Ariel Anderssen – Aunties Blowjob Therapy

My poor nephew who should have been studying for your finals has spent all morning texting with a silly girl from university who doesn’t want to date you. How ridiculous! Can’t she see what a wonderful, well-brought up, virile young man you are? Well, her loss. You really should give up on these silly young sluts anyway, they don’t know what they’re doing in the bedroom, and are terribly inhibited about giving you what you want. Not like me, your aunt, a mature, sophisticated woman of the world who knows EXACTLY what you need, and has the ability to give it to you! Dressed in sheer silk blouse, short skater skirt, no panties, high heels, and stockings with garter belt, I flaunt myself seductively before you. Can it really be true that you’ve never had a blowjob? How terrible! What are these young girls thinking of? Well, since it’d be your first time, I do think it should be with someone who knows what they’re doing. A specialist, if you like! Someone who really loves to suck cock, and has all the techniques. Someone who can deepthroat without gagging. Someone who actually likes the taste of cum and WANTS you to cum in her mouth. In short, darling, someone like me! How do you like that idea? Well, I can see that PART of you certainly likes the idea! Sinking to my knees, I take out your gorgeous virile cock and give you a masterclass in everything that a blowjob should be, right up until you cum in my mouth. How absolutely wonderful. Darling, never settle for less than the best. And the best is right here, whenever you want me!

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Tara Tainton – Hands Off Sis Hes My Son

THAT SLUT!! I KNEW IT! There’s not a single thing my slutty sister can keep her hands off — especially when it’s MINE! I can’t believe she’s done this. Gone so far. MY BOY!! She’s gone after him with her slutty bitchy witchy wiles and thinks she can take MY BOY away from me?! I know it’s not his fault… it’s just not. He’s completely innocent, my perfect boy. He’s just… confused. That must be it. He just needs to have his attention directed elsewhere. He needs to realize what he has RIGHT HERE. In his own home. Right before his eyes. At his fingertips. Day and night. There’s not a thing that slut has or can do that I’m not ten times better at. And I’m going to love shoving that in her face!! And my son’s…

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Tara Tainton – Any Time You Want Even When Uncle’s in the Room

How exciting… my husband actually interested in phone sex?? But NOW?? In the middle of our New Year’s Eve party — that he can’t even attend?? I think he’s been inspired. But oh, gosh, our boy is… well, he WANTS IT now. And I’ll always uphold my promise, the subject of our little talk when he became an adult. “Fucking your mother is as natural as saying hello in this house!” I have to oblige… even while working up his father on the phone… grabbing one delicious cock while talking dirty to the other. I’m getting so mixed up… so HOT!!!! I don’t even know who came first. I just know that I’ve never been this turned on, this excited, this high on orgasms! And… oh, no, he’s ready AGAIN. And he wants it. NOW. Even with Uncle Larry in the room! Any time you want, my beautiful boy. Any time at all…

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Melanie Hicks in Stuck Step Family

Step Mom Gives Up Her Ass For My Birthday
“I heard it was your birthday, and I wanted to do something special for your birthday this year!” my step-mom, Melanie, says to me, as she walks in to my bedroom. She is wearing a bath robe, but she quickly unties it and she reveals her naked body in front of me. She walks closer to me and then she hops on to my bed and she pulls my cock out from under my shorts! “What are you doing?!” I ask her. “It’s your birthday! You deserve this!” she responds. She wraps her lips around my cock and she starts to give me a blowjob. After she sucks my cock for a few minutes, she tells me she is going to give me her ass too! I can’t believe what I am hearing! She lies down on the bed in the missionary position and I shove my cock in her pussy first. After a few minutes, I ask her if she’s sure that she wants to have anal sex with me. “Yes, I want to try it!” she exclaims. While she is still lying on her back, I shove my cock in her ass. “How is that?” I ask her, as I slide my cock in and out of her ass hole. “It feels so good!” she tells me. After a few minutes, I ask her to flip over in to the doggy style position so I can fuck her ass from behind. “Are you going to cum for your step-mom?” she asks me. I keep fucking her ass until I cum inside of her ass! “At least I can’t get pregnant that way!” she tells me.

Cannot Resist Stuck Step-Mom’s Ass
My step-mom, Melanie, is searching for her car keys and she can’t find them. She reaches her hands in to the couch and she ends up getting both of her hands stuck in the couch! I walk in to the living room and I find Melanie standing over the couch, and she is bent over. I walk over to her and I pull her pants down, and I lift her shirt up. “Taking my clothes off is not helping me! Just because I let you fuck my ass for my birthday doesn’t mean that you take off my clothes whenever you’d like!” she yells at me. “Well, you started it!” I tell her, as I pull my cock out. I put my cock in her mouth and she starts to suck my cock. I tell her that I’m just trying to help her get unstuck! I walk behind her and I shove my cock in her pussy in the doggy style position. “You’re just taking advantage of the fact that I am stuck!” she exclaims. “Yeah, basically!” I tell her. I shove my cock in her ass next, and she asks me to please help her get unstuck. “If I help you get unstuck, can I keep fucking you?” I ask her. “Yes,” she tells me. I pull her as hard as I can, and I finally get her unstuck from the couch. “Now can I finish?” I ask her. She lies down in the missionary position and she pulls her legs back, so I can fuck her ass hole again. I shove my cock in her pussy next and I fuck her ass and pussy back and forth. “I really need to find my car keys…” she tells me. I stop fucking her and I let her get up to keep searching the house…

Stuck in New Chair
My step-mom notices the new chair in our living room, and she can’t tell if it’s a chair or art! It’s white and modern and she can’t figure out how to sit down in it. I walk in to the room and I find Melanie getting stuck in the chair. I decide to take advantage of this situation again, so I pull my cock out of my pants and I shove it in to her mouth again. “Is this helping you get unstuck?” I ask her. “No! You’re just using me!” she tells me. “Sounds great to me!” I laugh. I shove my cock back in her mouth and she gives me a blowjob. I pull Melanie’s pants off and I shove my cock in her pussy next. “I need you to help me get out of the chair!” she exclaims. I shove my cock in her ass next, and then I ask her if it feels good at all. “It feels a little good, but I should have never given you my ass on your birthday!” she exclaims. I flip her over in to the doggy style position but she is still stuck in the chair. I shove my cock back in her ass, and I tell her that I am almost done. I keep fucking her ass while telling her to back up out of the chair. She gets out from being stuck in the chair, but now she is going to let me finish up! She sits down and she pulls her legs back so I can fuck her pussy now. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth. She swallows it all!

Ass Fucking Step Mom and Aunt Cory and They Cannot Stop Me
My step-mom and my aunt are napping next to each other naked, so I sneak in to the room to make sure that their hands are stuck in the bed frame when they wake up. When they open their eyes, Melanie confesses to my aunt that she let me fuck her ass on my birthday. “We have to call out for Luke to help us get unstuck, although I am pretty sure that he is the one who got us stuck like this in the first place…” Melanie tells my aunt. My step-mom calls out for me, and I walk in to her bedroom to come help her. “We know you did this! We know you made us stuck!” they exclaim. I lie and I pretend that I didn’t do anything to make them stuck! “I was just playing X-box… but I might as well take advantage of the situation!” I tell them. “I knew it!” Melanie tells me. I grab both of their boobs, and my aunt Cory tells me “grabbing our boobs is not going to make us unstuck!” I walk over to Cory and I shove my cock in her pussy first. I help Cory get unstuck and then I tell her, “Now you get to watch me fuck my step-mom!” My aunt Cory tries to help my step-mom get unstuck, but it won’t work! Aunt Cory is able to get one of Melanie’s hands free, but the other one is stuck in the bed frame. I keep fucking Melanie while Cory tries to help her get unstuck. Together, we help her get unstuck! “I think we should keep going, now that I helped you get unstuck…” I tell them. I keep fucking Melanie, while my aunt Cory rubs Melanie’s tits. My aunt Cory lies down on the bed next, and I fuck her pussy while Cory licks Melanie’s tits again. Cory bends over in the doggy style position and she lets me fuck her ass now too! My step-mom masturbates next to her step-sister, while I keep fucking Cory. I ask my step-mom to get in the doggy style position next to Cory, so I can fuck their asses back and forth. I ask my aunt Cory to suck my cock clean after I fuck Melanie’s ass. Then I go back to fucking my step-mom and my aunt’s asses back and forth. They both let me fuck their pussy and ass back and forth, too, and I can’t believe it! This is the best day ever! When I get close to cumming, I ask them both to get down on their knees and open their mouths wide. I jerk my cock off in to their mouths and I cum all over them! I think everyone had a great time today, especially me…

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Bettie Bondage – Aunt Wont Let You Go

You know its wrong. It has to stop. But she won’t let you go. You and your aunt have been carrying on a secret affair for a while now, but you’ve decided it needs to stop. It’s wrong! You can’t keep doing it. But when you tell her that, she’s all pouty, disbelieving. After some convincing, she relents, agrees to just be a normally auntie. She gets you a glass of milk but…that’s the last thing you remember…before waking up, tied to a bed, hard as a rock, with her standing over you, smirking! She’s not going to let you go. She’s going to show you exactly what you’d be missing, what you could never do without…

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Tara Tainton – Auntie Is Going to Teach You Both How to Masturbate

I’m SO excited about having both of you stay with me all weekend! We’re going to have so much FUN! I haven’t seen my darling nephews in so long, and you’re both so GROWN UP! Now, who would like to spend time out by the pool to start with? And after that, we’ll be due for a nice afternoon snack, after we dry off. Now, I hope you won’t give me any trouble, but if one or both of you gets a bit curious… well, you know your Auntie is always here for you to answer your questions… even whatever LESSONS you may need… about being BIG BOYS. I know you’ll do everything Auntie asks of you, and you know I’ll be sure to make it as fun and memorable as possible. Now, let’s all go get WET!

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Tara Tainton – Aunties Super Special Bedtime Technique

Poor nephew. I heard you were up here, tucked into bed but unable to find sweet sleep. So, I came to help you. I’m always here for my favorite nephew! Do you trust your auntie? Then, I’m going to treat you to my super special bedtime technique… it starts with a relaxing bedtime voice, soft and soothing, a nice sensual massage, and the very best thing for bedtime of all: auntie’s special pillows. Just lie back, relax, listen to my soft voice, and… let’s get you out of these pajamas. I’ll keep you nice and warm…

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Tara Tainton – You Better Come Quick

You filthy little pervert. I KNOW you were staring at me. Pretending to play those video games. No, no, no. Your mind was somewhere else entirely, wasn’t it. Yes, yes, yes. I know what’s on your mind, nephew. You want to touch it, don’t you. You want to reach into your pants and touch your hot cock. While staring at your auntie. Well, why don’t you?

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Family Feud: Aunty Makes You A Man

You arrive home to hear your mother fighting with someone, she calls you into the kitchen and lets you know her twin sister your aunt will be staying with you for a while, you have not seen your aunty in over 4 years and you know that your mother fights with her all the time, they begin to argue in front of you about how you still zzzz in the same bed as your mother and how it looks really bad to everyone outside of family members, but your mother keeps insisting that it because you are so close and its nothing weird about it, later that night before bed your mother tells you why her and her twin sister had a falling out, its because she slept with your father and she has never forgiven her for that. After falling zzzzz you awake to find your Aunty whispering in your ear and climbing on top of you, you are frozen and don’t know what to say but she grinds you and is undressing telling you that she will help you become a man….she sucks your cock and you almost forget that your mother is right beside you, she climbs on top again and this time she slips you inside and takes your virginity, suddenly your mother wakes up and yells at her to get off of you, she kicks her out and comes to comfort you about what just happens, afraid that her twin sister is now closer to you then she is your mother starts to stroke your cock, then she lays back and you begin to tit fuck her perfect huge boobs, finally she climbs on top and fucks you, all positions and you cum in her mouth, she swallows your cum and loves how sweet her boy tastes

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Helena Price – Auntie Helena Jerks Me Into Her Panties

Auntie Helena, clad only in her silk robe and some lacy panties, finds me snoozing one day in her living room, and she surprises me by kneeling down to take my cock into her soft, oiled hands! She starts stroking my cock gently, talking to me about how she knows this is what I want, and how much she wants to play with me IF I agree to play with her in return. She is getting turned on by my young cock, and she strokes me harder and faster, begging me to cum inside her pretty pink panties. When I am close to cumming, Auntie Helena stands and pulls down her panties to make room for my cock so she can stroke my load out into her panties. Once I cum, she rubs my cum all over her pussy and pulls her panties back into place. She tells me she is going to lie down, and leaves me with confusion about what just happened…

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