Mindi Mink – Work Out And Jerk Off

I can’t find my keys & I’m on my way to the gym! Son, hey son have you seen them? That’s when my son told me to check under the sofa, and sure enough that’s where they were! I also caught my son checking out my ass in these tight work out spandex pants. Hey are you looking at my ass? No, replied my son. But I was able to make him admit that he was looking at my ass, and loves how I look! That’s not all he wants to see, and you know what I’m going to let him jerk off his cock, while I give him a show, he will just need to do me a favor when I’m done with him. Clean the stove, inside & out, while I’m at the gym working on my hot body! I know how to get things done in this household!

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Sydney Paige – Dad Encourages Playtime With New Mom

Your father has re-married… to Sydney! Your father knows that Sydney REALLY knows how to please a man. He yelps and moans all night. However- both your father and new m0ther know that you can hear it- and you listen intently. So, your father has an idea- let new mommy Sydney share all of her “expertise” with his son. Sydney thinks about the proposal and is open to it, so she calls the son in and explains how she would also like to make him moan and yelp like she does your father…The fun begins..

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Siena Rose – Babysitting The Monster Cock 2

The sequel to my Babysitting The Monster Cock! I’ve been asked to babysit again for the notorious Monster Cock. After your Mom leaves I tell you there will be NO FUNNY BUSINESS. But of course you have other plans! I am so frustrated because you won’t stop crying so I decide to tell you a bedtime story about a Princess who found an anaconda. I get embarrassed about the story I made up so I step out so you can go night-night. Later you wake me up and I realize when I start to change your diaper that it is filled with a huge amount of spunk! I try to pacify you but end up having to stroke your Monster Cock just like I did last time but you can’t cum! When I realize this isn’t helping I take matters into my own hands by climbing on top of you to fuck it right out of you! But your load is SOOOOOOOOO big that when you start cumming you don’t stop and your filling my belly full of spoo – I’m so uncomfortable now that it hurts!

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Annabelle Rogers – You Got Mommy Pregnant

Mommy is missing you ever since you left for college. You finally come home to visit and I sit you down to talk. I’ve noticed all the girls on your social media and I want to have a serious sex talk with you. I don’t want you getting some random college slut knocked up. The conversation gets awkward and I decide I want you to show me how you are having sex. You refuse but I threaten to pull you out of school. You fuck me missionary and then I ride you until you cream pie me. You come back months later for a visit telling me that you got your girlfriend pregnant. I reveal to you that I am pregnant as well and I make you come back to live with me or otherwise I will tell everyone what you did to me.

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Little Puck – Mommy Needs A Creampie Sweetie

Your mom, scantily-clad in a butt plug, nipple clamps, and sheer robe, is traipsing around the house searching for her new 8 inch platform heels to show off on her secret nightly camshow. She can’t find them anywhere! She has a nagging little voice tell her to check your room and sure enough, her heels are at the foot of your bed….covered in a healthy load of your cum! Your mother realizes she’s been found out and you’ve not only discovered her naughty secret but…it turns out you’ve been spying on her and developing a fetish for taboo roleplay…with her. She sits at the foot of your bed trying to figure out what to say to you…and slowly realizes she finds you attractive and begins fantasizing about the relationship you two Could have…she begins rubbing her heels between her pussy lips, masturbating in a fevered state. She lies back on your bed dirty talking about all the filthy taboo things she wants to do to you, how she’d train you and how she’d let you use her holes. She tugs on her nipple clamps and fingers her pussy as her eyes cross and she pants in ecstasy, cumming hard all over your bedsheets. In the heat of the moment, she grabs her heels and licks your cum off and THIS is when you walk into your room with a hard-on, having been spying on her from the door crack. Though surprised, your mother is too horny to cover up, and she begins seducing you. “Mommy’s just having a bit of playtime…like you had earlier with Mommy’s shoes! you’ve been a very bad boy haven’t you sweetie? Don’t worry, it’s okay, Mommy’s been bad too.” She reassures you that you can take your dick out for her and she strokes you a bit before you throw her back on the bed with her ass in the air and begin slapping your dick on her wet pussy. She pleads with you to fuck her, but you can’t help teasing her and making her desperate for your cock. After all, it’s her fault you’ve been fantasizing about fucking her for forever and now she’s a eager lil slut on your bed and you love milking this moment for all it’s worth. You finally dive into her wet cunt and pound away as she moans and slaps the bed, her heels clicking in the air as you throb inside your mother’s tight lil hole. She screams and begs for your cum and tells you what a whore she’s gonna be for you until you thrust hard and nut deep inside of her. She smiles as she reaches back and licks your cum dripping from her pussy. “Now you gotta promise Mommy something…if you wanna keep playing like this, you’re gonna have to keep this a secret between us okay? No one gets to know. If you do that for me sweetie, I’ll let you cum inside Mommy’s butthole next….”

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Julie Snow – Stepmom Wants You To Do Porn With Her

I’m really struggling to make ends meet since your Father left, and he hasn’t been sending money at all lately, so I’ve started my own business……I decided to go into online adult entertaining. You find this hard to believe? Look at my body, I mean….I still got it going on, and I’m doing well in Taboo Role Play. You wouldn’t believe how popular Step Mom and Step Son role play is, and we could really make a lot of money in this niche. Do I need to encourage you a little….? Maybe show off my tight body while talking about making porn with you, what you would need to do, maybe see if we are comfortable masturbating together? I want you to watch me play with my pussy while we see if you can get hard and play with yourself and cum in front of me. Impress me with your huge load!

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Noelle Easton – Slutty Mommy Stories

Your slutty older Mommy motions you into the room, dressed in a short tight skirt and a busty top. She knows you’ve seen the naughty things she does with men. You’ve noticed Mommy undressing and playing in the bed with men as you peek through her doorway. You think you’ve been sneaky, but I’ve seen you every time, and I’ve been showing off extra for you. Now, I want you to watch me undress as I tell you about the nasty things I do to men and then we can practice. We can practice by taking off your cute cartoon underpants and me touching you. Your young, innocent body is tingling as I run my hands up and down your smooth developing penis, wrapping my motherly lips around it and stroking it until you finally cum.

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Noelle Easton – Mommy Wants You

I’ve had a real nasty craving lately for some young cock. With my slutty sights set on young new prey, I butter up my cute son and tease him mercilessly with my perfect MILF body. His jaw drops and eyes widen as I pull out my huge tits and show him my pussy and ass while telling him all the dirty thoughts I’ve been having for him. I admit my naughty fantasies and tell him to prepare his innocent, virgin mind for Mommy to fuck his little brains out!

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AnnabelleRogers – Mommy Teaches You To Masturbate

You had to stay home from going on a trip with all your friends due to a major pain in your groin area that you have been having. I come into your room to wake you up from a nap and just got off the phone with the doctor who told me why you are having this pain. I feel awkward but I come into your room and tell you that the reason you are in pain is because you are “backed up”. Trying to find out what your “masturbating habits” are, I come to realize that it seems you are not masturbating at all. Which concerns me because this is the reason that you are in all this pain. I had just assumed that you were already doing this. I tell you that you need to start and you refuse but it’s the doctor’s orders and you need to listen to the medical advice given. You are refusing to do so which leaves me with no other choice then to make you. I grab your laptop and start trying to find something that you will be into. You don’t watch videos but you are into amateur girls on “Big Boobs Gone Wild” Reddit. We sit at the edge of the bed where I go through all the girls on there with you and tell you to take your pants off and start stroking so that we can drain your balls. I see your cock for the first time and I am shocked at how large it is. It seems as if you are not sure how to do the act of masturbating so I take your hand in mine and begin coaching you on how to stroke your cock. Once I think you get the hang of it I let go. It seems you are more interested in my boobs then the girls on the computer and seeing that you are throbbing and in so much pain, I decide to expose my breasts to you to help you cum. I tell you this is a one time occurrence and you have to learn how to do this by yourself eventually. So I suck my tits for you. But that is not enough for you to orgasm. So I let you suck on my tits. Which still isn’t making you cum. So I decide to let my tits hang and crawl to you where I turn into your dirty little slutty slave mom. I titfuck you until you release an enormous load all over my tits, face and hair.

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Ava Nicks – Babysitter Sucks You Off First Time

Your parents hired me to do a job and I’m confident I can get it done. I need to get you up and at it this summer and to practice on time weekly. You are impossible to get going in the morning! I pull back the covers and see that we are in a very awkward situation. You have a morning wood?! Is this why you didn’t want to get up in front of me? We are so late for practice and I need to speed this up. Let me help you with that, just don’t tell anyone this is not in my job description. Let me work that young cock and those tight balls, it’s natural after all. I can be a safe place for you and maybe even show you a thing or two. Give your mature busty babysitter that load sweetheart, it’s ok I can take it. After were done here you NEED to get up!

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