Mindi Mink – Dirty Cougar Slut

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Mindi Mink is a dirty, horny cougar who’s come back to your house for more. She’s been craving your cock and can’t wait to put it in her mouth. She sucks you while she tells you what a slut she is and how much she loves sucking you off. Then she begs you to put your dick in her dirty MILF pussy and fuck her nice and slow. Then she wants you to turn her around and fuck her doggystyle. After she cums she turns around and demands that you feed her every last drop of your cum!

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Alex Bishop – Young Cock For MILF Pussy

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Your MILF neighbor has been keeping your mail while you are away at college. When you visit she greets you in a silk robe and lingerie, coming onto you talking about the big bulge in your pants and how badly she wants your young cock. She gives you an amazing blowjob and footjob then you fuck her pussy over and over as she begs for you to impregnate her.

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Alex Bishop – Your Best Friends MILF

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You trick your best friends MILF into meeting up with you for a blind hookup online. When she gets to the hotel and discovers it’s you she’s annoyed, but one flash of your big dick and she can’t help but strip down showing her curvy MILF bod. You both end up fucking in various positions while she talks dirty about how you’ve never had a hot older woman like her to take care of your cock.

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Meana Wolf – New Years Resolution

Aunt, Cougar, Facial, Meana Wolf, MILF, Older Woman Younger Man, POV

Auntie Meana was your favourite of your mom’s friends. She never treated you like a little boy the way the other mom’s did. She always talked to you like a man. Now that you’d grown up, you realized how insanely hot she was, and how jealous it made other women, including your mom. That must be why you hadn’t seen Auntie Meana in a while. She’s too cool for this New Year’s party, and all the other mom’s are just whispering about her and her escapades. “I wonder what they’d all say if I told them I found a hot young man to fuck at this party? Too bad my New Year’s Resolution is to stop having one night stands.” But New Years Resolutions don’t start till January 1st don’t they?

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Morgana Laveau – Masturbating In Moms Panties

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You have been masturbating in your mom’s panties ever since your girlfriend broke up with you. Your mom starts picking up laundry in your room and finds HER panties with YOUR cum in them! She’s a little shocked and notices your journal laying next to them. Even though it’s wrong to invade your privacy, she thinks it’s best to check what you have been writing about. What she reads is shocking and decides that she needs to talk to you about it. She confronts you and asks why you have wrote these feelings about her in your journal. Being really embarrassed, you apologize. She isn’t mad at all since she knows how lonely you are. She let’s you fulfill your fantasies while your father is away for business. So she doesn’t get pregnant, she lets you fuck her in her asshole. It feels so good that she wants more, after all, you look so much like your father, no one will expect anything if she does end up getting pregnant. She makes you feel really comfortable and says she might want to do this every time your father is away…

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Jocelynbaker – Christmas With Mommy

Christmas, Mommy Roleplay, Older Woman / Younger Man, POV Sex, Taboo

It’s Christmas time and you’re home for the holidays. Mommy couldn’t be happier! She’s dug out your old sweater and expects everyone in the family to participate in holiday photos. She comes in your room to ask you to try it on, make sure it still fits. When she starts measuring you she quickly realizes that it’s way too small! While she’s taking your measurements you can’t help but get hard – she’s standing in front of you with those massive tits on display after all. It doesn’t take long for her to notice your erection, and instead of getting mad she looks intrigued. In fact she’s a bit flattered that you’d think of her in that way. She then confesses that it’s been so long since she’s had sex, maybe this is a good thing. She’d love to give you the best Christmas gift this year, and what could be better then fucking her? She pulls your cock out of your pants and slowly begins sucking. It doesn’t take long for you to blow a massive load in her mouth. That’s okay though, it just means she has to drain you again! Mommy has to cum too after all. She mounts your cock and rides you until she cums all over your cock, and you’re not far behind. As she lays back you can see all your cum dripping out of her.. Hope you enjoyed your present.

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Paintedrose – French Kiss: Your First MILF Pussy

Cougar, MILF, Older Woman / Younger Man, Taboo, Virtual Sex

Your best friend’s Mom runs into you right after your workout in the home gym and offers you a protein shake and some muscle building advice. She thinks you look great, so grown up and asks if you can help her move a heavy package. Afterward she wants to give you a tip but says she will have to give you a kiss instead since she doesn’t have any cash right now. She is definitely flirting and asks you not to tell her son and says you’re her favorite boy in the neighborhood. She goes right down to give you another kiss – on your penis! She says it’s a french kiss but you know what’s happening – she’s gonna blow you – and she does.

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