Ariel Anderssen – Aunties Blowjob Therapy

My poor nephew who should have been studying for your finals has spent all morning texting with a silly girl from university who doesn’t want to date you. How ridiculous! Can’t she see what a wonderful, well-brought up, virile young man you are? Well, her loss. You really should give up on these silly young sluts anyway, they don’t know what they’re doing in the bedroom, and are terribly inhibited about giving you what you want. Not like me, your aunt, a mature, sophisticated woman of the world who knows EXACTLY what you need, and has the ability to give it to you! Dressed in sheer silk blouse, short skater skirt, no panties, high heels, and stockings with garter belt, I flaunt myself seductively before you. Can it really be true that you’ve never had a blowjob? How terrible! What are these young girls thinking of? Well, since it’d be your first time, I do think it should be with someone who knows what they’re doing. A specialist, if you like! Someone who really loves to suck cock, and has all the techniques. Someone who can deepthroat without gagging. Someone who actually likes the taste of cum and WANTS you to cum in her mouth. In short, darling, someone like me! How do you like that idea? Well, I can see that PART of you certainly likes the idea! Sinking to my knees, I take out your gorgeous virile cock and give you a masterclass in everything that a blowjob should be, right up until you cum in my mouth. How absolutely wonderful. Darling, never settle for less than the best. And the best is right here, whenever you want me!

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Southernfirexxx – Seduced Stepson Into Sloppy Blowjob

I seduced my step-son into a sloppy blow job. Such a good boy you are; Doing your math homework, so innocent…and I took advantage! I left him no choice but to enjoy every second of it. He was so worried his step-father would catch us. I stripped out of my clothes, let my hair down and gave him such a messy blow job…that ended with him cumming deep in my MILF pussy.

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Kinkykatlive – While Your Mum Is Away

Your mum isn’t home yet and I catch you stroking that sexy cock… Can’t help myself so I seduce you into letting me suck it and fuck it!

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Kendra Heart – Mommys Night Out Part 1

Mommy is getting ready to go to dinner with Dad at the restaurant and I’m sure they’ll stop by the bar on the way back to the hotel room like they always do. I don’t always like staying in the hotel but after Mom showed me herself before leaving now I’m wanting to spend some time alone. Some time alone to think about what she showed me, her legs, ass, and tits, her breast makes we wanna cum. I got really turned on when she rubbed lotion all over herself. I could imagine it being my cum rubbed all over her tits and ass. I’ve got a few hours before they make it back to the hotel, I’m about to pleasure myself while I think of Mommy.

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AniErotika – Vid Message From Mom

You and your mom always had the tension, and a few weeks before you left the house for college you fucked for the first time. It was intense, and crazy… but the best either of you had. It began a few week stint of constantly banging each other in a whirlwind spree of pure and heavenly ‘cest sin. You both could not get enough, but dammit all you had to go off to college. You both yearn for the other now, and you quench your thirst best you can while at school with calls and video chats etc. Your mom also sends you special sexy video messages masturbating and talking nasty. This is the latest video message from her, short sweet and succulent.

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Penny Barber – Mommy Knows You Fuck Your Sister

After finding your sister’s panties in your bedroom, I decided to stake out your room and my suspicions were confirmed: you’re fucking your sister. But before I can make up my mind of what to do on the subject, I have a few tests to perform. I take out my notebook and proceed to measure how you respond to various visual sexual stimuli. Can you maintain eye contact while Mommy strokes her nipples? What happens if I strip down to my lingerie? Will you get hard? I conclude that it isn’t, in fact, your fault. You clearly have an overactive libido and, as your Mother, I really should be the one to deal with it. So, bring your erection over here and slip it into Mommy. I try not to enjoy it, but it isn’t long before I’m cumming all over your cock—just like your wanton slut of a sister did!

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Helena Price – Taboo Mom Son BJ

This has been an interesting yet fun vacation. We came as a family but my husband decided to leave our son and me in the room so he could go downstairs to the casino and play blackjack. I had my evening planned out but looks like things have changed. We were going to hire a sitter and then come back to the room for a little fun. I even brought my sexy lingerie. Too bad Dad will be missing out tonight, I’m going to be showing my son some extra attention…

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xxxCaligulaxxx – Sorry Dad, I Fucked Mommie

POV roleplay fantasy. It recently came to your attention that your best friend at school fucked your Mommie the other day and you are not cool about it, you want to fuck your hot Mommie too… and you do.

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