and saying that you’ll need to be punished now! She uses the scarf to tie your hands together so you’re helpless and naked on the bed, then asks if you had thought that the panties were hers? She thinks you’re a pervert who wanted to smell his mother’s dirty knickers, but what you didn’t realise is that the knickers aren’t actually hers! She tells you that they belong to your aunt, her sister, and that she had stolen them recently because she loves smelling her sister’s dirty panties! She asks if you had any idea that your mother was also a panty sniffer, then says she bets you wish your hands were untied now – look how hard your cock is! She takes off her robe and begins to rub her pussy through her underwear as she smells her sister’s panties, taunting you about being such a sneaky little perve. She then takes off her knickers and dangles them in your face, asking if this is what you want? She stuffs the panties into her pussy and keeps masturbating, soaking her panties with her juices as she gets closer to cumming. You’re tied up and helpless, and can only watch as your mother brings herself to orgasm on the bed, then pulls out her panties from her pussy and stuffs them into your mouth, gagging you. She gets dressed again, putting on her sister’s dirty knickers, then tells you she’ll be back to deal with you properly later…

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Bettie Bondage – Girlfriend Finds Your Mother Son Porn

Your girlfriend shows up with a little treat in hand You’re not huge stoners, but you were recently talking about how ganja makes you both feel horny and relaxed. And she says that’ll be a good mindset to be in, since she has something she wants to talk about. Lazily, she lights up, smirking as she inhales, exhales, plays with the smoke, holding it loosely to your lips as you drag. She tells you she had to use your computer and while trying to find something she downloaded, she stumbled onto your porn folders. Your taboo porn folders. She laughs when your face betrays your attempt to stay cool, reassuring you that she’s not upset. She just wants to discuss it. She tells you she found the folder of all the mother-son stuff, saying again that she’s not upset. Quite the contrary. She thinks fantasy is important. Sexy. Healthy. Even the stuff you fantasize. “But,” she says, “I did notice that all those women looked a lot like your mother. A lot…is there maybe something to that?” You freeze. She’s cool, but is she that cool, that open? You don’t need to respond, though, before she’s smiling again, opening her sweater, telling you that its ok. She wants to explore it. She wants to talk. For both of you to touch yourselves while you explore. While she encourages you. Encourages you to stroke and think about all the naughty, taboo scenarios that were in those videos. Stroke and think…about your mother. Is this really happening? As you bring yourselves closer and closer to orgasm, dirty talking and encouraging, she tells you to wait. She’s going to get something… She leaves, and when she returns, she’s carrying something. A picture. Framed. A framed picture of your mother! You can’t believe this. Really? Yes, really. Yes, really, your girlfriend is holding a framed photo of your mother between her legs, against her naked, smooth, wet pussy, stroking your cock and telling you to cum all over your mother’s face. Telling you that its just what she wants. It’s just what you want. And she’s right.

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Siena Rose – Babysitting The Monster Cock

Custom: You babysit him and we start off with some sweet babytalk and then baby starts to cry and you talk to him like “what’s wrong sweetie?” and so on “are you hungry? I just gave you the bottle” etc. You then see how he is bulging up down there, the diaper getting more and more strained. You look more and more shocked and kinda freak out a bit. You then ask if that’s why he’s crying, you then think to yourself “omg what is happening down there?! It keeps growing, this is not normal”. You then proceed to open up the diaper saying “Is it because of that your crying?” You then shockingly discover his monster dick. You look at it horrified and think to yourself “Oh my fucking god that thing is enormous, this so fucked up” You then ask him “What do you want me to do? Is there some thing mommy does to make you feel better?” You then notice him start thrusting it towards you and then you realize what you have to do… You then move on to feeling the cock, saying how massive and thick it is; some comparing it with your arm and trying to wrap your hand around it. You then move in to stroking it and saying like “Does that feel good, baby?” in babytalk. You then quickly move on to licking it – sucking it – deepthroat it (lots of deepthroating!! really sloppy and deep) You can throw in some lines during about how nicely huge and thick it is and how im such a “big baby boy!” and maybe “who’s a good monster cock baby!” This is the basic script! I’ll give you some freedom to add stuff if you’d like, come up with your own lines and stuff like that!

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Mindi Mink – Mom Is A Gangbang Slut

Mindis sons football team just won the state championship. She invites a few of the champs back to her place to celebrate the big win. Mindi sits the boys down and tells them to wait a few minutes… when she returns, she is wearing a sheer, crotchless bodysuit and she tells the boys she IS the real prize for winning. Mindi teases the boys for a while and then gets on her hands and knees and starts to suck three of the boys young cocks. She tells her son to sit and watch because she wants him for last… After sucking the boys for a while she gets on her back and tells one of the lucky boys to fuck her hard. He does not disappoint her as he slams his cock into her wet pussy. He pulls his cock out of her and shoots a big load of cum all over her tits and stomach. Mindi loves it! She then flips over on her hands and knees to offer a view of her luscious ass and tells the next boy to fuck her from behind… once again, Mindi is not disappointed by the fucking she is receiving. He pulls out of her wet pussy and shoots his load all over her back, including one that flies over her head and gets in her hair. Mindi then gets on her knees and starts sucking the boy with the big black cock. She sucks him slowly and then increases the tempo. She tells him to shoot his cum on her face and when does, he covers her face in his cum. Finally, it is her sons turn… Mindi asks her son if he likes to see her covered in his friends cum. Mindi takes her sons young cock into her mouth and gives him a incredibly wet blowjob. She tells him to cover her face in his cum… she backs away and encourages him to cum all over her face. He does exactly that and shoots big ropes of cum, covering Mindis face. She tells him to grab her phone so she can take pictures of her cum covered face. She snaps a few pics telling the boys she is the Team Cum Slut and she will gladly take their cum whenever they want. She thanks them all… GO TEAM!

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Julia Jordan – Teachers Rewarding Cunt

Teacher invites her favorite student at home. She wants to show him how much she loves having him in her class. She wants to surprise him and is dressed so sexy – short black skirt, white blouse, heels. Her reward shocks him – she offers him a view to her gorgeous ass, her stunning MILF cunt, her fantastic legs! And the boy does not wasting his time – he starts licking, kissing and sucking her ass and cunt, making her so horny that soon she invites him in her bedroom and fucks him riding style very hard until the boy cums deep in her horny mature cunt!

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