Lexi Dollface – Fucking My Sons Best Friend

It’s my son’s birthday and we are having a party at the house with all his friends. I’m getting tired so I excuse myself from the party and head to bed. When I walk into my bedroom I get a huge surprise-my son’s best friend is jerking off in my bed! He’s always been flirtatious and wants me to help him out. I tell him how inappropriate this is, but he is persistent and I eventually give in to sucking his cock. I know how turned on he is for older women, and I start getting horny as I give him a blowjob. I hop on his cock and ride him, making him promise not to tell anyone about this. I turn around and fuck him reverse cowgirl and just as we cum together, my son walks in and catches us!

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TexasBlaze – Fucking My Sons Best Friend in Kitchen

You are my son’s best friend and decide to pay me a visit when he is not home. You catch me in the kitchen eating my post-workout meal and you let me know that you are not here for him. We get busy and I start by giving you a blow job and letting you know how much I love your young college boy cock. I then strip down and we get busy fucking on the counter every which way. You better promise to not tell my son.

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Emmas Secret Life – Fuck Your Mother Not Your Sister

Son we need to have a talk. Your sisters told me what you’ve been doing, you’ve been touching her inappropriately haven’t you. How could you! Your sexy mommy is sat around the house all day and you touch that dumb bitch instead of me! Its those slutty clothes she wears isn’t it, well guess what mom will wear even sluttier clothes from now on! Look at mommy’s tits, they so much bigger than that cunt sister of yours. Go on touch mommy’s tits see how much better they feel, I don’t care your sister is in the next room. From now on you come and grope mommy right in front of your bitch sister! suck on mommy tits, ill even jerk you, we can do this anytime you want. We should start making out with each other whenever your sister is in the room, how hot would that be! Come fuck mommy, I don’t care if your sister hears us. Doesn’t sex with mommy feels so much better. Moms going to walk around the house naked from now on, and you just come up and touch me right in front of your sister.

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MoRina – First Date With Mom

You come home and find your mom primping for a date. It takes a little time and some awkward conversation before you realize that you are mom’s date. Well, you and mom have been trading some flirty texts… but only in your fantasies did you think she’d act on it. And even though it’s your first date, she wants to skip the dinner and movie and go straight to dessert. Oh mom…

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Nikki Brooks – Son Fucks Mom for a PS5

Son begs his mom for the new ps5, it’s expensive and she knows that he’ll want games and extra controllers so his friends can play too, he offers to do more chores but she comes up with a special task for him to do instead, he needs to pleasure her and make her feel really good, he needs to sexually satisfy her, the further he goes the more stuff he gets for his game console, she strips down and encourages him to jerk off in front of her.

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Carmen Valentina – Mom Accidentally Gives Son Viagra

Mom accidentally gives son the wrong medicine – she gives him Dad’s Viagra instead of his ADHD medication, she doesn’t want to be late for work and he can’t be late for school because he has a big test, she encourages him to jerk off and to relieve himself – he can’t go to school with a boner, she gives him visual stimulation, she strips down, they’re running out of time so she helps him in another way, she strokes and sucks his cock, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, he still hasn’t cum so she does the last thing she can think of, son fucks mom, virtual sex, missionary, she encourages him to fuck her hard and fast and to cum inside of her.

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Sydneypaigex – Mommy Loves You

Mommy knows you love her… all of her. She knows how you stare at her- she knows how sexy you think it is when she smokes her cigarettes. She loves you too… So she gives you that love- she shows and gives all her love to you. She even smokes a cigarette while she rides you because she knows how it drives you wild. Let her take care of you… but it’s our little secret!

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MoRina – Mom Has Always Wanted You

It’s crazy how you can spend years living in the same house with me, your mom, but we both have avoided tackling one particular issue. You and I have been skirting around it, dropping subtle clues, but today is the day we’re getting things out in the open. Sit next to me, son, and let’s explore our unconditional love. Mom’s nurturing has no boundaries.

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Sienarose – Loving Mommy Tuck In

Mommy just loves you so much that all she wants to do is spoil you the best way that she knows how and that is to make sure you cum over and over whenever you want. We have been carrying on for so long now that we have your brothers and father trained to do all of the housework and they support us so we can stay home and play together however and whenever we want. I come in to tuck you in as usual and tell you that since my pussy is sore from our fucking earlier in the day I offer to give you a titty fuck and blowjob. I play with you and tease your cock like a good mommy talking about all the taboo love that I have for you! I coax you into cumming all over my titties before edging you right back into a full blowjob with loads of cum for mommy’s hot eager mouth!

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