Brea Rose – A Gift From Your Aunt

It’s your 18th birthday and I need your help with picking out an outfit for me to wear for your party. I try on some revealing dresses and then some lingerie and ask for your opinion. I can see it’s making your cock hard so I tell you to start stroking it while you watch me. I then offer you a helping hand and stroke your cock and give you a blow job until you cum in my mouth, don’t tell your mom about this!

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Ivy Secret, Sydney Paige – Mom And Aunt Put Son To Bed

Son can’t go to bed so he goes into his mom’s bedroom where she’s talking to his aunt, mom & auntie rack their brains for ideas on how to help him go back to bed, mom comes up with an idea – she wants to help him release any tension and stress he may have, mom & aunt strip down and encourage son to touch himself…

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Maggie Green in Horny Stepmom Must Fuck Stepson

Scene One: Mom Gives Comforting Massage
I recently fell off my bike and broke my right arm, which has been a pain in the ass for me! I haven’t even been able to jerk off lately! My aunt tries to explain this to my step-mom and my step-mom doesn’t want to even hear it! My mom and my aunt walk in to my bedroom and I explain to them both how I am in a lot of pain. They start to ask me weird questions like “When was the last time you jerked off?” I tell them that it’s been 2 or 3 weeks already and that’s why I’ve been so cranky! My mom and my aunt both pull their big tits out and then my mom starts to jerk my cock off with her hand. “Would you like me to put it in my mouth, baby?” my mom asks me. I let her suck my dick and she keeps sucking my cock until I eventually cum in her mouth… Then I tell my mom to kiss my aunt and share my cum!

Scene Two: Mom Catches Me Jerking Off To Porn
I am in my bedroom jerking my cock off to photo’s of my Aunt Cory when my mom walks in to the room and catches me! “Stop jerking off to your aunt! It’s making me jealous!” she tells me. My mom strips out of of her clothes and she starts to lick her own nipples in front of me! Then she lies back on the bed and she tells me to fuck her pussy! I am shocked at first but I can’t say no to her and her huge tits. “That feels so good! That cock is all mine!” she moans. I ask her to flip over in to the doggystyle position so I can fuck her pussy from behind. I accidentally cum inside of my mom, but I want to keep fucking her! I grab her big tits and I fuck her again… but it doesn’t take long for me to cum inside of her a second time!

Scene Three: Accidental Threesome
My mom finally confronts my aunt about the nude photos she sent me the other day! My aunt apologizes to my mom and she promises that won’t ever send me any photos again! “My son was doing fine for a while but now he is acting like a dick again! Maybe he needs a new hole to fuck….” my mom tells my aunt. I walk in to my mom’s bedroom and I see my aunt and my mom sitting topless next to each other on the bed. I am a little confused as to what’s going on here! “I thought that the three of us could have some fun today!” my mom tells me. My aunt and my mom start to kiss each other and then they strip out of their panties. They start to give me a double blowjob and I can’t believe this is real life! Then my aunt lies back on the bed so I can fuck her pussy in the missionary position. “I can’t believe I’m watching my sister fuck my son!” my mom exclaims. My mom wants to eat my aunt’s pussy so I fuck my mom’s pussy from behind while she licks my aunt’s clit. Then I fuck my mom’s pussy in the missionary position next while my aunt licks my mom’s nipples. My aunt wants to return the favor to my mom, so my aunt starts to eat my mom’s pussy while I fuck my aunt from behind. When I get close to cumming, I jerk my cock off on to my mom’s face and in her mouth! Then she kisses my aunt to share my cum with her…

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Andi James – Fucking Auntie Andi

Auntie Andi catches you walking in on her in her nightgown, and she’s shocked at your filthy suggestions. She’d feel so guilt to indulge you. But she sees that cock growing hard in your pants, and decides she can’t hold out any longer. After stroking and sucking your cock, Andi lets her big natural MILF tits out of the nightgown and rides your cock with her lightly trimmed pussy before lying back to let you pound her wet pussy hard.

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Meana Wolf – Pose For Me

Your aunt is a free spirit. An artist. She plays by her own rules. You’ve always admired that about her. Maybe that’s why you wanted to be an actor. Who better to take your headshots than your aunt? The vibe quickly turns into something different. Something unexpected. She tells you to relax and be yourself. She asks, “What would you do if there were no Taboo’s, and you could do whatever you want with whoever you wanted?” The heat between the two of you is unbearable. She says “I’m curious to know what it would be like to feel your precum sliding down the back of my throat.” Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your bohemian aunt isn’t afraid to break societal norms. She’s not ashamed of being attracted to you and wanting to suck your cock. So she does.

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Andi James – Auntie Jerks You Off And Sucks Your Cock

Auntie Andi is ready for a night on the town in her new dress, but you immediately pointed out her lack of a bra underneath – you can just make out her nipples poking through the dress. After telling her you’ve never gotten a blowjob, and her seeing that bulge in your pants, she just can’t help herself as she gets on her knees to stroke it a bit before “having a little taste” in her mouth. She’s getting worked up sucking your cock, and has to get her huge natural tits out and rub her furry pussy for you, while she watches you stroke that big hard cock for her.

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Rose Black – Your Horny Tipsy Aunt

Older Woman / Younger Man, Sex Ed, MILF, Taboo
Your aunt has been staying at your house for the weekend to celebrate a special girls’ weekend with your mom. She’s absolutely trashed and has been napping on the couch for the last hour or two so you took the liberty of “exploring” her room. You’re looking through her panty stash when she stumbles in nearly oblivious of you in the middle of the room. Oh my goodness! I didn’t see you there! Hey, is…. is that a boner in your pants or do you just have a boner? You have a boner. When my sons were that age it happened all the time. My life is just full of dicks! Oh, boy, did you know your mom could party? She is making me look like an inexperienced young one again oh my goodness! I think she’s getting ready for us to go out again tonight but I need to find clothes. Are you in my panties? Ah, that explains the boner. It’s been so long since I was with a cock that young. Mmmm….. I should find a refill for this wine. What do you think I should wear tonight? Is me licking this bottle giving you a boner? It must be so much fun to be your age. Boners at your mom’s sister’s panties and at watching her suck a wine bottle neck. If you were a little bit older, I would show you exactly what I can do with this tongue. Are you old enough to know about vaginas? Since your cock is hard, it’s clear that you must know about erections. Your mom would get mad if she knew, but I can teach you about vaginas. Watch what happens when I put this bottle between my legs. That’s what I would do with your penis. Ah, yes, inside just like that. Now let’s keep this a secret. You’re old enough to have sex, but I don’t want your mom to catch us and get mad. It will be more fun if this is special, just between us. Play with me before she’s ready to go out and I’ll let you keep my panties for later.

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Jess Ryan – Nephew Gets JOI From Sweet Auntie

Taboo, Older Woman / Younger Man, JOI, MILF, Masturbation Encouragement
I’ve never given jack off instructions but I’m willing to help you out since you haven’t cum in awhile…listen very carefully sweetheart, Auntie will take care of you.

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Butt3rflyforu – Aunt Rae Took My Virginity

MILF, Impregnation Fantasy, Virtual Sex, Older Woman / Younger Man
You are staying with Aunt Rae for the summer. She asks you if you are comfortable and need anything. You love going to your aunt’s because she is super hot!!! Long black hair and huge tits and tight tan body makes your young, virgin cock throb. You only dream about fucking hot older women like her! You hesitate when she asks…not sure how to answer. You tell her that you are quite comfortable but she can tell you are holding something back! She tells you not to hold back, that she wants your summer to be perfect! Whatever you tell her stays between you and her!!! You still hesitate and she reassures you that she will not tell your mom (her sister). She tells you she loves having you!! Loves knowing that you are here all summer and that she loves your company!!! She finally digs it out of you! You tell her that you are a virgin and that you would like to change that!!! She tells you that you shouldn’t be ashamed of that, you are just waiting for the right time!!! She starts teasing you and flaunting her tight body in front of you!! She tells you that she knows what you do in your room because she sees your semen all over your bath towels. She also admits that she hasn’t had a cock in so long, especially a young, hard one like yours!!! Things begin to heat up! She starts stripping her little half top off exposing her huge perfect tits!!! Your young, inexperienced cock begins dripping precum! She starts rubbing your bulge through your pants. She removes her short shorts and tells you that this is the time. She needs you and your young load inside her!!! Your heart is racing and your cock is throbbing…you are going to lose your virginity this summer!

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Katie71 – Nephew Explodes On My Face

Blowjob, Cumshots, Facials, MILF, Taboo
My nephew came over and surprised me as he was a day early. Anyways when I pulled up to my house and seen his car I was so excited because honestly he is super sexy and fun and I cant wait to hang out with him. When I came in the house we talked for a few minutes and then I invited him into my room where we had the most amazing sex and I sucked his delicious cock until he exploded all over my face.

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