Sofi Mora – Mom Son Revenge

Mom discovers Dad is cheating on her so she is feeling really sad. Her son Taylor always been there in difficult moments so he may be able to give her a hand…and maybe something else. Mom wants Taylor to make her pregnant so dad gets what he deserves…finally, to make mommy happy, Taylor gets down on his kness and let her pee over him.

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MaePeach – Sister Takes Your Virginity

You are hanging out with me, your older sister, and I catch you staring at my boobs. I let you see them, suggesting it may help you to stop obsessing over them. You tell me that you’re a virgin and I talk you into letting me take your virginity. I let you play with my tits and suck my nipples before i lay back and let you fuck me.

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PrincessMia – Mommy Wakes You Up

When I, your mommy, come into your room to wake you up, I pull back the covers and am surprised to see that my boy has quite a big problem! I tell you not to be embarrassed, that I’m your mother and that I’ll help you. I then sink to my knees so I can suck and gag on your cock before wrapping my huge tits around them and stroking you. I ask if you’re ready to be inside Mommy’s hairy pussy the climb on top of you, riding your hard cock while my tits bounce in your face and I beg you to cum. Finally you do and I turn over and spread my ass cheeks so you can see your cum dripping out of me!

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JessieMinx – Turning You Into A Man

Custom Video: Mom/ son POV -First 3 min- Son is spying on mom as she comes to her room after a shower wearing only a towel. Dry off slowly and sexy, accentuating your butt and breasts. notice son and call him out. You realize he is hard and tell him “it’s not right to spy on your naked mother”. Make him strip. “You saw mommy, now she gets to see you”.Become increasingly aroused as you notice his ” huge saggy balls and massive cock”. -last 7 min- “It’s a mother’s job to make her son a man, I gave you that massive penis, now it’s time to give it back to mommy.” Ride him cowgirl, bouncing and pressing tits together. After a few min, he blows his load. “oh baby, I feel you busting in mommy.” Shiver and thrust in reaction to a few bursts.”It feels so nice and warm honey, empty those balls in mommy.” Explain the importance and joy of a shared orgasm. ” I know you have more cum in those big young balls of yours, so wait for mommy this time” Finish missionary (w/camera above you like being on top) Breasts bouncing and pressed together. “It feels so wonderful having my baby boy inside me.” I love the way your balls pound mommy’s asshole.” Mash those huge nuts hard against mommy’s asshole baby!“I can feel you throbbing son and mommy is about to erupt all over your rod, so when you feel your mother’s warm juices wash over your cock, you can let go baby.” Have intense orgasm and he blows in you again. Long, slow thrust reactions to nut busts. “I know you’re tired baby, okay pass out inside mommy.

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Fiona – Slutty Cum Loving Mama

I am your best friends mama and you are over for a play-date. You are a special boy and I wanna make you feel special – in fact, I wanna be a slutty mama JUST for you! This is a little unconventional because we have a very big age difference, but only special boys like you with GIANT COCKS get such special attention. I lead the way and take care of you in a dominant but loving manner because I want you to please me with your little guy gigantic dick! I show you what being a naughty, slutty lil mama is all about. I strip down for you and fuck you all sorts of ways, just to show you what a cute little guy like YOU deserves from a hot MYLF like me. You and I are going to keep being “friends” for a long time if you keep letting me fuck you like this, little boy!

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Mama Fiona – Virgins 1st Ejaculation

Oh my Goodness little boy! It is your BIRTHDAY! And me, your super hott, very sexually experienced nanny, wants to give you and all your little friends a very important birthday gift. Very VERY important. I’m going to give you… you’re VERY FIRST ejaculations! Thats right! I’m going to make all of you cum for the very first time! Aren’t you a lucky group of boys? I’d say. I’m so good at what I do, I’m able to make ALL of you cum within 15 minutes! Isn’t that impeccable? And wow, all of you cum REALLY quick! I barely have to do anything before you’re filling up with cum and shooting it everywhere. It gets very cummy, I might even get some on my face! You all can’t believe your eyes as you watch each of your friends fall into ecstasy on this very special day. This is going to be your very best birthday yet!

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