Natalie Wonder – Nothing Like That Warm Cozy Feeling You Get From Spending The Night At Home With Mommy

Hey, and where are you rushing off to? Getting ready to go out and meet your friends? Let me guess…to go to a bar and find girls. Sweetie, I’m usually not this um, blunt, BUT it would mean SO MUCH if you stayed home with ME. I mean really, girls you’d meet at a bar aren’t the type to bring home to your mother. What you need is a good mom who brings out your very kinky naughty-boy side. Someone who you feel totally comfortable with. No need to go out searching for someone to satisfy your sexual needs when mommy’s right here. Imagine the night we can have together. Me teasing you, getting your cock all hard and horny ACHING for my pussy…while I strip and temp you with my private parts. Craving me until I allow you to touch. No girl is going to stir up your desires as much as I can. My boy can have anything he wants. Mmmm you haven’t moved a muscle. This must mean you enjoy seeing me slowly undress. Ooooo I don’t think I’ve ever sat down bare-assed on our staircase before. Kinky. Why does it feel so wrong yet so arousing to totally spread my legs for you like this. I’m wide open for you baby. Am I bad mom? Mmmmm GOOD. I promise you won’t regret staying home and cozying up INSIDE mommy…

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Natalie Wonder – While You Were Resting Mom Was Waking Up Your Cock

You are resting in your bedroom when mom walks in to put away your laundry. She gazes at you, thinking thoughts NO mother should have about her own son. What you also don’t know is that she read your journal. She knows about how you dream of having mommy suck your cock. What would her warm mouth feel like? Her loving brown eyes staring back at you while she does something so intimate and forbidden… Don’t mind me sweetie, I just came into your room to put away laundry. I see you’re resting. Sorry for shaking the bed, just trying to organize the clothes. These are your pants…these are mine. Hmmm maybe I should try and change the sheets while you rest. I’ll work around you…hopefully I don’t disturb you. mom stares at your package. It’s so tempting. She rubs her breasts and gently crawls on the bed, getting closer until she straddles you. Braless, her erect nipples poke right through that sheer top. I’ve always wondered what you would feel like in my mouth. Oh but I shouldn’t…fuck but I want to so badly. This is my chance. Let me do all the work. I’ll pull your pants down, make you so erect…feel you pulsate in my hands…then in my mouth. I’ve always dreamed of tasting you. I’ll kiss your cock first, your beautiful cock that mommy made. Mmmm I love it. I shouldn’t feel guilty. You wanted this but I want it even more…

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Natalie Wonder – Showing Mom Who Her Big Boy Really Is

I’m surprised it took you this long to catch on, sweetie. I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re always with your nose in a book. Such a studious boy. mommy’s proud of you. Your brother on the other hand, GOD, he is ALL muscle and ALL man and ooooooo he gives it to me good if you know what I mean. Lots of moms do it with their sons. No big deal. Don’t be jealous. You each were blessed with things that make you great in different ways. What did your brother get blessed with, you ask? I just told you…and well…a very BIG satisfying appendage. Mmmmm. Honey, have you seen it?? No way, there’s no way yours is bigger. You want to show it to me to prove it, you say? Impossible. Are you taking it out…? Is that…real?!! That’s some sort of big penis attachment you bought and put it on yourself. Show me your real penis. I’ll just pull this fake thing off myself. Omg, I’m tugging but it’s not coming off! This is really your cock? Woah. It’s humungous. Have I been fucking the wrong son this whole time? Sweetie, will you ever forgive me? I’ll do anything. I’m begging you. I NEED to feel your monster cock inside my pussy. I want you to fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to walk for days! Show me who mommy’s BIG boy REALLY is…

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Natalie Wonder – Just Another Night In Our Perfectly Taboo Love Life

I love it when your father falls into deep rest. I come take sweet advantage of my boy & you let me because you LOVE when mommy does it. So…what are we gonna do tonight? Ooooo you ARE excited to see me. This is why I love you. You’re my son but so much more. You’re my everything. Do you have any idea how happy you make me? When I see you, when we get close…when I can touch you, smell you. You smell so good all the time. I would eat you if I could. Sweetie top worrying, your father is out. Remember, he’s caught us before. He won’t leave, trust me. I take care of the home & lots of other things for him. He brings home the bacon and does it well. It’s a win/win for our whole family. I love it when we have the night to ourselves. Oh my, your balls are so full. You’ve been saving it all for me. Fuck I love getting filled with your cum so much. I can’t wait. My pussy can’t wait. My mouth needs a tasty treat first. Do you think other moms make out with their son’s cock? Naughty boy, mothers aren’t supposed to put their mouths on their boy’s cocks…let alone ENJOY it. Mmm I could pleasure your body all day. Time to strip away my clothes. We’re skin to skin…my nipples rubbing up against your warm chest. Our nipples touching…my nipples tickling your cock. Teehee. Who else can I be this way with? Our deep connection and comfort level is unreal. I’m the luckiest mom in the world. Look sweetie, I’m showing off my naked body just for you. Open your mouth. Taste me. And we’re only getting started. Mmmm just another night in our perfectly taboo love life…

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Mama Fiona – Lunchtime With Mrs. Costello

I am your teacher and you are hanging out with me during lunch, bc I happen to be one of those “ cool” teachers. Anyway, we are chatting when you start to lay it on thick about all the things like’d like to do with me. I am hesitant but I soon can’t resist your advances. You lift my legs to go down on me, I suck your cock till its ready, and not too long after I’m sitting on my student’s cock, ready to make him explode. Good lord I could get in REALLY big trouble for this….its so risky!!! Ugh! You’re about to be 1 lucky boy, having fucked his own hott teacher in the middle of the classroom!

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Jude Ryan – Sex Ed with Mommy

You walk in on Mommy while she’s having some “special alone time” – you share your curiosity and she answers your questions and tells you about masturbation, vaginas, sex…etc. But Mommy, why did Dad tell his friend that you give the best blowjobs because of your special tongue? One question leads to another, which leads to Mommy sucking your cock and riding you until you cum inside of her. Oops! Well, Mommy was thinking about giving you a little bother or sister anyway…

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Elouise Please – It’s Just A Dream StepSon

It’s just a dream, step son. Just relax, you’re having a very nice dream. You’ve always fantasised about having your step Mums mouth wrapped around your cock, haven’t you? Mmmm, you taste so good! I’m going to have to get on top of you too. Don’t worry, this is just a dream remember, enjoy and don’t tell anyone.

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Mama Fiona – Intimate Mom Son Pussy Job

Watch as I lay down atop my son and grind his dick between his mothers wet pussy lips, gyrating up and down, back and forth, squeezing his cock as I slide and grind. Its so much for me on my clit that I can’t stop moaning and kissing on my son! I know what we do is so naughty and taboo… but we make each other feel so good – and that’s all that matters, right? Its such an intimate bonding experience for us, I would never want to give that up! Letting my. imagination run wild, I moan and dirty talk as I brace for an INCREDIBLE orgasm, followed by begging for my son’s cum all over me. I don’t think anything gets better than a pussy job from your own mom.

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Missbehavin26 – Daydreaming About Your Hot Mom

Script: You are my hot mom and you always wear revealing clothes around the house. Unbeknownst to you this makes me hard and cause me to start having sexual thoughts about you. One night I go to bed and when I close my eyes all I can think about is your sexy body which turns into a wet dream in which you tempt me with your boobs and ass trying to get me to cum. I eventually get close and you tell me to cum for you but dreams ends before I can with you waking me up. Later we are eating at the table and talking about school you tell me that my teacher called saying that I have been very distracted during class and wanted know why. While you are talking about solutions to this problem, my eyes start to wander down to your boobs which are almost falling out of your top and as I look your voice starts to fade out and I enter a daydream where you tease me by shoving your boobs in my face and then telling me to suck on them. After a while, you give me a titjob to finish me off. As I am about to cum I am pulled out if the fantasy by you calling me as I wasn’t listening and I excuse myself after eating. Later on I am studying at the table when you come into the kitchen to prepare dinner and you decide to talk to me while doing the preparation. As we talk you bend down a lot showing off your ass and once again eventually your voice fades out and I daydream about your ass. In this daydream you come over to me get me to spank you a few times and also to grope your ass as it is so soft. To prove it, you sit on my crotch and grind yourself on me to convince me. Soon I get a boner and you can feel it poking you. You get off and remove my pants and grind your ass against my dick. Getting close you once again tell me to cum but there is a loud bang and the dream ends as you accidentally dropped a pan or something. You apologize for scaring me and I say it’s ok and decide to help you. That night in bed I have a wet dream about you again and you tempt me with your boobs and ass, giving me a titjob and assjob in the dream. Not content with cum on you, eventually you climb on top of me and ride me. While riding you confess as to why you wear such sexy clothes and what you expected me to do to you. After my response you say it doesn’t matter as you are finally getting what you wanted since I became old enough. Eventually you want me to cum inside you to show you how much I love you and you pick up your speed begging me to cum and I do. After calming down, you thank me give me a few kisses you tell me to relax and wake up. The video ends with your face coming closer whispering wake up over and over until the dream ends.

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Lady Suzanne – Cum For Me My Boy

Oh, my little boy is horny! Is it because you can see my perfect perky tits through this robe? Do you like watching me play with my breasts? Hmm, I can see your penis is hard. Will you stroke for your mommy and cum like a big boy? First pull your pants down and let me show you with my hand how to properly stroke your penis. And now do it yourself, my naughty boy. Cum hard and make me proud!

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