Sasha Curves – Getting Your Way With Your Best Friends Mom

Barely Legal, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, Older Woman / Younger Man, Taboo

You’re back at your best friend’s house having a movie night, when you sneak off to the laundry room to find his mom. She greets you quite uncomfortably, remembering your last interaction together and asks if you need anything. You ask where her husband is tonight and as soon as she admits he’s out of town on business, your pants are down and your huge throbbing erection is on show. Your friend’s mom is adamant she won’t let you fuck her again, it was risky enough last time with her son in the house! But as soon as you grab her hair and pull her in for a kiss, her resolve weakens and you give her her first huge orgasm with your cock. Not satisfied, you take her to the games room where her son is still watching the movie, and you ask her to undress and let you fuck her right there and there, behind her son’s back. She’s again easily persuaded and cums on your dick once more. Instead of risking him turning round and catching you in the act, your friend’s mom suggests you head to his bedroom where you can eat her pussy. The two of you sneak off together, but just as she’s about to cum, her son shouts that he’s heading off to bed. Unable to escape without him seeing her, his mom hides as he gets into bed. Wen she comes out, her addiction to your cock is made clear as she’s easily persuaded to get into bed right next to her napping son and let you make her cum once again…

Duration: 1:10:49 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: mp4 Size: 3.73 GB

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