Helena Price – Aunt Secret Family BJ

I was just relaxing while on family vacation when my aunt passed me a note. Written on it said, “meet me in the garage”. I could only imagine what was going to happen. I came in there & she told me how bad she wanted to take care of me. She got down on both her knees and sucked my dick until I filled her mouth with cum.

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Helena Price – Hot Aunt Family Vacation Fuck

On the last night of our family vacation, I ran into my aunt in the kitchen. We spoke for a bit and decided to get away from everyone else. We went off to one of the spare bed rooms and she sucked my dick until she offered her pussy. I stretch out her tight wet pussy until I came all over her nice bush.

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Sloansmoans – Nephew Are You A Virgin?

Watch as your aunt comes into your room one night and starts stroking your cock until you wake up. She tells you to be quiet and is sweet and calm as she begins to seduce you. She explains that you’ve been getting so big and grown and she’s noticed that you’ve been checking her out too. She’s wearing a sexy satin slip and she looks so good, you can’t help but get hard. She then asks you about your experience with girls and you admit to her that you’re a virgin. She tells you that it’s okay, that she can help you. She starts off by asking to kiss you. First innocent pecks on the mouth and then she incorporates tongue. You love feeling your aunts tongue on yours. She tells you not to be nervous and encourages you to touch her body. Her breasts, her legs, her waist, her neck. She exposes her tits and tells you to go ahead and suck on them and lick her nipples. She feels your cock has gotten much, much harder. She then tells you to feel her pussy. She’s slick and wet and she says that this means she’s ready for sex. She tells you that she’s going to get you ready by sucking and licking your hard cock. She gives you a sensual, short blowjob because she can tell you’re about to bust and she wants your cock inside her. You ask if she has a condom and she tells you that you don’t need one because it feels so much better without one and… she wants you to get her pregnant. You’re hesitant but she assures you that it’ll be fun and feel so, so good. She then straddles you and coaxes your cock into her wet, warm, tight pussy. She starts out slow and sensual and continues to seduce you with dirty talk and you cum pretty fast inside her. She’s sweet and understanding as she smiles and congratulates you on your first creampie. However, she’s still moving up and down on your cock. You’re still rock hard and she says that she knows it’s a little sensitive but she wants more. She becomes more dominant as she rides you harder and faster. She begs for your cum and tells you that she wants you to breed her and impregnate her. She wants you to cum deep inside her pussy. She’s adamant about riding and fucking you until she cums. She’s about to cum and this leads you to cum again. After you cum together she tells you that she’s going to be back tomorrow night for more of you…

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Paintedrose – Aunties Birthday Gift Strip Suck Fuck

Happy Birthday Nephew! I keep noticing you staring at Step-Aunties butt and now you have an erection and you’re touching it! Come with me before Grandma sees you! Would you like my gift in this envelope or a surprise gift? Great choice! Auntie gives you a strip tease in a back bedroom away from the party and then begins to blow you. Auntie uses you now that you’ve grown up so nice. I love how hard you are. Don’t cum yet! Auntie has you bend her over, fuck her missionary, her on top riding, and bent over Doggy again for the finale with a cum dripping out ending.

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FANPRODXX – Aunty Josie Seduces Nephew

Aunty Josie comes to give her nephew some advice on getting girls after chatting with James mum. She quizzes James on whether he masturbates. Demonstrates how to wank using a rubber cock. Takes off his clothes before exposing her naked body to her nephew. She grabs his cock and helps him wank for a bit before demonstrating how she likes to suck cock with the rubber one. She penetrates herself allowing James to cum. She then cleans up his cum covered cock with pants.

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Ariel Anderssen – Upskirt Aunt Quickie

Darling, please don’t worry about me! I WANT you to go out and enjoy yourself with your friends this evening! I’ll be perfectly perfectly alright here on my own, dressed in my sheer tan holdup stockings, sheer blouse and short pencil skirt! I’m not even wearing any panties, because they’d get dreadfully in the way of the activities I have planned. What activities? Well, since you ask, I’m going to be treating myself to a few orgasms with my wonderful new vibrator! I can’t wait. As soon as you’re through the door, I’ll be lying here on the bed, with my legs open, playing with my pussy. What’s that? Well it’s certainly not my fault that my plans for the evening have turned you on! You most certainly mustn’t let your friends down on my account! Hmmm, it does seem a terrible waste of that simply glorious erection though. How about if had a really QUICK fuck, sweetie? Do you think you could cum really fast? Cos I’m pretty sure I can! Look how wet I am already, and how inviting my pussy looks when I spread it open like this. Are you going to fuck me right now? Cos I CERTAINLY think you should!

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Elouise Please – Encouraging Auntie Fucks Her Nephew

Aw, it’s been such a long time since I last saw you, I’m so glad that you’re here at this party. And wow, my nephew is so grown up now! You’re such a big boy aren’t you?! You know, ever since you were little you used to always stare at my boobs, so why don’t I show you them? Don’t worry, nobody will disturb us. And I guess you shouldn’t just stop there, how about if you use that tongue to lick your aunts pussy? Come on, don’t stop now! You don’t want anybody to find out that you licked my pussy, do you? I think you’re gonna have to do a lot more to please your auntie now… otherwise I’ll have to tell your Mum, my sister, and I don’t think she would be very happy.

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Nikki Brooks – Taboo Fantasy with Auntie Nikki

Auntie Nikki is completely startled as she catches you on the floor as she’s getting undressed. Auntie Nikki expresses that it’s just so nice to have you at the house. Since some other family members are out of town, she tells you how she’d love for you to come around more often and spend some much NEEDED quality time with her. As time goes on, Nikki admits she wants a whole lot more. FUCK ME, she tells you. She’s thought of you for years and fantasized about how it would feel to finally have you inside her. You can hardly resist seeing your Auntie Nikki in her robe, garter belt, stockings, heels and more. She opens up her legs and let’s you taste her. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re fucking her in multiple positions. It doesn’t end there….she has a request….CUM INSIDE HER!! Fantasy becomes reality and before you know it you’ve blown your entire load inside her. Seems like you’ll be visiting Auntie Nikki way more often!

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