SashaCurves – An Ultimatum For Your Girlfriend’s Mom

MILF, Submissive Sluts, Taboo, Barely Legal, Mommy Roleplay

You’ve come to pick you girlfriend up for a date but as you arrive at the house, you see a strange guy leaving. Fearing that your girlfriend might be cheating, you peak through the livingroom window, only to find your girlfriend’s MILF mom tidying away and getting dressed in a hurry! When you knock on the door, she answers in a fluster, explaining that your girlfriend isn’t home yet and you should probably come back later. You convince her to let you come in and wait, explaining that you need to discuss something she might not want the neighbours to overhear. She lets you in and sits you down and you tell her what you saw, pretending you caught it all on camera too. She’s mortified and begs you not to tell her daughter or husband. She offers to pay you off, but you’ve got a different deal in mind. She has no choice, so reluctantly allows you to fuck her, calling you an asshole but doing her best to conceal her pleasure…

Duration: 0:20:55 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 1.19 GB

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