Missbehavin26 – 1st Night At Your Cougar Aunts

Script: You are the Cougar Aunt. Your teenage nephew comes to stay with you. My mother had told you in the past about my little obsession with her pantyhose and tights. About finding them with cum stains in them and such. You use that to seduce me. The first night there you come downstairs after dinner wearing a pair of plain black opaque tights as if they were your pajama bottoms with a cute night shirt without a bra. You play it off like no big deal but you notice me unable to look away from you in those tights. You LOVE the attention and knowing how much you are exciting me. You lay on the opposite end of the couch. You tease me by waving your feet and rubbing your legs together. Knowing how eager I must be to touch you. You act coy and ask if I would mind giving you a foot rub. You can tell how nervous I am and you love it. What starts with a innocent foot massage leads to us “misbehavin” Please let me see you masturbate with your tights on the whole time. Using your fingers over and under the tights. Maybe even use a vibrator if you like. I just want to make sure you get those tights nice and scented up to send me. Leave the tights on the whole time please. After letting me watch you masturbate you take a pair of your sheer pantyhose you wore to work that day and roll the leg up and slide it over my cock like a nylon condom. Use a small dildo. Then talk really dirty to me about how my mother told you how I like doing this with her worn pantyhose. How you have always wanted to watch a boy cum. You Stroke my cock through the nylons until I release all by building tension into your pantyhose. You tell me we are going to have a fun time together while I stay with you.

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RheaSweet – Auntie Rhea

My nephew came to stay with me over the weekend. I have been so excited to see him and have some company in the house. Its been a little lonely so having him here will be an extra treat. I show him into the room that he will be staying in and welcome him to join me on the couch once he is settled. I put on a movie for us to watch as we snuggle up on the couch. I embarrassingly doze off, waking up to realize my nipple had slipped out of my top. I apologize to my nephew but he gave me a look that seemed as if he enjoyed seeing it. I brush those thoughts quickly out of my head. What kind of aunt would I be if I let my mind wonder? Getting ready for bed, I find myself too excited to go to bed with having company in the house. I wonder if my nephew is still awake and wouldn’t mind some chatting. I peek into the door and see him looking back at me. Pushing further into the room, I ask if he would like to hang out on the bed together while catching up on life. Again I doze off but this time when I wake up, I see my hand stroking my nephews cock!

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Tattooed Temptress – Blackmail Your Aunt

Your Aunt accidentally send you naked pictures of herself to you, she is so embarrassed. Please delete them, let’s pretend like this never happened ok? It’s going to cost me? My husband is rich, name your price and I’ll pay you. You want your aunt to suck your cock?! No way!! That’s so wrong… Ok, Ok, I’ll do it, just please don’t tell my husband about the photos, they weren’t meant for him. Yes that’s right, I’m having an affair. I have a lover who I fuck because my husband doesn’t fuck me right anymore. This is going to cost your aunt even more. You make her fuck you, and cream pie at the end.

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Emmas Secret Life – Aunt Catches You Jerking Off To Her Panties

So you walk in and catch me going thru your lingerie drawer and surprise me. What the fuck are doing!? You ask me. What the fuck, are you jerking off right now? Turn around right now! You are shocked at what you see, your nephews cock is fucking huge! You are upset but also turned on at the same time. You ask me if I like going thru your slutty outfits that you wear for my uncle. Well I don’t really know what to do with you I just can’t believe it. I need to teach you a lesson you fucking pervert! Fuck your cock is so big… what are you doing? No keep it out you fucking perv. Keep stroking that big dick for your aunt. That’s what you wanted isn’t it to see your aunt dressed like a fucking whore? Sit down I will be back. You change into a slutty dress with stockings and High heels for me and come back to suck my massive cock! You ask if I like seeing my aunt act like a whore? Normally I would be upset but I love big fucking cock and you are huge! You want me to suck your cock so bad don’t you, I can see that you do. Come here and feed it to me motherfucker! You proceed to wrap your mouth around it and try as best you can to suck my thick cock looking at me in surprise while it’s stretching your little mouth. I am such a fucking slut you giggle. You hold your mouth open for me and stick your tongue out telling me to fuck your face you fucking pervert! Your aunts going to drain your fucking balls all over her pretty face tonight. You like that huh you want to cum all over your slutty aunts face motherfucker! Bet you didn’t know how much of a little cumslut I am did you! Well I am and your going to give me that fucking cum aren’t you baby? You like watching me try and suck your monster cock don’t you stretching my little whore mouth out for me. I’m so fucking wet right now. I bet your a big cummer aren’t you yeah I thought so your balls are so heavy! I want you to pump rope after rope of your thick cum across my fucking face! Glaze the fuck out of me! Make me look like one of those bukkake whores in the pornos! Treat me like a filthy fucking whore and fuck my mouth and destroy my face with your nut motherfucker! I want it right now give it to me please cum on my face please please cum for me! I want to feel that warm load slap me in the face over and over! Your aunt will be your cumslut just give it to me! cum on my face motherfucker! I blast you with the biggest facial you have ever taken! It’s on your forehead, cheeks, dripping off your nose and chin! It’s everywhere you can’t see it’s so much! You can’t fucking believe it! You look at me and and let me see my handiwork telling me how amazed you are at how much cum I had in my balls and that you love the way it feels. Let the last couple minutes be of you sitting there covered in cum talking nasty to me about how I just destroyed your pretty face. saying I hope I learned my lesson at the end.

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Natasha Nixx – Aunts Truth or Creampie

Hello my sweet nephew, I was just passing through town on my way home and decided to pop in to see my sister. She isn’t home? Well how about I come inside and we chat. I can see your eyes lingering on me, bad boy. Let’s play a game. We have always had so much fun together after all…

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DirtySecretsClub – Sexy Aunt Fucks Teen Nephew POV

Aunt Candy has flown in for Thanksgiving. Since being here, she’s noticed how “grown up” her teen nephew has become. It’s now time to go home and she has a flight to catch and she finds herself alone in the house with her nephew. She goes to his room to say goodbye but she also has other intentions. Watch how this beautiful seductress handles her young nephew both verbally and physically. She fucks and sucks him really good, ending with him shooting his thick load into her mouth. She then let his cum slowly drain out, rubbing it with her fingers all over her chin and lips. We can only wish we all had an Aunt Candy in our lives…

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Helena Price – Aunt Secret Family BJ

I was just relaxing while on family vacation when my aunt passed me a note. Written on it said, “meet me in the garage”. I could only imagine what was going to happen. I came in there & she told me how bad she wanted to take care of me. She got down on both her knees and sucked my dick until I filled her mouth with cum.

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Helena Price – Hot Aunt Family Vacation Fuck

On the last night of our family vacation, I ran into my aunt in the kitchen. We spoke for a bit and decided to get away from everyone else. We went off to one of the spare bed rooms and she sucked my dick until she offered her pussy. I stretch out her tight wet pussy until I came all over her nice bush.

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Sloansmoans – Nephew Are You A Virgin?

Watch as your aunt comes into your room one night and starts stroking your cock until you wake up. She tells you to be quiet and is sweet and calm as she begins to seduce you. She explains that you’ve been getting so big and grown and she’s noticed that you’ve been checking her out too. She’s wearing a sexy satin slip and she looks so good, you can’t help but get hard. She then asks you about your experience with girls and you admit to her that you’re a virgin. She tells you that it’s okay, that she can help you. She starts off by asking to kiss you. First innocent pecks on the mouth and then she incorporates tongue. You love feeling your aunts tongue on yours. She tells you not to be nervous and encourages you to touch her body. Her breasts, her legs, her waist, her neck. She exposes her tits and tells you to go ahead and suck on them and lick her nipples. She feels your cock has gotten much, much harder. She then tells you to feel her pussy. She’s slick and wet and she says that this means she’s ready for sex. She tells you that she’s going to get you ready by sucking and licking your hard cock. She gives you a sensual, short blowjob because she can tell you’re about to bust and she wants your cock inside her. You ask if she has a condom and she tells you that you don’t need one because it feels so much better without one and… she wants you to get her pregnant. You’re hesitant but she assures you that it’ll be fun and feel so, so good. She then straddles you and coaxes your cock into her wet, warm, tight pussy. She starts out slow and sensual and continues to seduce you with dirty talk and you cum pretty fast inside her. She’s sweet and understanding as she smiles and congratulates you on your first creampie. However, she’s still moving up and down on your cock. You’re still rock hard and she says that she knows it’s a little sensitive but she wants more. She becomes more dominant as she rides you harder and faster. She begs for your cum and tells you that she wants you to breed her and impregnate her. She wants you to cum deep inside her pussy. She’s adamant about riding and fucking you until she cums. She’s about to cum and this leads you to cum again. After you cum together she tells you that she’s going to be back tomorrow night for more of you…

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