Lorena Brink – Mommy Needs Your Cock

My son has a friend sleepover. Just checking up on them when I notice my son’s huge ‘morning-wood’. Mommy just couldn’t resist to take a look. When that fat cock pops out of my sons underwear I can’t restrain myself, I need my sons cock! I hop on quietly, better not wake him.. But it’s too late, he woke up. I’m very sorry hunny but mommy is in dire need of some good young dick, I mean look at that juicy perfect cock of yours! Just let mommy have her way with your cock and this will all be over soon.

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Sydney Harwin – Rampant mom gets creampie by son

I wish you would bring your dirty socks downstairs and put them in the wash, instead of leaving them under your bed for mommy to find. I don’t know what you youngsters call them, wank rags?… Look, while I’ve got you here, theres something else I want to talk to you about… I’ve been checking up on your internet history and noticed you’ve been watching porn… but not just any porn, the porn you are watching is illegal… It’s just not legal, son, and even though mommy has watched illegal stuff in the past, it’s just not right… Do you have feelings for mommy? You can tell me the truth… As long as you don’t tell your father, perhaps we could explore those feelings… Have you ever had a girlfriend? No? Then mommy must show you what you must do, and show you exactly how you should be treated by a woman… a woman who knows how to please my special boy. WOW, I didn’t know you would be THIS BIG… You’ve grown so much, just look at the size of it! Mommy want’s to suck it very much… It barely fits into my mouth! Have you ever had sex before? No? Well mom must show you how tight she still is at her age. You wan’t me to take my dress off? Okay… Your mom’s body doesn’t look the same as it used to, but thats fine because there is more of me to love… Oh.. My.. God.. You feel so fucking good. This was the same position you was conceived in… Are you gonna cum inside your mom? I don’t mind… blow your load inside mommy and fill me good.” –Your petite mom want’s your cock bad, and she is gonna get it. Expect to hear dirty talk and witness your mommy riding your cock until you just can’t stand it any more

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Sofie Marie – My sons first time

Sofie Marie has a crush on her step son Matt Bailey. Sofie has raised Matt since he was a baby, and now she wants to feel his body near and in her. She lays on his bed in sexy lingerie, and wishes he were home to play with her, and she masturbates to orgasm and then wipes her love juices on his pillow to let him know, subconsciously, that her sex was in his bed. Then, Sofie checks on Matt before bed, and helps him relax by rubbing and stroking his young body. Sofie makes sure Matt gets aroused and she teaches Matt how to have sex for the first time. His Mommy is a good teacher! Matt’s young cock loves Sofie’s tight pussy, and she teaches him all of the positions, before he blows his load on her flat stomach.

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KellyPayne – Mom and son lactation joi roleplay

Mom is doing some laundry and finds her sons “journal” writing about how hot his moms tits are when shes pumping, and how he just wants to fuck his moms tits. A bit concerned Kelly has her son sit down with her for a talk, that turns into mommy playing JOI milking her sweet tits for her son.

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Sofie Marie – Yummy Step Mom collection #3

Part 1 – Good game
Soccer MILF Sofie Marie is congratulating her step son on a great soccer game. His legs are sore, so she rubs his thighs and his penis gets hard. She is so proud and horny for her athletic son, that she gives him an oral penis massage that relaxes them both!
Part 2 – I walked in on Mom
Sofie is in lingerie and she is getting ready to play with herself. She lays on the bed and fingers her sweet pussy. She is interrupted, and embarrassed for a minute then she invites you to get your cock sucked and fuck her in this simulated sex fantasy scene.
Part 3 – Caught Camming
Sofie Marie is web camming when her step son peers around the corner and watches her. She finishes her sex session, then comes to check on her son, who is standing on the stairs. He sees his hard on and offers to blow him so he will go back to bed.
Part 4 – Knock First
Soccer MILF Sofie Marie is hanging in her bedroom masturbating and enjoying the peace and quiet with no kids in the house. Unbeknownst to her, she is being watched by her step son who is home from soccer practice early. He finally walks in on her and she kindly offers to relieve the pressure from his shorts with a great blow job!

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Sofie Marie – pt2 I walked in on mom.mp4 – 638.9 MB

Sofie Marie – pt3 Stepmom Caught Camming.mp4 – 342.9 MB

Sofie Marie – pt4 Knock First.mp4 – 495.3 MB

Bobbicruz – Mommy Gangbang

I am with my young son and his 2 friends, I have come up to see them while their parents are downstairs. They seem disinterested in what I have to say, so I tell them I have a surprise for them. All of a sudden they get excited, and I tell them we are going to play. I tell them that today they get to gangbang me. I start playing with my son while his friends get to watch, then I start getting them joined in also. I suck and fuck the 3 of them. As I am sucking my son, the parents arrive to the door and ask if we’re ok, I yell that we are fine, then tell the boys to hurry up, letting my son cum into my mouth.

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Katana Kombat – My Latin Mom

Scene One: Montage – Hidden Camera
a) Mom exercising VERY vigorously; calisthenics, push ups & sit ups. In an exercise outfit.
b) Laying in bed asleep. Just a single sheet over her, nude under the covers. Close up of her shoulders & face while she sleeps.
c) Bent over the bathroom sink supporting herself with one arm; playing with her pussy, breathing VERY loudly and rapidly. Face buried into the crook of her arm.
d) In an exercise outfit, stretching out on the floor yoga style.
e) On bed naked. Legs spread very far apart. Spreading her pussy with one hand and finger-fucking herself with the other. Eyes closed, sweaty face, throwing her head from one side to another.

Scene Two: Do You Want to See Me Naked
Mom is sitting on the couch; wearing a closed bathrobe. The Son enters the room and sits near her. She looks directly at him and says, “I know what you’ve been doing. I know you’ve been spying on me. Do you like looking at me? Do you like looking at your Mother?” She opens her robe; pauses to stare briefly and opens her bathrobe. She asks, “Is this what you want to see? My cunt? Your Mother’s cunt?” She spreads her legs far apart. Again, coldly almost angrily says, “This is my cunt, do you like looking at your Mother’s cunt?” Brief pause. She starts playing with herself while still staring into the Son’s eyes. She says, “Your dick is getting hard, I can see it. Take you pants off.” Brief pause. She stares and continues to play with herself and says, “God damn you’ve got a big dick. Come here!” The Son approaches and she sucks his cock with the love only a mother can give.

Scene Three: I Want to Strip For You
Mom is standing in the living room doorway leaning against the doorway, fully dressed. She is staring at me with that same cold look. She says, “Do you want to fuck me ? Do you want to fuck your Mother? Then pull out your dick and play with it!” She then strips and crawls to him. She gets up on her knees before him and says. “Fuck I want to suck your dick. (slightly louder) I want to suck my Son’s dick. I want to suck my Son’s cock and fuck him! She then gives me a long luxurious blowjob and I fuck her how only a good son can…

Scene Four: Fuck Me Before Dad Wakes Up
Early the next Morning I am getting ready to watch Cartoons and Mom walks in only wearing a robe. She quickly opens it and tells me she wants something quick. Mommy wants me to fuck her before Dad wakes up. She hops on the table and spreads her legs. As I begin to fuck her she is already begging for me to cum in her mouth. Before Dad can wake up, I fuck her till I am about to cum. She does not want me to cum inside her so she goes to her knees and opens her mouth. I unload with a massive blast into her mouth. She thanks me and tells me to go get changed before Dad finally wakes…

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Msparisrose – Mommy gets a new car

Mommy wants to buy a new car but her financing has fell through. Her son has a trust fund so she goes to him to borrow the money but is trying to make her to let him fuck her. She tries to talk him out of it, even gives him a blowjob, but its not enough. Finally she gives in and agrees and let’s him tie her up, push her down on the bed and give it to her rough… hair pulling, ass slapping and all.

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