Bettie Bondage – Sex Ed With MILF

Your best friend’s mother is going to teach you everything you need to know about that thing in your pants. It’s up to a grown woman like her to show you what a big dick like yours is capable of! You’re going to make a woman very happy with that thing, and today, that woman is one truly slutty MILF. She strokes, licks, sucks, and fucks you until you give her two big loads – one in her mouth, and one in her wet, horny pussy!

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MoRina – Taboo Thoughts Turn Mom On

We need to have a conversation about what happened when I last visited you. I woke up to find you in bed with me, touching me inappropriately. I’ve been thinking about what would have happened if I hadn’t made you stop? I’m so turned on by the possibilities.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Plans Out Fantasy With Sons Friend

The first scene has a conversation scene only. You and Tyler are talking about a recent satisfying relationship. You tell Tyler about your satisfaction, it’s Tyler’s good-looking face, good figure, and big cock. But the thing you’re most satisfied with is that Tyler fills your fantasy, because when you were in high school, you wanted to have a popular and dominant boyfriend at a school like Tyler, but you couldn’t, and you said that now you were older and you were really satisfied to have a relationship with your fantasy boy. You said you were very lucky that your son Lewis had a friend like Tyler who didn’t have much in common. And since you told him about your fantasy, You asked him to tell his fantasy, too. You asked Tyler what’s most satisfying in the relationship, Tyler said that he was mainly turned on by the fact that you were Lewis’s mom and that he could have sex with his friend’s mom. You said it was too obvious to know, because when you and Tyler having sex he always wanted you to say many dirty talk containing Lewis and to remind him that he was having sex with “friend’s mother” or “Lewis’s mother,” and he was extremely excited every time you told him. Besides, Tyler wanted to have sex with you in Lewis’s room, so You and Tyler had sex in Lewis’s room several times. So You asked him if that was all, if all his sexual fantasies were filled. He said he had another his ultimate fantasy, but he said it was a secret. You asked him to tell you whatever it is, because you’ll help. He said his ultimate fantasy was let Lewis see you and him having sex. And He said he wanted to make you feel a real orgasm when Lewis watching. When you heard it, you didn’t understand at first. So you asked if Lewis was join in or if Lewis was just watching and pleasuring himself. He said he means Lewis standing there and pleasuring himself. And he want both peeping tom or actually there. You were surprised to hear him for a moment, but soon you tell him, Lewis was your son, so it was hard to do damage by showing his friend having sex with his mother. So you said it is not gonna happen. But you say fantasy is just a fantasy, and you say you don’t go around outside being slutty worshiping young boy’s cock. You said you respectable in public, but within these four walls you do what you want because you can. You say, it is purely fantasy, so maybe you and Tyler can reach compromise, maybe next time if the mood is right, you and Tyler won’t anything, you and Tyler can go into this fantasy of Tyler’s. You said whilst you and Tyler having sex, you and Tyler can cooperate the idea of having Lewis there, and you said you could act like Lewis was watching and you can say many dirty talk that Tyler wants. Tyler like your idea very much. The first scene end with a promise of another time.

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Mila_MaeXO – Mommy Wants You Son

You want Mommy to rub your back. I start asking you to break up with your girlfriend, coming off very jealous. I let you see my tits and suck on them. Then we masturbate looking at each other. I hurry back to my bed before Dad wakes up after I remind you to lose the girlfriend.

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Hotasiansensation – Fuck Mommy After Her Failed Date

Daddy’s gone away again on his business trip and mommy’s just out there in need of some cock. I come home after one of my failed dates to find your still up son. You ask if I’m okay? Acruallt son ‘No I’m okay, your dad always goes away when he knows how much I need sex, so I go out on these date and most of them are loser’s but I just want to fuck but they basically tell me I’m too forward, I need to slow down… I don’t get it! This is what all men want isn’t it, no strings attached, good sex!! So what do I do now that I’m all horny and no man….. Hmmmm well son your here and I’m here all horny… That’s right… You going to fuck mommy! I start by taking my big titties out so you can suck them son, just like when you were younger… Then I tell you to get your cock out… Oh my! Son you have definitely grown… I start sucking your cock son, feels so good to have that cock grow harder in mouth… I look into your eyes and tell you how you remind me of daddy.. He looks at me just like while I suck his cock! I can’t believe I spent my night on that date that went absolutely nowhere when you were here all along. I lay down and pull my dress up, told you I had no panties on… Come and lick my pussy son, start by licking that clit.. Then tongue fucking that tight hole for me… Oh yes son this feels so good.. Make me explode in your mouth. Now mommy want to ride your cock son.. That’s it let mommy take you deep into her wet pussy, suck on mommy’s titties while I ride you and come all over cock. After I cum all over your cock I want you on top of me, pounding mommy’s pussy untill you cum inside me.. Yes son I want all your cum inside me, please give it to me, cum inside me. Next daddy goes away I won’t waste my time with anyone else now I have you to fuck son.

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Missbehavin26 – Mom Starts An OF

Scipt: You’re in your living room taking sexy selfies in various poses and positions, teasing and flashing, when your son enters the room. You have a conversation with him, but you don’t stop taking pics. “There you are honey, I need to ask you something. So I was talking to your sister the other day, and apparently that little slut got herself an OnlyFans! Now all the college boys are watching her take cocks all across the campus! But she’s making so much money, she’s already paid off her student loans! Can you believe that? That’s a ton of cash! And now that you’re off to college too, I thought, maybe I could help pay your tuition? Your sister might be a hot young , but I’m a total milf, right honey? I know I could get those boys paying to see me too! I mean, look at this ass ! I see your friends checking it out every time they come over! I also did some research and I noticed that taboo videos are super popular right now. It’s mostly brother sister stuff, but there’s also a lot of naughty mom son porn. So I thought I could lean into that, do sort of a slutty milf mommy thing! So from now on you can call me ‘MissBehavin’!” “But I’ve got one little problem… I don’t know any college boys! So I need you to do me a huge favour honey… I need you to do some advertising for me. I need you to tell all your friends about your milfy momslut and my OnlyFans! Not just your friends, but your classmates, the football team, maybe even your professors too! I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’ll totally make it worth your while! I’m only doing a bit of teasing and stripping right now, but soon I’ll start playing with my pussy too. Once I’m getting some subs, I’ll work up to my first hardcore scenes. If you can get me up too 100 subs, I’ll suck your cock for my first boy girl video! That’s right ! Mommy will give you an amazing blowjob, and you can cum all over my face, or in my mouth if you want! But 100 subs aren’t going to be enough.” “If you can get me to 1,000 subs, I’ll let you fuck me! I’m serious! You can be the first one to fuck mommy’s tight pussy on camera! You can even creampie me, fill your mother with all your hot cum! I bet tons of guys would pay to see some hot mom son inc est action! Only if you get me to 1,000 though. Then I’ll be able to pay all your tuition and school fees! But why stop there? Wouldn’t you like your own car and apartment too? So if you can get me all the way to 10,000 subs… I’ll let you and three of your mates do whatever you want! Use my mouth, fuck my pussy and my ass, DP me, cum wherever you want, totally just gangbang me! And I’ll do it live on stream for all 10,000 of my fans! So what do you say ? You will? Thank you so much, I knew I could count on you! Now go on, get to work! MissBehavin needs those subs!” While you are having this talk, you keep taking selfies and stripping down until you’re naked at the end.

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Pepperanncan – Son Takes Advantage Of Concerned Mother

Today you let me know you can’t handle your morning wood Mommy reassures you that I can handle anything & I will make sure your always satisfied Later on I have to say Son I couldn’t get any escorts but mommy knows how to deal with this I confront your father about this but the only time we have is at the end of the night when he’s just trying to unload into me I chat about you while I’m getting fucked & I wake up to you rubbing on my butt and pushing yourself into me this must be a miss understanding you can’t just come into my room like that you have to be quite your father’s right next to us we can’t be doing this all the time I’ll let you have your way with me this time you can cum inside Mommy.

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Sydney Harwin – Babysitter

You like your babysitter, but she sometimes makes you feel… funny and you don’t know why. Tonight, she tells you that her boyfriend thinks you are cute and can she take some pictures of you for him. He sounds nice… then all of a sudden things change. Your babysitter starts to talk about your private parts and mentions that she can make them feel REALLY good. She puts her fingers around your bits and starts to tug on it. You like it.. you think, but you must not under any circumstances tell your mommy.

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