SexySherryStunns – Corrupting A Young Man

Such a nice young man. Out and about, trying to raise money to help your friend. Sherry offers to help you out, and invites you in. She seems real nice and tells you to have a seat, and she would bring you some money for your friend. When she returns, you don’t see any money… but she has changed into some sexier clothes and and begins to show you her sexy curves, and tells you to take off your pants! This is the first time a girl has been naked in front of you! She has really big boobs and she definitely has you turned on! She sees how hard you are and just has to sit on your cock! She rides you, and you can’t believe how good it feels. She reminds you what a good boy you are, and how you are going to make her cum. She wants to feel you cum inside of her, too! She moans in pleasure as you fuck her deep and hard with your young cock. You cum together, and afterwards she lets you know that you will be getting a very good donation for your friend.

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Bettie Bondage – Mother in Law Flirt Leads to Fuck

Your mother in law. Gorgeous. Confident. Flirty. You’ve told yourself its nothing, she’s just friendly, but lately, it’s been ramping up. She seems to always know when you’re looking, and carries herself differently: touching her neck with the tips of her fingers when you’re talking, running a hand up her calf and flexing her toes when you’re all watching a movie together. That smile, too, god…she must know what she’s doing. She must feel it. It seems like she’s looking for more excuses to get you alone, too. And so are you. When your wife says she can’t make it off work in time to pick up her mother for a wedding, you jump at the chance. Of course, when you get there, your mother in law isn’t dressed. And she needs your opinion on her dress…would you come into the bedroom and let her know what you think?…that first time, god, its electric. But no touching! It’s not cheating if you don’t touch, right? If you just look, stare, drool, and jerk off? Jerk off while she splays herself for you, touches herself for you, cums looking right at you, your hard cock, your throbbing twitching dick as you shoot ropes for your sexy mother in law… The wedding is impossible. You can’t help but stare at her, wondering what’s next. When she wants to leave early, your wife is bummed–she’s having so much fun–so what does a good husband do? Offer to drive the mother-in-law home, of course…

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xxxCaligulaxxx – Milf Perverts U

It’s been a long time since the last time I brought you home and played with you. I thought I was cured and wasn’t a nymphomaniac anymore, I thought I could be a good wifey now with no secret desires of fucking my young neighbor, but only one look at you without your shirt and I drench my panties.

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Faerylovely – Curious Boy Meets Milky Milf

I’m outside squirting my milk and plying with my boobs. It feels so good. I hear someone in the bushes. Why are you spying on me lil boy? Oh you curious about my milk. I invite him into my bedroom. I tell him he can try my milk if I can try his. I’ll show you what I main, but first we have to make your little dick nice and hard. I lick and suck your your cock. I squeeze my milk on it and tell you to stroke it while I get my panties off. I ride your dick while squirting my milk.

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Lovely Lilith – Older Woman Craves Your Virginity

Hey, is there anyone in here? OHMYGOSH!! I’m so sorry! Oh my! Are you masturbating! WOW! Okay.. please cover that up… I’m so sorry… I did NOT mean to barge in on you like this. You must be so confused right now why a strange woman is in your bedroom. Your aunt asked me to come by and check on you. She’s busy at work. Your parents are out of town, right? Yeah… that’s… why I’m here… interrupting you. I knocked, but… I guess you were busy. Well, I can see you’re fine, so I’ll just be going… What? Do I want to watch? Watch…what? You mean… OH! I couldn’t do that! That would be wrong. You just go ahead and do that with your girlfriend. You don’t have a girlfriend? Well… go play with whoever it is you play with… You’re… a virgin? I see… Well, this is interesting. I’m going to be honest with you. It’s always kind of been my secret fantasy– taking someone’s V-card. I know I really shouldn’t entertain any of this, but you’ve got me really curious now. Why don’t you pull your cock out for me. Let’s see what we’re working with…

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Goldie Blair – Little Boy Hunter

Cougar Goldie is a little boy cock hunter and is ready to teach you how a Cougar loves to cock tease her young pray , showing off her big tits and dirty talking you and your friend POV before getting you to take out your little cocks and stroke them JOI then not being able to hold herself she pounces on your cock stroking and sucking your cock before getting you to fuck her Cougar pussy with you little boy cock missionary and doggy style then countdown for you both to cum all over her big tits in a big pop shot!

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Tara Tainton – Youll Fill Me with Your Bull Cock And Leave My Son Alone

The tables are turned… you’ve got ME right where you want me, the mother of the boy you’re STILL bullying. You promised you’d never touch him again. You swore that if I… if I…. DID what you made me do, that you’d never ever hurt him again. But here we are, my son and I both, to confront you one last time. Is this what you wanted all along. To see us so distressed, our family ripped apart, our bond in shambles? Was this your plan? ….to leave us so devastated that we — that I — would HAVE to give you exactly what you asked for, more than I could ever imagine you’d ask of us You want to take me in front of my own son. Oh, you have no idea what that request – that demand – is going to bring upon you.

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Tara Tainton – Our Super Secret Club #6

Oh, what a day at school you’ve had! You’re such a clever one – I always knew you were more advanced than the other boys your age. And we do have important club business to attend to. Now, is there anything else you’d like to tell me about? Dirty words? Oh, those big boys again… you think you’d like to hear some dirty words? Well, I suppose I can indulge you – with a few. You just must promise that you’ll never SAY any curse words outside the Super Secret Club. Agreed? Okay then… now, we’re going to hold the meeting in the bedroom… and then, I’d like to know if you’d like to try a new “sex position” this time. And since those dirty words make you feel all tingly…

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Tara Tainton – Our Super Secret Club #5

Well, hello there. And it’s nice to see… whoa, okay. You seem VERY excited about something. Would you like to tell me what… Today? At school? Yes, and what were the older boys talking about? Oh, BLOWJOBS. And… THAT word. Okay. And ‘positions?’ So, you want to know what positions are. Of course, I can tell you. Yes, just like how I said you could ask me anything you wanted. Would you like to just rest a bit, have a drink of water maybe, and then I’ll… show you?

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