Fiona Dagger – Fucked By Your Doctor Mom

Your mother comes home from her job at the hospital and informs you that it’s time for her to have a look over your balls and make sure everything’s ok down there – you protest but she firmly tells you to stop being silly, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. She makes you drop your trousers and examines your testicles, squeezing and checking them for lumps. She asks you some embarrassing questions about your masturbation habits, and then informs you that she’s decided it would be a good idea to perform a virility test! She wants to make sure everything is running smoothly and so wants to see how easy you cum and how quickly you can cum again afterwards. You feel a bit awkward about this but she insists, and uses her hand to work your cock until you cum, talking sweetly to you the whole time. After you’ve cum she insists on further tests, this time using her mouth! She takes off her shirt to help you get hard and sucks your cock until you’ve cum once more. You’re finding it difficult to get hard again after two orgasms so she strips off and bounces her ass for you until you’re erect again, then rides your cock until you’ve cum for a third time. She asks you if you think you could still cum again and you tell her you’re not sure but you think so, so she makes you fuck her doggystyle until you cum for a fourth time! Finally she’s satisfied that you’re healthy and virile and suggests you both take a shower together to clean off before she makes dinner…

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Ava Nicks – Babysitter Sucks You Off First Time

Your parents hired me to do a job and I’m confident I can get it done. I need to get you up and at it this summer and to practice on time weekly. You are impossible to get going in the morning! I pull back the covers and see that we are in a very awkward situation. You have a morning wood?! Is this why you didn’t want to get up in front of me? We are so late for practice and I need to speed this up. Let me help you with that, just don’t tell anyone this is not in my job description. Let me work that young cock and those tight balls, it’s natural after all. I can be a safe place for you and maybe even show you a thing or two. Give your mature busty babysitter that load sweetheart, it’s ok I can take it. After were done here you NEED to get up!

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Bettie Bondage – Mom Finds Your Taboo Porn Stash

It’s a nightly ritual: you open your laptop and navigate to the hidden folder, the one filled with your favorite type of porn: mother son taboo POV. But tonight, when you click through your labyrinth of folders, you open the folder to find only one video. Everything else – tens of videos, carefully curated to cater to your exact fetish – is gone, save for a single video you don’t recognize titled “This is WRONG.” What? Tentatively, you open the video and see a familiar sight: your mother, sitting on her bed, looking at the camera with concern in her eyes. Fuck. She starts to talk, telling you how disappointed she is in you. How could you? All those videos, those dirty, filthy videos, all about…having sex with your own mother! Is that what you want? Is that what you think of when you look at her? Do you imagine her doing all those things? She goes on and on, detailing all the sex acts contained in your collection of perverse films…but wait, is she…starting to touch herself? Subtle at first but yes, she’s getting turned on talking about this! She’s excited by the fact that you’d want to see her like that. That you do see her capable of such depraved acts…before long, your mother is splayed across her bed, touching herself while repeating to you how wrong it all is, and how right that wrongness feels! Just as she climaxes, your laptop closes, and before you is…your mother. In the flesh. She knew exactly what you’d do when you found that video. Knew exactly when you’d retire to your bedroom to jerk off. She takes your throbbing cock into her hand and starts to pump, her tits falling out of the hot tight black lace bra she’s wearing. She’s dressed up all slutty, just for you…fuck the videos, this is ten times better!

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Jess Ryan – My Son Doesn’t Listen

Impregnation Fantasy, MILF, Older Woman / Younger Man, Role Play, Taboo
Mom and son are on a vacation together, staying in a hotel room. Scene starts with mom stepping out of the bathroom wearing a robe. She says she is happy the two of them could get away after his father left them. She is going to the beach and wants his opinion on the new bathing suit she bought. She removes the robe and reveals a sexy leopard print bikini. She shows it off briefly and asks what he thinks. He loves it. Feeling confident, she leaves the room. Later, mom comes back to the room wrapped in a towel with her bikini underneath. The beach was amazing and the water was so refreshing, she says. She wants to take a shower before dinner. She goes into the bathroom, leaving the door slightly open. He watches her remove the towel and strip out of her bikini. She jumps in the shower and (very briefly) rinses her body. After, as she is drying herself off, she notices her son watching her through the door. She gasps and tries to cover her naked body. She scolds him for spying on her while she was showering. Then she notices his huge erection protruding from his pants. Is that from watching me? It’s so hard. Does my body really turn you on that much? She hasn’t felt desired since dad left. It excites her to see him so hard for her. She starts touching herself as she stares at his boner. She tells him to lie down on the bed. She slowly removes the towel and reveals her naked body. Is this what you want to see? She asks. She wants to taste his cock. She starts sucking on it. He wants to feel her pussy. She says they can’t because she didn’t bring any condoms. She could still get pregnant and right now is her most fertile time. She continues to suck him until she gets so wet she can’t control herself anymore. Well…maybe we can try it just for a minute, she decides. She tells him it will feel really good inside her, but he can’t cum inside no matter what. She climbs on top of him and slides his cock into her pussy. They both moan in pleasure as they fuck until he shoots a huge load directly inside her pussy. She gasps and climbs off. She shows him the huge creampie he left in her. Didn’t you hear anything I just said? She goes into the bathroom to quickly wash out the cum.

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Sissi Viter – Mommy Role Play In The Kitchen

Role Play, MILF, Taboo, Big Tits
Mom is cleaning in the kitchen, her boy arrives to the kitchen, he talks to mom because his girlfriend cheat him. Mommy tease her boy with the big tits and banana, she uses the banana in her tits, big tits, he ask her boy to give himself a handjob, she uses the banana for fuck her pussy.

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Chandler Knight – Mommy Wants A Cream Pie

Taboo, Blowjob, Creampie, Role Play, Dirty Talking
You know you aren’t suppose to come in here when the door is closed. Your father has been away on a business trip and I’ve been pretty lonely.. Maybe if you give me what I want I wont tell him you got a boner for your mommy.

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Julie Snow – Fucking Your Step Moms Creamy Pussy

Dirty Talking, Older Woman / Younger Man, Role Play, Taboo
You come back home to do laundry and surprise me, sitting in the living room in sexy lingerie, waiting for your Dad to come home for Sexy Game Night. I ask you to leave, I will do your laundry for you and text you when it is done, but you stick around to tease me….and then your Dad texts that he is going to be late…AGAIN. Well, I have a few wine coolers in me, and I can’t help myself, I seduce you with my sexy garters and stockings and my big boobs, as I talk about how taboo and naughty it would be for you to fuck me. Then I suck your dick, titty fuck you and then let you fuck me until the cream literally runs from my pussy.

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GeorginaGee – Son Wants to Fuck Mom

BBW, Big Ass, Big Tits, Role Play, Taboo
Well well always new you wanting me but why now… is it because your dads away no wonder looking through my door taking my panties and my broken bras now you chance to have a real women with big tits tell me they are soo much better than a girl with A cups how you like them bouncing in your face let me bounce them let them hot you and bite my nipples your fucking a women not a girl your going to have the time of your life.

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