Erotic Nikki – StepMom Takes Your Virginity

Taboo, Dildo Fucking, POV, MILF, Smoking
Honey, I have something to tell you. Today, when I was cleaning your room, I spilled a big glass of water that you had on your gaming center. Unfortunately it spilled into your gaming console and ruined it. I’m so sorry. I promise that I’ll make it up to you. I know how important playing those games is to you. Of course, I’ll buy you another one but, I really don’t want you to be mad at Me. I didn’t realize it but, My silk gown had opened up and you were able to see one of your StepMom’s My big MILF tits. I catch you looking and, at first, am a bit angry… Then I see that you have an erection. Seriously? I’m like 50 and you are turned on by Me? That’s making Me kinda hot, honestly. I have an idea of how I can make it up to you. How about if I take care of that hardon for you. It’s better than you going to your room and jerking off, thinking about your StepMom. I can suck it for you. It’s not really wrong… I am just your StepMom. You show Me your cock and I’m impressed by it’s size. As I smoke My cigarette and suck you off I can’t help but want more. You are still a virgin, right? Yes. StepMom is going to take your virginity. Do you want you fuck your StepMom? I turn around and guide your beautiful cock into My tight MILF pussy. Do you like the way that feels? StepMom’s pussy is perfect for your first time. Now, cum for Me.

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Butt3rflyforu – Your Step Moms Christmas Outfit Made You Throb

Taboo, Costume, MILF, Female Domination
Your dad is out of town and you catch me getting ready for the neighborhood Christmas Party….they are even having a costume contest and I would love to win first place so I need your opinion on which of my two outfits look better….You have secretly been so attracted to me….your young dick gets so throbbing when you see me…my long black shiny hair, tight body and huge tits just make you want to pound this pussy…the pussy that your dad is fucking…You come in my room and I ask you to stay…I start putting on the outfit and you do everything you can to hide the huge lump in your jeans…but I notice….I am trying very hard to be accepted in this family….I am new here and want to be included….so I tell you to help me pick one…..I slowly take one off and put the other one on…..white fishnets…..tiny red velvet booty shorts and a bra that is clearly too small that my nipples are falling out! I know your have a raging boner and taunt and tease you…telling you I have always wanted you…I want to feel how different a younger cock feels compared to your dad….something about fucking young guys makes me so horny and wet….the idea of having taboo cock is so exciting…and don’t worry , your dad isn’t here and he certainly doesn’t need to ever find out! You know you want to taste and feel this poison pussy!!! The one pussy you shouldn’t have but you know that you will give in to the feeling of it!!! You are at my mercy….no dad around for a while and my gorgeous body and willing pussy ready for you!!! And remember your dad can NEVER find out….It’s our little secret!!!

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Butt3rflyforu – Blackmailing My New Step Mom

Blackmail Fantasy, MILF, Taboo
You come home and find your new ,hot step mom looking at a bank statement and looking very concerned! You grabbed the statement out of her hands to see what all the fuss was about and you see why!!! There is a $3000 charge for a new sexy dress and $1000 for matching shoes!!! She tells you that it is none of your business and to give the statement back!!! She tells you not to tell your dad , that she just moved in and doesn’t want him to think that she is a spend thrift! You tell her that Dad will not like this at all!!! But you have a way to keep your mouth shut if she will corporate!!! She tells you just to give it back and not tell your dad and that she will do anything to keep your trap closed!!! You tell her to do a sexy strip tease out of that new $3000 dress!!! She is shocked and appalled!!! “Ok Ok, I will do a strip but that’s it”!!! Your dad will be home any minute!!! She strips slowly out of the dress and your cock grows stiffer and stiffer! You now tell her to get on her knees and work her tongue and mouth all over your young cock!!! Or else!

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Butt3rflyforu – My Hot Stepmom

MILF, Taboo, Yoga Pants, Home Wrecker, Blackmail Fantasy
I just got home from the gym. I’m still wearing my white, hot yoga gym pants and I am on the phone with someone and you are eavesdropping on my conversation!!! You hear me say how good the sex was in the bathroom gym and that I haven’t been fucked like that in years!!! I catch you eavesdropping and hang up abruptly. You tell me you overheard it all. You very smug and tell me to bend over in my yoga pants. I bend over as you wish and suddenly I hear your camera phone taking pictures of my ass!!! I tell you to stop it and storm off into my bedroom. Later that evening, you are spying on me through the door. You watch me changing into my satin nightie. You finally come in and you can see I am visibly pissed at you still for earlier when you took pictures of my ass! You start making a phone call to your dad. I ask who you are talking to and you say “DAD”! I beg you to put the phone down but you tell me to get naked and ride your young, horny cock or you are going to tell Dad everything….he will soon find out about your hot sex in the gym!!! I demand that you give me the phone….you hand it over and I say “hello”. OMG it is your dad on the other end!!! I suddenly take you serious and begin getting naked and doing whatever you tell me to do!!! I will ride your cock and let you fuck me doggy until you cum deep inside of me!!! JUST DON’T TELL YOUR DAD!!!

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Katie71 – Stepson Gets It Again

Taboo, Older Woman / Younger Man, MILF, Virtual Sex, BBC
His father left us alone again and I have weak knees when I am alone with this young man. His cock is amazing and he has the stamina I need. So I was cleaning the backyard and there he was sitting down looking sexy as always. I started hitting on him and seen his cock was rising up in his shorts so I grabbed it and started stroking his amazing BBC. I sucked it for a bit then slid down that pole like I haven’t had cock in years. I was cock hungry. I told him to follow me into the pool room where I rode him real good. We both had great orgasms.

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Reagan Foxx – You Little Perv

MILF, Taboo, Cum Play, Big Tits, Pussy Play
Reagan has been noticing her step son spying on her for quite a while now. Spying on her in the shower this last time was last straw and for Reagan to finally teach her perverted step son a lesson and one that he would never forget.

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