Ariel Anderssen – Getting In Your Headmistress Panties

It’s the end of term and everyone gets a private audience with the headmistress to discuss anything important to them. And you use your opportunity to tell me about the crush you’ve always had on me; how you’ve wanted to get into my panties all year! Well, that’s not something I’d normally allow, but even headmistresses need to let their hair down every so often! Slipping out of my white panties, I slide my skirt off, allowing you to see my gorgeous, soft, round bottom. Do you want to worship it? Show me exactly what you have in mind? And now, are you absolutely sure you want to fuck me? I’m a powerful woman and I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Well, since you’re sure, why don’t you just lie back and let me do the work? I’m a mature, sophisticated woman of the world, after all. And I’m sure I can ride you to the orgasm of your life!

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