MILF1785 – Bad Mommy

Rachel’s husband is out of town, she becomes a cock hungry MILF. Her son doesn’t approve of his slutty mothers actions and watches in shock as she prances around him wearing the lingerie she was fucked in the night before. Bad mommy then masturbates and encourages you to jerk off for her.

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JOI With Mommy – Jude Ryan

Mommy comes into your room to let you know that dinner is almost ready, and catches you masturbating. She’s taken aback by how much she’s instantly turned on seeing her little boy stroking his cock. She asks if it would be okay if she helped you cum. She strips down and teases you, telling you how to jerk off while playing with her tits and pussy. At the end, she counts down and begs for you to cum for her.

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Veronica Chaos – Your New Stepmom

I know you’re not used to me living here yet, but I’m your stepmom now and you have to start treating me like family! That means no more spying on me while I’m in the shower, or changing in the bedroom. Yes, I know that you’ve been peaking. Don’t deny it…or do these tits not ring a bell? You’re lucky I’m a cool stepmom and won’t tell your father. I’m just nervous about you going off to college so unprepared though…it’s obvious you have no idea how to handle yourself around women. Let me show you how it’s done, for your own good. Don’t worry, you naughty boy; mommy will teach you everything you need to know.

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E3Kylee – Mommy’s Love Part Three: Confessions

You’re just as horny for Mom but Mommy has gotten naughtier you’ve noticed. Sitting on her bed, you watch her enter the room after her shower. Wearing lingerie, stockings, garter, and high heels, she walks in without noticing you. She applies lotion to her body and is shocked once she catches your eye. You can go ahead and hang out in Mommy’s room, just play video games. And no peaking while she gets undressed! You peak out of the corner of your eye to see her side boob as she goes topless. She asks you how school was and begins telling you about her day as a teacher. There is a boy in class Mommy has her eye on! She acts like a giggly schoolgirl as she asks you inappropriate questions like what kind of porn do you watch and how big is your cock? You can’t help but grow hard as Mommy crosses the line. She is hinting that she wants to fuck YOU! The boy at school who she has her eye on is just like you in every way. Maybe Mommy will finally do to you what she does to the other boys in school. The thought scares you and makes your cock bulge and ache. She confesses that she has sucked this boy off and gave him a handjob. She describes how he drank from her tits and called her Mommy. This only makes you sweat and grow harder. Mommy then pulls out her vibrator and shows you how to make her cum. With a huge orgasm, she shutters and moans. She gets out a black dildo and fucks her tight creamy little cunt until you can’t take it anymore. Messy and exhausted, Mommy blows you a kiss and tells you to go run and play. But you better keep your little secret, OR ELSE! Mommy threatens you with something scary, and leaves you, teased and denied with her sweet, mischievous smile.

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Jane Cane – Mom And Sons Special Bond

Son is sick of dating teenage girls. They just aren’t on his level. He needs an older woman. Someone more mature. Someone like his mother. He loves his mom so much. No one else can ever compare to her. He decides to tell her how he feels. He wants to make love to her, to really grow the special bond that they already have. Mom is extremely flattered, and turned on by her son’s proposal. She invites him into her bed where they pleasure one another until she lets her son cum inside of her.

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Jane Cane – Mom Saves Her Sons Girlfriends Virginity

Son comes to his mother with a problem. He loves his girlfriend very much, but she wants to wait until marriage before doing anything sexual. He is sexually frustrated. He wants to know what it would feel like to have someone else touch him. When he talks to his mom about this, she agrees to help him out. It’s not cheating if it’s with your mom.

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Jane Cane – Stoner Mom Truth or Dare

Son comes home to find his mother on the couch in their living room super high. She had been cleaning his bedroom and found his stash of pot. She is already depressed that he will be leaving for college soon and thought she would indulge in a few hits, but the weed hit her really hard. Wade can’t stop laughing at his mom in this condition and mom is just enjoying this time alone with her son. Wade wants to have some fun with his mom and starts to play ‘truth or dare’ with her by asking her personal questions about her younger days and smoking with her. Her answers surprisingly make him super hard. Mom is feeling frisky and flirty and starts to rub her pussy as she answers him. Then, she starts to stroke his cock. Wade can’t believe what his mom is doing! He knows it’s wrong, but it feels so good. He can’t hold it in, he accidentally cums all over mom’s hands. He then dares mom to put his cock in her mouth and get him hard again. Will she do it? Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, handjob, hand job, pov, amateur, milf, blowjob, blow job, redhead Stoner Mom Truth or Dare, Part 2: Wade is so shocked. He can’t believe an innocent game of playing truth or dare with his mom while she is high has led to her mouth around his cock. She really knows what she is doing! He can’t stop thinking about the way his mom was fingering her pussy just a little while ago and how wet she was. He wants to be inside of her. To his surprise, mom dares him to let him put his cock inside of her. He can’t believe he is getting to fuck his own mother. And now she’s begging him to cum all over her big tits!

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Bettie Bondage – Am I A MILF Now, Son?

Your mother has been acting so weird lately. She keeps bringing up how your friend’s mom is a MILF, and that’s why you like to hang out there so much. Is she right? Well, yeah, but that’s besides the point. It’s not like just because you like staring at tits, you want your mother to put hers on display! But that’s exactly what she’s doing. Dressing differently, acting differently…you know she wants you at home more but really? This is getting ridiculous…and tempting. You don’t want to admit it but you’re finding yourself somewhat attracted to your own mother. You can’t admit it, not even to her, not even when she asks…and she does ask. She asks, and then she tries harder. Wears more revealing clothes, says things that even you can tell are attempts at…well. Getting you aroused. Today takes the cake, though. You come home from your friends and there your mother is, in the kitchen, in a skin-tight dress, her ass stretching it so tight you can see her pussy when she bends over. Which she seems to be doing a lot, and pointed right at you. You can try to deny the huge boner rising in your pants, but she’s paying a lot of attention to it. Is this really happening? Yes, it is, and now she’s practically pouring herself all over you, reaching out a hand to cover your mouth when you try to protest, her other hand snaking its way into your pants, stroking you, purring like a kitten and asking you, softly, “Am I a MILF now, honey?”

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ReyaReign – Virgin Gets Handjob From Mommy

Good morning to my special boy! What’s under the sheets? That’s called morning wood. Mommy knows exactly what to do with it! Just let mommy take care of you. I know it won’t take long for your virgin cock to cum for me…

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