Natashas Bedroom – Your drunk aunt coerces you into impregnating her

You’re at your aunt’s house, helping her move out after her divorce. The two of you have spent all day packing, and she’s been drinking the entire time. She’s heartbroken and wasted when she sits you down for a chat.

Is she…flirting with you?? You laugh it off, telling her that she’s beautiful and will have no trouble finding someone else. But this only seems to encourage her. She strips off her clothes, slurring and falling over, while telling you that all she wants, the only thing, is to have a baby. And then she makes a shocking request: she wants your seed. She wants – *needs* – you to impregnate her. It’s her most fertile time of the month, so it has to be today. Of course you refuse, but she won’t take no for an answer. “Do you want me to tell your parents that you’ve been drinking? That you’re not a virgin? Your conservative parents would be furious,” she says while teasing you with her body. You can’t let your parents find out, and, plus, she does look amazing. You feel horribly conflicted, but you just can’t think straight while your cock is throbbing so intensely. So when she offers her big, round breasts to you, you stick your hard cock right between them. When she spreads her legs for you, you know that you don’t have a choice. You fuck her hard, cumming quickly. But she’s not finished with you yet. “Give me another load. You’re young and virile, and you’re going to fuck me again – right now,” she demands while taking your cock in her hand and stroking it. So you fuck her again, shooting another huge load, the seed of your future bab-y, deep inside her.

Aunt/Nephew Fantasy – Blackmail – Drinking – Impregnation Fantasy – Multiple Creampie (Virtual) – Powerful Woman – POV – Reluctance – Role Play – Teasing – Virtual Sex – Virtual Tittyfucking


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