Mama Fiona – Lusty Slutty Aunt Wants Your Cock

Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Role Play, Taboo, Teens

You are my faaaavorite nephew and you’re making a visit to stay for the weekend. Its definitely been a while and I am very very impressed by how much you’ve really grown! You are all grown up now, freshly 18, and I am throwing myself at you. I’ve been dying to take your virginity for as long as I can remember! We flirt a bunch, with my complimenting you of course… and soon we start softly kissing. I love every second of how naughty and taboo this is. You’re such a good kisser and I am eager toget my handsome nephews cock into my slutty holes! I go down on you with a sexy blowjob, talking about how I’ve wanted to do this naughty thing with you for years, about how I’ve always teased you… about how I knew you wanted me just as much. I then sit on your cute face and you eat your aunts pussy before I take your big hard juicy throbbing cock and put it inside me. I guide my pussy up and down your shaft (implied and with the big cock in view) and milk that gorgeous cock until I beg you to creampie me, your very own Auntie!

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Natasha Nixx – MILF Mentor

Cougar, Creampie, Cumshots, MILF

Well what do I have here? Did you have to take some time to yourself away from your aunts pool party? Why could that be? Is it because you couldn’t keep your eyes off of me still… after all of these years? I saw you slip away… what state you were in. Honey, I am going to teach you what to do about that.

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Meana Wolf – New Years Resolution

Aunt, Cougar, Facial, Meana Wolf, MILF, Older Woman Younger Man, POV

Auntie Meana was your favourite of your mom’s friends. She never treated you like a little boy the way the other mom’s did. She always talked to you like a man. Now that you’d grown up, you realized how insanely hot she was, and how jealous it made other women, including your mom. That must be why you hadn’t seen Auntie Meana in a while. She’s too cool for this New Year’s party, and all the other mom’s are just whispering about her and her escapades. “I wonder what they’d all say if I told them I found a hot young man to fuck at this party? Too bad my New Year’s Resolution is to stop having one night stands.” But New Years Resolutions don’t start till January 1st don’t they?

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Mindi Mink – Proposal to Aunt Mindi

Big Boobs, Hairy Bush, MILF, Taboo, Virtual Sex

You left your family years ago so you could live with your sexy Aunt Mindi. So you could have an unrestricted, torrid affair with her. You both have loved the kinky, twisted, taboo sex you’ve had for the last few years. But now you’ve just been offered a job that would make you leave your auntie. She understands. Aunt Mindi is a little sad that she’s going to lose that lovely cock of yours, but she wants nothing but the best for you. But you have a surprise for her. You love your aunt and don’t want to lose her. So you get down on one knee and propose. She’s shocked and in disbelief, but you’re the man for her. No one makes her feel the kind of pleasure you give her. And so she gets on top of you and fucks you, dreaming aloud about the lovely life you’re going to continue to have.

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FionaDagger – Stroked By Your Moms Twin Sister

Dirty Talking, Handjobs, Mommy Roleplay, Role Play, Taboo

Your aunt, who is your mum’s twin sister so looks exactly like your mum, is catching up with her favourite nephew and being pretty full on flirty… You’re not sure what to make of it as she teases you about how much she looks like your mother, and makes you tell her that she’s the sexier sister… She tells you about the trouble people have telling her and your mum apart sometimes, and confesses that once your dad actually flashed his cock at her for a second, thinking that she was his wife… This leads her to wondering aloud if you’ve inherited your dad’s sizeable penis, and before you know it she’s somehow got you to get it out and show it to her. Telling you that you need an experienced woman to guide you and teach you a few tricks, she takes it in her hand and begins stroking, disconcerting you by occasionally reminding you that she looks so much like her sister that it’s almost like your mum is the one jacking your cock right now…

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Bonsai Bon – Aunt Stripper JOI

Family, Impregnation Fantasy, Kink, Role Play, Taboo

You get to watch your aunt strip for you and show you her body one minute at a time! She gets so excited that you get to watch her get naked that she get’s wet and has to suck and fuck her own nephew’s cock!

Bonsai Bon – Aunt Stripper JOI.mp4
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Paintedrose – Secrets In The Dark Taboo Auntie

Caught, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV Sex, Taboo

Auntie is house sitting while your parents are out of town. One late night of hanging out turned into passionate all night sex education all week and now your parents are coming home early and Auntie says she doesn’t know when you can be together again. You’re struggling to rest and Auntie comes in and asks if she can lay with you because her room is cold.. and.. and.. she misses you. You two decide to just cuddle but you start kissing and touching while spooning and then she sucks on your tongue like it’s your dick. Next thing you know you decide to just make out but you’re stiff as a rock so Auntie can’t resist putting you in her throat. She loves you – and your stiff cock. Auntie needs you inside and says that she has to be on top because otherwise your parents might hear. She tries to be quiet but the bed is rocking and you’re struggling to contain yourself while she has to cover her mouth to not holler out when you orgasm together with her on top!

Paintedrose – Secrets In The Dark Taboo Auntie.mp4
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Natasha Nixx – Good Nephews Share

Family, Taboo, Threesome, Bukkake, Creampie

Boys boys boys, you better behave while I am out on my date. This isn’t your house. You need to respect me. I should be out late so no need to worry about me. I’ll be back later…. Ugh, my date was just terrible. Your aunt shouldn’t be talking to you about her love life. But if you are offering… come have a seat with me.

Natasha Nixx – Good Nephews Share.mp4
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Ariel Anderssen – Auntie Spots Your Hard On

Taboo, Older Woman / Younger Man, MILF, POV Blowjob, Gloves

I’m just rushing out for a meeting with the bank manager, darling. I’m dressed up because I need him to give me what I want! But goodness, sweetie, you look as though you need me to give you what you NEED! I know you find me irresistible in my mack, short skirt, tan stockings and fuck-me shoes, but I wasn’t expecting you to react quite so, umm, visibly! Well, I can’t leave you with that erection, can I darling? It’d be an awful waste, and I can’t imagine it’d be good for you either. So why don’t you lie down on the bed and I’ll take care of it for you. You know how much I enjoy giving you blow jobs, and today I can’t wait to get my mouth all over your hard cock – it’s simply too exciting! I’m going to make sure you get a wonderful view of my feet in my fuck-me shoes while I work on your cock – I know that drives you craziest of all! And how would you like it if I was to finish you off with my leather gloves? I just KNOW that’s gonna push you over the edge!

Ariel Anderssen – Auntie Spots Your Hard On.mp4
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